Richard Pepper's Activities

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Sept. '01 *Trip to Southern Ontario
July '03 *Trip to Barrie
*Visit with the Hambly Fambly
*Inter. Week at Camp Gitchigomee
*Paul Harris Fellowship at Rotary
August '03 *Canoe Trip with Zavitzes Plus
*Jennifer & Scotland Morrison's Wedding
*Northwood Church Family Camp
September '03 *Lappalas' visit
*Music at "Saturday Nite Life"
*Music at C of C Friendship Dinner
*Music at Senior Homes
*Music at Lakehead Baptist's Men's Breakfast
*Northwood Church hike to Silver Falls
*ISCF: See You at the Pole
*ISCF: Annika's (day after) birthday
*ISCF: Hammarskjold
*ISCF: Kickoff at Saalem Camp
*My Tomato Harvest
*Inkwell at Lappalas'
October '03 *Canoe Trip with Zavitz Men
*ISCF: Churchill
*ISCF: Fundraiser Dinner
*ISCF: Hallowe'en Food Drive
November '03 *Cambrian Players' "Eleemosynary"
*Music at "Saturday Nite Life"
*CBC Breakfast at Confederation College
*ISCF Exec & 2 Churchill Mtgs
*Mushroom Cup #25
*Staying with my Dad
December '03 *Cambrian Players' Christmas Party
*Northwood Church Skating
*Northwood Church Christmas Party
*Northwood Church Christmas Pangeant
*CPR Holiday Train Concert
*CBC 30th Anniversary
*ISCF Sleighride
*Music at "Saturday Nite Life"
*Christmas Eve at St. Andrew's & Lappalas'
*Christmas Day at Suttons'
*Christmas Tree
*Rising Son Reunion
*Winter Holiday Ball
*Harbron Hullabaloo
January '04 *Kia's Birthday Party
*ISCF Exec Fun Day
February '04 *ISCF Club Council
*ISCF Boot Hockey
*Northwood Church Crokinole
*Camp Gitchigomee Staff Appreciation
*Moving Mike
March '04 *Cambrian Players' "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"
*Dad walking on 2 prostheses
*Sarah & Steve Bell Concert
*Northwood Church Coffeehouse
*ISCF: Club Council Gathering
*Birthday at Dorion Bible Camp Fundraiser
*Birthday at Baileys'
*Lyrics for Quotable Canucks Contest
April '04 *ISCF: Twilight Culture
*Northwood Church Easter Brunch
*Music at "Saturday Nite Life"
*Visit to Interpreter's House
*'89 Ford Tempo
*Left Dorion Bible Camp
*Lyrics for NWOnt. History & Animals Contests
May '04 *Cambrian Players' "Drinking Alone" at Theatre Ontario
*Housewarming/Not-Back-at-Work Party
*Northwood Church Coffeehouse
*Mary Ellen Cain's Grad Party
June '04 *Northwood Church Yard Sale
*Northwood Church Youth-Led Worship
*Northwood Church Picnic
*Birthday Party: Dad, Adrian & Doug Sr.
*ISCF: Year-End Banquet
*MEMO inventory-taking
*Rishes' visit
*Music at "Saturday Nite Life"
*"Life After Camp(Dorion)"
July '04 *Canada Day
*Brier & Shawn Minor's Wedding
*Breakfast with the Isaacs
*Bye-Paula-Hi-Lance-&-Brenna Party
*Family BBQ
*Thunder Bay Blues Fest
*Cambrian Players' Board BBQ
*Rick and the Stick
*Camp Gitchigomee Senior & Inter. Weeks
Aug. '04 * Manitoba Pioneer Camp Boys 1
*Northwood Church Bible Day Camp
*Northwood Church Family Camp
*ISCF (now Frontline): BBQ at Barneses'
*MEMO Banquet
*MEMO work at warehouse
Sept. '04 *Frontline: Leaders Camp at Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*Frontline Presentation at Plunge
*Frontline: See You at the Pole
*Frontline: Leaders Day
*Tony Campolo
*Mum's GVJ Award at Rotary
*TB Christian Homeschoolers Picnic
*Northwood Church Birthdays (Karen, Greg, Sylvia)
*Cutting Edge Praise Song (Woot!)
*Dance at Lappalas'
*Mara's Baptism
*Youth Ministry Facilitator link
Oct. '04 *Anglican YMF: Deanery Council
*Anglican YMF: Narnia Camp Reunion
* Manitoba Pioneer Camp cabin photo
*Frontline & LUCF: Fundraiser (60th Ann.)
*Frontline Hallowe'en Food Drive
*Cambrian Players' Sherlock Holmes pic
*Northwood Church Fall Hike
*Northwood Church Skating
*Northwood Church Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church Costume Party
*Uncle Austin & Auntie Rosemary's visit
*Friday Night Hockey card
*Photo with "Lunch at Allen's"
Nov. '04 *Gitchigomee Staff Appreciation Supper
*Cambrian Players' "The Hound of the Baskervilles"
*Northwood Church Wiring Lessons
*Travis Ulrich's birthday
*Friday Night Hockey
Dec. '04 *Anglican YMF: Sinter Klaas Party
*Anglican YMF: Christingle Service
*Anglican YMF: Welcome Home Service
*Dean Barker's Birthday
*Northwood Church Carolling
*Northwood Church Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church Christmas Party
*Northwood Church Christmas Eve
*Northwood Church New Year's Party
*Malia at Redwood Dessert Theatre
*My Christmas card tree
*Christmas with Mum and Dad
*Boxing Day with family
*Harbron Heckuvahullabaloo
Jan. '05 *Anglican YMF: St. Thomas' Coffeehouse
*Anglican YMF: Trip to Schreiber
* Link to ISCF/Frontline pics
*Lappalas' India Party
*Kia's Birthday Party
*Northwood Church: Dinner For Eight
Feb/Mar. '05 *"Free Stanley" on "As It Happens"
*Anglican YMF: DYU Overnighter
*Anglican YMF: St. Luke's Shrove Tuesday
*Anglican YMF: St. George's Visioning Day
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Valentines Dinner
*Anglican YMF: Lenten Retreat
*Anglican YMF: DYU Sleighride
*Frontline: Monthly Leaders Meeting
*Frontline: Link to Cafe pics
*Goodbye (For Now) Ruth Party
*RP's Birthday Makeover Party
*Northwood Church Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church Skating Party
*Music at the Edge
*Steve Earle concert (distant pic)
*Nicolai the Neighbour Dog
Apr. '05 *Studio version of "Free Stanley"
*Anglican YMF: DYU 30 Hour Famine
*Anglican YMF: Youth Worship @ St. Michael's
*Anglican YMF: John Bowen Seminar
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Reunion/Fun Day
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Bridge/Whist Tea
*Anglican YMF: Brainstorming at Karin's
*Frontline: Monthly Leaders Meeting
*Cambrian Players: "Actor's Nightmare/Sister Mary..."
*Northwood Church: Matt's Goodbye Party
*Northwood Church: Eric's Birthday
*Music at "The Edge"
*Music at The Apollo's Open Mike Night
May '05 *Dad's obituary & funeral pics
*Anglican YMF: DYU Trip to Nipigon
*Anglican YMF: "Deeper Water" at St. Luke's
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Cleanup Days
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Promotion at St. Michael's
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Senior Week Staff Party
*Anglican YMF: Clergy Session with the Bishop
*The Wandering Minstrels Dinner Theatre
*Frontline: May 3 & 29 Leaders Meetings
*Frontline/LUCF: Newsletter stuffing
*Frontline/LUCF: Newsletter stuffing
*Frontline: Surfer Party
*Northwood Church: Cake for Kevin Fredlund
*Northwood Church: Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church: Miriam's Birthday
*Newsong at the Edge
*Andy James's visit
*"I'll Remember You"
*Victor Wong's Birthday
June '05 *Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Promotion at St. Luke's
*Anglican YMF: John Hoskin's Ordination
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee 60th Anniversary
*Anglican YMF: Family Fun Day in Nipigon
*Miss Moyer's and Monty's tombstones
*2 For 1 Pizza with Kevin Kuchta
*Frontline: Monthly Leaders Meeting
*IVCF Thunder Bay Staff Meeting
*The Wandering Minstrels at St. Mark's
*Northwood Church: Yard Sale
*Northwood Church: Finnish Breakfast
*Northwood Church: Youth-Led Worship
*Northwood Church: Picnic
*Pinewood Court Volunteer BBQ
*Steve and Hannah's Shower
July '05 *Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Jr., Sr., & Inter. Weeks
*Visit to Round Lake Bible Camp
*Found On Rad Dead
Aug. '05 * Manitoba Pioneer Camp Boys 1
*Anglican YMF: Narnia Day Camp
*Northwood Church Family Camp
Sept. '05 *Anglican YMF: Sunday School at St. Michael's
*St. Thomas's P/J Youth Group
*St. Thomas's Youth Group
*Frontline Leaders Camp
*Frontline: See You at the Pole Concert
*Homeschoolers Campout
*2006 Hyundai Accent
*Kristian Leif
*Cordelia Maria
*Mum departs for England
*Sylvia Griffiths' Birthday
*Acting in commercial
Oct. '05 *Anglican YMF: Parish Council in Schreiber
*Anglican YMF: Stop at new St. Mary's site
*Anglican YMF: Rev. Deborah's Celebration
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Spaghetti Dinner
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee's Goodbye to Rev. Henk
*Anglican YMF: Youth Synod Reunion
*St. Thomas's Youth Group (RP games)
*St. Thomas's P/J Youth Group (taking photos)
*Northwood Church: Pancake Breakfast
*Northwood Church: Shower for Erin & Kristian
*John Micah
*Greg's Birthday (Sept.)
*Mum & Derek's Birthdays
*Robin & Ambrose's Wedding
*My red fence
Nov. '05 *Anglican YMF: DYU Overnighter
*Anglican YMF: Rev. Nancy's Celebration
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Staff Appreciation
*St. Thomas's Youth Group (Music Jam)
*St. Thomas's Youth Group (Ockey Night)
*St. Thomas's P/J Youth Group (RP Games)
*St. Thomas's Youth Group (Hide'n'Seek)
*St. Thomas's Pre-Service Praise
*Frontline/LUCF Fundraiser Dinner/Breakfast
*Northwood Church Coffeehouse
*Shroom's Birthday
*Kyla Jane
*RP & Kristian Leif
*The Wandering Minstrels @ Sts. Thomas & Luke.
Dec. '05 *St. Thomas' Youth Group (Hide'n'Seek)
*St. Thomas' Youth Group (Floor Hockey & Christmas Quiz)
*St. Thomas' Youth Group (Carolling/Masks w LB Youth)
*St. Thomas' Christmas Pageant
*St. Thomas' Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas' Christmas Eve Service (Hand Bells)
*Brotherhood of St. Andrew Breakfast
*My New Toy
*Music at Sat. Nite Life (Transparencies Reunion)
*Family: Christmas Day
*Christmas Tree '05
*Cambrian Players': "Rumors"
*NSRA Christmas Luncheon
*Harbron Hullaballoo
*Lex's Birthday Party
*New Year's at Lappalas'
Jan. '06 *Sovereigns' Farewell in Schreiber
*St. Thomas' Youth Group (Mafia)
*St. Thomas' Youth Group (Culture Shock)
*St. Thomas' Jr. Youth Group (Skating)
*Family: Doug Jr.'s Birthday
*"Go Tell It on the Mountain" (play)
*Tim Lappala's Birthday Party
*Kia, Juliet, Delia, Isaac & John Micah
Feb. '06 *Anglican YMF: DYU Coffeehouse
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Valentines Dinner
*Anglican YMF: Why Choose Gitchigomee?
*St. Thomas' Youth Group (Love Makes Me Barf)
*St. Thomas' Youth Group (Pancake Supper)
*St. Thomas' Pri./Jr. "Indoor Olympics"
*Terry Lee's Baptism
*Shelter House Team
*Mardi Gras Party at St. Paul's
*Kristian Leif
Mar. '06 *Anglican YMF: Sleigh-non-ride
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Model
*Anglican YMF: Why Choose Gitchigomee?
*St. Thomas' Pri./Jr. Youth Making Shakers
*Frontline Street Hockey Tournament
*LUCF Year-End Beach Banquet
*Northwood Church: "Stained" Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church: Travia's Engagement
*Northwood Church: My first time curling
*Trip to Andy James' Birthday in Alberta
*My Birthday Party with friends
*My Birthday Party with family
*MEMO Loading Day
*Hannah (with Steve)
*Mareesa Janell
Apr. '06 *Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Talk @ St. Stephen's
*Dedication of St. Mary's Nipigon
*St. Thomas' Pri./Jr. Youth
*St. Thomas' Sr. Youth Gossip Drawings
*St. Thomas' Sr. Youth "Pizza Song"
*Frontline (IVCF) Thirty Hour Famine
*Northwood Church: Palm Sunday
*Northwood Church: Eric's Birthday
*Cambrian Players: "Murder at the HoJo/Criminal Genius"
*Wandering Minstrels Performances
*Dorion Bible Camp 60th Anniversary Dinner
*"Big Al" Drinkwalter's visit
*Nu-Vision Breakfast
*Kristian sleepily sucks a spoon
May '06 *Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Talk @ St. Michael's
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Talk @ St. Mark's
*Camp Gitchigomee Fun Day
*Camp Gitchigomee Work Weekend
*DYU Coffeehouse
*St. Thomas' Pri./Jr. Youth
*St. Thomas' Sr. Youth events
*Northwood Church: 40th Anniversary
*Open Mike Night at Grann Art Gallery
*Cambrian Players: "The Merchant of Venice"
(actually June '06)
*King Richard IV at a Music Recital
*Kristian Leif & RP
*Delia Maria & Rick Three
June - Aug. '06 *Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Talk @ St. James
*Camp Gitchigomee Jr., Sr. & Inter. Weeks
*Youth Synod
*St. Thomas' Picnic
*St. Thomas' Matt Hoskin
*St. Thomas' Pri./Jr. Youth
*St. Thomas' Sr. Youth events
*IVCF: John Pendergrast visit
*Leadership Camp at Old Fort William
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp Classic Boys Two
*Northwood Church: Eric watches FIFA
*Northwood Church: Small Group Potluck
*Northwood Church: Family Camp
*Cambrian Players: "The Merchant of Venice"
*Family: Doug Sr.'s Birthday
*Family: The Georgia Gang BBQ
*Parties: Harbron Hullabaloo
*Parties: Goodbye Ruth Forever Again
*John Micah & RP
*Kristian Leif & RP
Sept. '06 *MP3s at www.reverbnation.com/richardpepper
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Newsletter
(including links to Senior & Inter videos).
*Anglican YMF: Trip to Marathon
*St. Thomas Parish Campout
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*Northwood Church Yard Sale
*"Rotary House" Grand Opening
*Family: Greg's Birthday
*Parties: Greg, Kristian & Delia
*Wedding: Annika Vastamaki & James Pretchuk
*Kristian Leif & John Micah together.
*Tooth-Counting Contest with Kristian
Oct. '06 *Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Senior Week Reunion
*Anglican YMF: Deanery Youth Unit Visits St. Thomas'
*Anglican YMF: DYU "Trick or Canned Goodding"
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas Sr. Youth Group
*Northwood Church: Hike to the Cascades
*Northwood Church: Rotary House
*Northwood Church: Bailey Farewell
*Northwood Church: Baby Dedication
*Mum's Birthday
*Family Thanksgiving with Adrian & Chris
*Bruce Cockburn Concert set lists
*John Micah and Kristian Leif
*Kristian's First Time Trick or Treating
Nov. '06 *MP3s at www.reverbnation.com/richardpepper
*Anglican YMF: Gitchigomee Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
*Anglican YMF: Deanery Youth Unit All-Nighter
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas: Wandering Minstrels sing
*IV/ISCF: New blog
*IV/ISCF: Friends of IV Night
*IV/ISCF: The Gathering
*Northwood Church: Rauni's Birthday
*Songwriters Contest
*Lakehead Baptist Men's Breakfast
*Brotherhood of St. Andrew Roast Beef Dinner
*Cambrian Players: "Love Letters"
*Kristian in hospital
Dec. '06 *MP3s at www.reverbnation.com/richardpepper
*My 2006 tree donated by the Queen.
*My Christmas Letter Summarizing 2006
*Anglican YMF: DYU at St. Michael's
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas: Wandering Minstrels Dec. 14
*Northwood Church: Commissioning of Tim
*Northwood Church: Christmas Party
*Northwood Church: Klyms' Dec. 24th Visit
*The CPR Holiday Train
*Christmas for Devha and Ambrose
*Christmas Day with Family
*Cambrian Players: Board Party
*Rotary Adult Party
*Supper at Hoskins'
*Harbron Hubbahubbaloobaloo
*Brian's Whitfield's Fortieth Birthday
*New Year's Eve at Lappalas'
*Kristian and Diney
Jan. '07 *MP3s at www.reverbnation.com/richardpepper
*Anglican YMF: Farewell to McClures
*Anglican YMF: DYU in Schreiber
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas Sr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas: My sermon
*LUCF: Supper at Suttons'
*LUCF: Retreat at Round Lake
*Northwood Church: Parking Lot Hockey
*Contests on CBC
*Doug Jr.'s Birthday
Feb. '07 * Gitchigomee Newsletter
*Anglican YMF: DYU Retreat at RLBC
*Anglican YMF: DYU at St. Stephen's
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas: Pancake Supper
*St. Thomas: Katie's Birthday
*Cursillo at Eagle's Nest, Dorion
*ISCF: Alumnus Bill Johnson
*ISCF: The Gathering
*Theatre: Medieval Murder Mystery
*Contest on CBC
*"Realcare" Baby
*No pix of real babies/toddlers :(
Mar. '07 *MORE MP3s at www.reverbnation.com/richardpepper
* Gitchigomee Newsletter
*Anglican YMF: St. John's Youth Eucharist
*Anglican YMF: Deanery Day with the Bishop
*Rev. Ed Swayze's Promotion to Lt. Commander
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas: Parish Mission
*St. Thomas: Supper with Confirmation Class
*St. Thomas: Potluck Praise Supper
*LUCF: New Coordinators
*Northwood Church: Worship Fiesta
*Northwood Church: Pam & Dave Harris
*Northwood Church: Sandwich Sunday
*Music: Dorion Bible Fellowship
*Wendy Mesley at LU
*David Usher at ScuttleButt's
*Theatre: Kam Valley Murder Mystery & Cast Party
*Theatre: Gwendoline
*Theatre: 1984
*Family: Devha's birthday
*My Birthday
*Kristian Leif on my birthday :)
Apr. '07 *Camp G.: PROKids Extravaganza
*Camp G.: Log Painting
*Anglican YMF: DYU Coffeehouse
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas Confirmation
*St. Thomas Seder Meal
*St. Thomas Adult/Youth Volleyball Challenge
*St. Thomas 30 Hour Famine with St. Mark's
*Wandering Minstrels at St. John's & St. Stephen's
*Northwood Church Easter
*Northwood Church Sandwich Sunday
*Cambrian Players: "Much Ado" Reading
May '07 *Camp G.: Spring Camp Fun Day
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*St. Thomas Adult/Youth Volleyball Challenge
*St. Thomas Flier Delivery
*Northwood Church: Baptism
*Northwood Church: Melos' Renovation
*Derek and Jennifer Livingston Wedding
*Kristian Leif wearing my hat
*Exceptional Citizen Award
* Richard Pepper Story on CBC Radio
*Murder Mystery for St. Stephen's
*Much Ado About...Muffins!
*HMCS Halifax tour
June '07 *Camp G.: Staff Training
*Camp G.: Camp Cleanup
*YMF: Praise Service at St. James
*St. Thomas: Neighbourhood BBQ
*St. Thomas: Parish Picnic
*St. Thomas: Confirmation Class Reunion
*Wandering Minstrels: Holy Family Church
*Wandering Minstrels: Parish of West Thunder Bay
*Wandering Minstrels: "Glory to God" at St. Thomas
*Northwood Church: Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church: Picnic
*Doug Sr.'s Birthday
*At the Old Fort With Doug Jr.
*"Much Ado About Nothing"
July/Aug. '07 *Camp G.: Junior Week pix.
*Camp G.: Senior Week pix.
*Camp G.: Intermediate Week pix.
*Youth Synod (at Camp Manitou)
*Northwood Church Family Camp
*St. Thomas: Parish Camp Out
*Round Lake Bible Camp Junior Boys
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp Classic Boys Two
Sept. '07 *Camp G.: Fall Newsletter
*YMF: Welcome Sunday at St. Michael's
*St. Thomas: Parish Campout
*St. Thomas: After-Golf BBQ
*St. Thomas Pri/Jr. Youth Group (with Peace Family)
*Northwood Church: Birthdays
*Family: Greg's Birthday
Oct. '07 *Camp G: Clean Up Day: Sept. 29
*YMF: Surprise DYU Lunch at the Hoito
*YMF: Trick or Canned Gooding
*St. Thomas: Pri/Jr. Youth Group
*MEMO Project: Pill-Popping Party
*F.N. Hockey: Ankle injury
*Mum and Derek's Birthdays
*Vampires, Slayers & Victims Party
*Holly Madeleine's birthday
*Kristian the Fierce Dragon
Nov. '07 *Northwood Church: Commissioning Celebration
*Northwood Church: Sunday School
*Northwood Church: Con College Awareness Day
*Northwood Church: "The Lost Underground Concert of Transparent Dogs"
*Anglican DYU: Overnighter
*Camp G: Appreciation Dinner
*Murder on the Gambia Party for Shroom
*Elizabeth Kouhi: 90 Years Old
*RP as "Ant Man" c. 1972
*Sophia Alana born Nov. 26
*Holly Madeleine
*Kristian the Guitar Hero
Dec. '07 *Northwood Church: The Wandering Minstrels Visit
*Northwood Church: Afternoon of Christmas Shopping
*Northwood Church: "Powerpoint" Christmas Play
*Northwood Church: Christmas Party
*Northwood Church: Shelter House
*Christmas Tree 2007
*Anglican DYU: Coffeehouse
*Wide Mouth Mason and Melanie Doane
*Christmas Eve at Nana's
*Christmas Day at Mum's
*Dec. 22 with Lappalas
*Harbron Hullabaloo
*New Year's Eve at Lappalas'
Jan. '08 *Northwood Church: Skating
*Northwood Church: Sandwich Sunday
*Music: Youtube vids of "Little Cabin in the Woods"
*Music: Youtube vid of Dorion Camp Song ('96)
*LUCF: Winter Retreat
*Doug Jr.'s Birthday Party
*Shroomapalooza on New Year's Day
*Kristian on his spring-horse
*Kristian in his hockey gear
Feb. '08 *Northwood Church: Prayer & Praise
*Northwood Church: Guest Speaker
*Northwood Church: Sunday School
*Northwood Church: Coffee House
*Northwood Church: Gord Sr.'s Birthday
*Northwood Church: Youtube video
*Music: One Minute Gig in Ottawa
*Music: Youtube vids of "Bears in the Woods"
*Music: Youtube vids of "69 - 74"
*Camp G: Reg'n form and vid
*Round Lake: Reuion
*Lunar Eclipse
*Israel: Youtube vids of our Feb. 2000 trip.
Mar. '08 *Northwood Church: Sandwich Sunday
*Northwood Church: Crokinole
*Northwood Church: Palm Sunday
*Northwood Church: Easter Sunday
*Music: Saturday Night Life
*Parties: Devha's & my birthdays
Apr. '08 *Northwood Church: Rearranging Rooms
*Northwood Church: Prayer & Praise
*Northwood Church: SCUBA
*Northwood Church: Name on Sign
*Northwood Church: Coffee House du Cafe
*Camp G.: Booth for Pro-Kids
*Camp G.: Camp Fun Day
*Dorion Bible Camp: Lunch with Andy James
*Theatre: Medieval Murder Mystery
*Baby Isobel
May '08 *Northwood Church: In the Great Fish's Belly
*Northwood Church: SCUBA
*Northwood Church: Dave & Jo Anne Toews
*Northwood Church: Malik Antonio
*Anglican DYU: Retreat at Camp G.
*Camp G.: Ont. Volunteer 5 Year Award
*Theatre: Murder Mystery "One Last Request"
*Family: Pix of Genix for my brother
June '08 *Northwood Church: Scuba Sunday School
*Northwood Church: Picnic at Centennial Park
*Camp G.: Open House
*Theatre: The Empty Spaces Collective
*Sophia, my great niece
*Kristian Leif at Church Picnic
July '08 *Camp Gitchigomee: Jr., Sr. & Inter. Weeks
*Camp Gitchigomee: My Logs
*Jenny & Paul Abell
August '08 *Family: Great nephew, Bishop, born.
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp: Boys Camp One
*Visit With Baileys at Baileys'
*Solo Camping at Sleeping Giant Park
*Harbron Hullabaloo
*Theatre: "Zastrozzi: Master of Discipline"
*Camp Gitchigomee: Youth Leadership Weekend
September '08 *Northwood Church: Speaker from MEMO
*Northwood Church: My Open House
*Northwood Church: Shelter House
*Northwood Church: Singing at SNL
*Family: Greg's Birthday
*Anglicans: Bishop Ron Ferris's Retirement
*Hockey: Knee Injury
*Celebs: CBC Radio Remote broadcast
*Dorion Bible Camp: 1976 video
*Finn-Tastic Sauna Commercial Shoot
*John-John & Deely at Sylvia's Birthday
October '08 *Northwood Church: Hungry Hippos
*Northwood Church: Teen Challenge Speakers
*MEMO Dinner at Redwood
*MEMO Crate-Packing Day
*Music: Song Writer Contest
*Family: Mum and Derek's Birthday Party
*Celebs: Colin James at Marina Park
*Celebs: David Suzuki "at" Lakehead University
*Theatre: Knife Training
*Hallowe'en at Leon and Jennifer's
*John-John's Birthday Party
November '08 *Northwood Church: Sunday School
*Northwood Church: Family Fun Time
*Northwood Church: Parenting Class
*Northwood Church: Coffeehouse
*More Youtube vids
*Family: Bishop
*Camp Gitchigomee Appreciation Dinner
*Theatre: "Romeo and Juliet"
*Kristian Leif at Coffeehouse
December '08 *Northwood Church: Christmas Party
*Northwood Church: Christmas Carolling
*Northwood Church: Christmas Play
*Northwood Church: Christmas Eve Service
*Family: Christmas Eve Lunch at Nana's
*Family: Christmas Day
*My (Sort of) Christmas Tree
*Celebs: Alan Neal & Mayor Richard Harvey
*Dorion Bible Camp: Caricatures of RP
*Theatre: "One Last Request"
*Parties: Lance Schibler
*Parties: Rennypalooza
*Evan Ryys & RP
January '09 *Northwood Church: New Sunday School Class
*Music: Jam For Africa
*F.N. Hockey: Pix
* Dorion Bible Camp: Bloopers
*Nostalgia: 314 Christina St.
*Parties: Shroomageddon
*Parties: Harbron Hullabalooza
February '09 *Northwood Church: New Sunday School Class
*Northwood Church: Kids Party For Shelter House
*Northwood Church: Coffeehouse
*Camp Gitchigomee: Annual General Meeting
March '09 *Northwood Church: Crokinole Tournament
*Parties: My 50th Birthday Celebrations
*LOTR nerd gathering
*Paul Abell of Arocha speaking
*Music: Watoto African Children's Choir
*Theatre: "Office Hours"
*Friends' Kids: Kristian Leif playing with toys.
April '09 *Northwood Church: Crafts & Muffins
*Northwood Church: Easter Sunday
*Northwood Church: Easter Mural
*Northwood Church: Bishop and Malik
*Northwood Church: Potluck Lunch
*Celebs: CBC Radio Open House
*Celebs: Is This Katee Sackhoff?
*Music: The Outsiders
*Theatre: Murder at the Sidewinder Saloon
*Berlin 2002: Large version of pix
May '09 *Northwood Church: Yard Cleanup
*Northwood Church: New Youtube Vid
*Northwood Church: Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church: Diane's 70th Birthday
*Music: Video For "The 7 Answers of Sunday School"
*Music: Video For Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*Camp Gitchigomee: Spring Camp Fun Day
*Parties: Victor Wong's Birthday
*LUCF: Farewell to Velda Williams-Sande
*Theatre: Cambrian Players 60th Anniversary Gala
*Theatre: "Beautiful Lake Winnipeg"
*Arrowhead Ministries: Fundraiser Breakfast
*Art: My high school LOTR stuff
June '09 *Northwood Church: Baptisms
*Northwood Church: "Picnic"
*Music: Video For "The 7 Answers of Sunday School"
*Music: Playing Alice Cooper for the Pope
*I Have Become Trivial (in Canada Day Quiz)
*Parties: Paul Ruebsam's Grad BBQ
*Parties: Zombie Walk
*Parties: Baptist Games Night
*Family: Doug Sr.'s Birthday
*Celebs: Elizabeth May
*Theatre: Cambrian Museum Display
*Theatre: Cambrian AGM
July '09 *Northwood Church: Life in Yemen
*Northwood Church: Family Fun Day
*Camp Gitchigomee: Photos & Kuchtas' video
*Parties: Canada Day at Marina Park
*F.N. Hockey: Paul Morrison's Visit
*Theatre: Cambrian Players Board BBQ
*Theatre: The Importance of Being Earnest
Aug. '09 *Northwood Church: Board Game Night
*Family: Bishop's First Birthday
*Party: Meet Renny's Friend Party
* Manitoba Pioneer Camp Boys 1
Sept. '09 *Northwood Church: Toewses' Visit
*Northwood Church: Coffeehouse
*Northwood Church: Sunday School
*Music: Video For "La Bumble"
*Music: Christian Women's Club
*Music: Pinewood Court Volunteer Appreciation
*Camp Gitchigomee: Newsletter
*Parties: Heidi & Murray's Wedding
*Celebs: Lt. Gen'l (Ret'd) Romeo Dallaire
*Theatre: Cambrian Players "Halo" rehearsals begin.
Oct. '09 *Music: Richard Pepper @ Reverbnation.com
*Camp Gitchigomee: New Bishop's Visit
*Camp Dorion: Christine Penner visits
*Theatre: Cambrian Players Improv Club
*Theatre: "Halo" Rehearsals
Nov. '09 *Northwood Church: Bowling for Philistines
*Northwood Church: The Sale of the Pews
*Northwood Church: The New Sign
*Northwood Church: Birthday Cake for Rauni
*Music: TBay Song Writer Contest
*Theatre: Cambrian Players "Halo"
*Theatre: Redwood Park Church Dinner Theatre
*Camp Dorion: More Old Timey Dorion Pictures
*Friends' Children: Nathan Darren
Dec. '09 *Northwood Church: Mini Games Night
*Northwood Church: Solomon's Temple
*Northwood Church: Christmas Party
*Northwood Church: Christmas Play
*Parties: Christmas Carolling (& Charades)
*Parties: Karaoke
*Parties: Christmas Dinner with Spuro's Family
*Parties: Harbron Hullabaloo
*Parties: "Rock Steady" at Jack's
*Parties: New Years Eve at Kuchtas'
*Family: Christmas Eve at Gayle's
*Family: Christmas Dinner
*Family: Old Timey Photos
*Camp Dorion: Even More Old Timey Dorion Pictures
Jan. '10 *Northwood Church: Sunday School Jan. 17 & 24
*Northwood Church: The New Chairs Arrive!
*Camp Gitchigomee: Volunteer Appreciation
& Celebration of OCA Accreditation
*Music: Youtube Vids of "Dorion Bible Camp Songs"
*Parties: Toast to Tolkien
*Special Events: The Torch Comes to Thunder Bay
*Family: More Old Timey Photos
*Theatre: Improv at the Arthritis Society
Feb. '10 *Northwood Church: Cute Sunday School vid of Kristian & Ally
*Music: R 'n' R Sing Hymns on Youtube
*Camp Gitchigomee: Family Day @ Sportsdome
*Camp Gitchigomee: AGM
*Parties: Tim's Party For His 40th Birthday
*Friends' Children: Kristian Leif in hockey gear
Mar. '10 *Northwood Church: Doug & Bishop
*Northwood Church: Coffee House
*Northwood Church: LOTR Risk Night
*Northwood Church: World Vision Speaker
*Music: R 'n' R Sing on LU Radio
*Parties: Rick's Party For His 40th Birthday
*Parties: My Birthday
*Celebs: The Good Lovelies
*Theatre: Arms and the Man
April '10 *Northwood Church: Easter
*Northwood Church: Yard Cleanup
*Music: Sitting on Ruth's Harley awaiting her arrival to practise
*Camp Gitchigomee: Spring Camp Day
*Camp Gitchigomee: Senior Camp Reunion
*Theatre: Film Shoot for "Things I (Don't) Like"
*Theatre: Solaar as a prop in Improv
*Parties: Tie-Dye for Improv gig
*Parties: Kaela's Birthday
May '10 *Northwood Church: Sunday School
*Northwood Church: Ministers @ TBay Christian School
*Music: Pope JP 2 School Choir @ Shrine Circus
*Family: Chris and Adrian's Visit
*Celebs: CBC Remote Broadcast from HMCS Griffon
*Theatre/Acting: "Halo" Reunion Party
*New glasses
June '10 *Northwood Church: Picnic
*Northwood Park Church: Fathers Day
*Northwood Park Church: Bibles Presentation
*Music: Variety Show at Chartwell Senior Residence
*Parties: BBQ @ Bryan's
*Parties: Doug Sr.'s Birthday & Bev's Visit
*Celebs: CBC at Chippewa Park
*Theatre/Acting: Improvers @ the Walk for Life
Summer '10 *Theatre/Acting: Improvers at Marina Park
*Camp Gitchigomee: Jr., Sr. & Inter. Weeks
*Parties: Old Fort: July 1
*BBQ @ Bryan & Kaela's
*Music: Squier Strat
*Celebs: Fred Eaglesmith
*Celebs: Stanley Cup & Patrick Sharp
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp: Boys One
*Canoe Trip
September '10 *Northwood Park Church: John & Diane Whitfield's 50th
*Northwood Park Church: Sunday School
*Northwood Park Church: Shelter House
*Music: Rock Steady @ LU
*Camp Gitchigomee: Open House
*Parties: Games Nights
*Parties: Mojito Madness
October '10 *Northwood Park Church: Sunday School
*Northwood Park Church: Hike at the Cascades
*Northwood Park Church: Mum's 75th Birthday
*Northwood Park Church: Sunday School
*Music: Rock Steady @ Jack's
*CBC Radio Contests: Limo Ride
*Family: Thanksgiving Sunday
*Camp Gitchigomee: Fall Frolic
*Parties: Robin's Birthday
*Parties: M.E.M.O. Banquet
*Parties: Games Night
November '10 *Northwood Park Church: Sunday School
*Northwood Park Church: Operation Christmas Child
*Theatre/Acting: Cambrian Improvers "Safety" Signs
*Theatre/Acting: Cambrian Players - "The Laramie Project"
*Parties: Games Night
*Misc.: Frost
*Misc.: Remembrance Day
*Misc.: Snow
December '10 *Northwood Park Church: New and Improv-ed Coffee House
*Northwood Park Church: Christmas Presentation
*Family: Bentley Edward Livingston
*Family: Christmas Day (#1) with my Mum
*Family: "Boxes" Day with the others
*Music: Singing at Pioneer Ridge
*Music: New Song: "Empty Places"
*Theatre/Acting: Cambrian Players Improv Christmas Theme Night
*Theatre/Acting: Cambrian Players Board tours Hillcrest
*Theatre/Acting: Cambrian Improv at Coffee House
*Parties: Carolling in Current River
*Parties: Winter Solstice
*Parties: Yet More Carolling
*Parties: New Year's Eve at the Kuchtas'
*Friends' Children: Kristian Leif & Legos
Jan. - Dec. 2011 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Northwood Church
*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2012 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Northwood Church
*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2013 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Northwood Church
*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2014 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2015 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2016 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2017 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2018 All months & activities are linked on one page.

*Camp Gitchigomee
*Manitoba Pioneer Camp
*CBC Radio
*Dorion Bible Camp
*Friends' Children

Jan. - Dec. 2019 Same as previous years
Jan. - Dec. 2020 Same as previous years -- well, not really!!
Some categories are empty, of course. :(
New category: Bike Rides!!!
Jan. - Dec. 2021 Same as previous years -- No, again some categories
are empty, of course. :(
Continued progress in Bike Rides!!!
Jan. - Dec. 2022 Same as previous years -- with some categories re-instated!!
Continued progress in Bike Rides!!!

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