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Most of the following picture or text links take you to a Blog entry with more pictures.

Note that youtube might play the wrong embedded video.
If so, please go to my channel and find the right one.

Northwood Park Church of Christ

Most months include pix of my cute Sunday School class, even if not listed.


Sunday School (including video)


Shelter House Volunteer Appreciation Supper


Crokinole Tournament
My birthday dimes


Easter Egg Hunt


Rauni's award (includes video)


Ross & Laurie's wedding
KLU doing his "jobs" (video)
Final days of our Sunday School (includes video)


RP's Final Time Speaking
Pam & Dave Harris
Farewell Party for E & K (includes video)
E & K Leave Thunder Bay (video)


Closing Service of the Northwood Park Church of Christ
(includes video)

A couple of videos of my final solo visits to the empty building


My Trip with Mum to Winnipeg: Jan. 23 - 27

Birthday with Family: Mar. 24

Geri, Sonny, Adrian & Chris: June 17,22

Mum & Derek's Birthdays: Oct. 14

Christmas Day with Mum

Boxing Day


Click here if no video appears above.

I wrote this song for the 04/05 NHL Lockout. As another cancelled season loomed, in Sept. I made this video and hoped that possibly it would go viral. So, I must admit I was a bit disappointed when the lockout came to an end.

Sometimes youtube embeds the wrong video, if the above is not "Free stanley", just go to my youtube channel and find it.

Oldies from VHS: Dorion:

"What Happens If? Original: 1988 RP Songs Live @ DBC: 1996

60's Songs for DBC 1999


"Benediction" in 4 Parts: Dec. '95

"Integrity" Live: 2000

"Laughter Heard Through the Walls"


"Joseph & His Amazing Technicolor (Reg'd Trademark) Dreamcoat"
(I was Jacob, a Hairy Ishmaelite & the Butler.)

Improv Music @ The Music Workshop: Mar. 11

Open Mic @ The Study: Mar. 13

"I Want Two of Everything" (in C) (vid)

Drum Circle at Marina Park: July 1 (vid)

"Free Stanley" (vid)

Open Mic @ The Study: Dec. 5

Christmas Carolling: Dec. 22

A Christmas Song I Wrote So Many years Ago (vid)

"Revolver" Cover Album (vids)

Click here and here if no videos appear above.

Music by Others

Int'l Blues Competition: Oct. 19,20

Rock Steady/Monty & the Mule: Nov. 23

CPR Holiday Train (vid): Dec. 4

Rock Monty & the Steady Mule: Dec. 21

Actually, one of my most frequent and favourite gigs is playing guitar for the Pope, i.e Pope John Paul II (the school). I accompany the choir along with students on guitar, bass and drums. The drummer (in Gr. 8) is already very good! Anyway, for privacy reasons there are no pictures, but there is usually at least one practice a week for such events as Masses, assemblies, visiting Senior homes, and Grade 8 grad -- in FW Gardens! -- at which we play an excerpt of "School's Out"!!!

Camp Gitchigomee

Volunteer Appreciation: Jan. 21

Camp Fun Day: Apr. 21

Staff Retreat: June 22,23

Senior Week: July 8 - 14

Intermediate Week: July 22 - 28

Gallery of Senior Pix @ www.campgitchigomee.ca

Gallery of Intermediate Pix @ www.campgitchigomee.ca

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

This year, because I had no upcoming Fall program to plan, my church allowed me to spend all of August at MPC (i.e. Boys 1 & 2).

My main specified task was leading singing at various times, though I participated in other ways, notably portraying Uncle Scar during the Lion King table talks of Boys 2. I also assigned myself the task of dispensing the Hand Sanitizer at the door before meals.

Playlist of my MPC vids on youtube including 2012

This video shows you around the grounds. However, you will see very few people.
For better-populated videos visit the playlist linked above.

Misc. Pix of Boys 1 & 2


Index of all my Boys Camps at MPC


"Joseph...Dreamcoat": Feb.

"Joseph" Wrap Party: Feb. 19

"Roman Conquest" Set: Mar. 10

Experience Improv: Apr. 15

"I Hate Hamlet" May

Improv at Canada Day: July 1

Cambrian Improv on the Couch: Sept. 30

"Lend Me a Tenor" Rehearsal: Oct. 20

"Tenor" Comics by Lawrence Badanai: Nov.

"Lend Me a Tenor": Nov.

"Tenor" Misc.: Nov.

"Tenor" Set: Nov. 17

"Tenor" Wrap Party: Nov. 17

"Tenor" Write-ups: Nov.


Games at Shroom's: Jan. 2

Tolkien's Birthday: Jan. 3

"Joseph" Wrap Party: Feb. 19

Birthday with Family: Mar. 24

Birthday with the Boys: Mar. 28

Natalie's 50th: Apr. 28

Brian D. Leaves: May 11

Tim & Anne's Family Wedding: July 14

Wahls' 55th: Aug. 3

Mum & Derek's Birthdays: Oct. 14

Shroom's Birthday: Nov. 11

Sarah's Open House: Nov. 3

"Tenor" Wrap Party: Nov. 17

Pinewood Court Volunteer Lunch: Dec. 6

Brian D.'s Birthday: Dec. 7

Carolling: Dec. 22

Harbron Hullabaloo: Dec. 30

New Year's Eve

CBC Radio

My Rant for the Rick Mercer Contest: Sept. 18

Remote Broadcast from Churchill High: Sept. 27

I attended another remote broadcast of Voyage North not long after that at the Boys and Girls Club.
However, there were too many minors around for me to take and upload pix.

Dorion Bible Camp

Andy's Visit: Oct. 16

My Own Goofy Dorion Bible Camp Songs
(Including Bob Dorion parodies)

Some of these videos I transferred from tape & uploaded prior to 2012, but, in any case, I have now organized them into play lists for easier viewing.

Playlist: All my DBC vids (63 vids)
(excluding Transparencies, includes 1976 Home Movie)

Playlist: 1988 (3 vids)
(includes "The Worst of Kitchen Wares/Trek")

Playlist: 1989 (12 vids)

Playlist: 1991 (3 vids)
(including "Phantom of the Dining Hall")

Playlist: 1994 (8 vids)

Playlist: 1999 Hi-Teens: Parodies of 60's Songs (4 vids)

Playlist: 1995 & 1996 (22 vids)
(includes promo vid and 50th Anniversary events)

Playlist: Transparencies @ DBC (4 vids)
(excluding "Bears" or "Little Cabin")

Playlist: Transparencies "Bears in the Woods" (10 vids)

Playlist: Transparencies "Little Cabin in the Woods" (Dec. 1996) (9 vids)

Playlist: My Songs @ DBC (7 vids)

Friends' Children

See Northwood Church links above.

Thomas C.: July 14

Tolkien Gatherings

Toasting Tolkien: Jan. 3

Tolkien Fair for Reading Day: Mar. 25

Falling for "The Hobbit": Dec. 14


My 2011 Christmas Card Tree

Shannon Playing Hockey: Jan. 5

The Sleeping Giant: Mar. 16

Misuse of Quotation Marks: Mar. 22

Head Shaved Against Cancer: Mar. 26

Weird Clouds: Mar. 27

Doug Sr.'s Art @ Urban Infill: Mar. 31

Car Flex Pipe Replaced: Apr. 5

Deer Near Pioneer Ridge: Apr. 19

Sign re. Thunder Bay Flood: May 31

Turtle in the City: June 4

Fall Leaves: Oct. 18

More Deer Near Pioneer Ridge: Nov. 11

Robin's Talk on Programming: Nov. 17

CPR Holiday Train: Dec. 4

Pinewood Court Volunteer Lunch: Dec. 6

12:12:12 on 12/12

Shin Injuries after "The Hobbit": Dec. 14

Another Quotation Marks Error: Dec. 17

The Arrival of Dec. 21, 20121

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