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Most of the following picture or text links take you to a Blog entry with more pictures.

Northwood Park Church of Christ

Most months include pix of my cute Sunday School class, even if not listed.


Sunday School


Supper & Bible Discussion @ Haskaynes'
Crokinole Tournament


Sunday School


Coffee House featuring Brian Dunn
Easter Brunch


Sunday School


Gord and Nora Ellis' 50th Wedding Anniversary
Games Night
Nora's 70th Birthday
Church Picnic
Dave & JoAnne Toews' Visit


Sunday School

Coffee House Featuring Noah Cain & Cambrian Players Improvers


Sunday School (including Thanksgiving pictures)


Rauni's 80th Birthday


The Usual Coffee House with The Usual Suspects
Paper plate angels in Sunday School
Christmas Songs and Snacks

Stories Behind Christmas Carols


Doug Jr.'s Birthday Party: Jan. 9

Great nephew (son of Beverly) Kyle Zachary Jack, Jan 28/11

My Birthday with Family: Mar. 15

My Birthday with The Usual Suspects: Mar. 29

Mum and Derek's Birthday Party: Oct. 16

Christmas with Family: Dec. 25 & 26


Singing w Ruth Bjorkman on LU Radio: Jan. 24

Background to this & last year's videos with Ruth

Get Thee Behind Me: Jan. 26

Power In the Blood: Feb. 17

Last Feb.'s videos:

Singing at Grandview Lodge: Jan. 27

Camp Dorion songs at Carla Norman's 30th Birthday: Feb. 11

Asta Isaksen's Funeral: Mar. 5

The Transparencies @ John Howard: Mar. 12

"Well-Done" Coffee House: April 3

Marianne Jones' Poetry Reading: April 5

Meeting Bruce Cockburn: April 6

Hot R Bun @ Pinewood Court: April 22

Dorion Bible Camp 65th Anniversary Talent Show

Singing @ Pinewood Ct: May 20

The Outsiders: July 1

The Sheepdogs: Aug. 24

Coffee House with Noah Cain: Sept. 25

Open Mike @ The Study: Sept. 28

Open Mike @ The Study: Oct. 26

CPR Holiday Train featuring Valdy: Dec. 2

Performance Backed by The Usual Suspects: Dec. 4/11

My Newest Songs

I Want Two of Everything: May 28

If that's not the right video click here.

Empty Places: June 2

It Will Be Wonderful: Sept. 26

Cover Songs For the Tribehouse Collective

Don't Take Your Guns to Town (Johnny Cash): April 30

For No One (Beatles): June 19

Fixing a Hole (Beatles): June 19

More Hymns

Trust and Obey: Aug. 24

God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again: Aug. 24

It Is No Secret: Aug. 29

God Is Our Refuge: Aug. 29

I don't sing it quite correctly in one spot.

New Old Songs (1983)
(Including Bob Dorion parodies)

Stories Behind Christmas Carols

My ongoing project to provide chords for Christmas carols

Actually, one of my most frequent and favourite gigs is playing guitar for the Pope, i.e Pope John Paul II (the school). I accompany the choir along with students on guitar, bass and drums. The drummer (in Gr. 7) is already very good! Anyway, for privacy reasons there are no pictures, but there is usually at least one practice a week for such events as Masses, assemblies, visiting Senior homes, and Grade 8 grad -- in FW Gardens! -- at which we play an excerpt of "School's Out"!!!

Camp Gitchigomee

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch: Jan. 22

Booth at Family Day: Feb. 19

Spring Fun Day: April 19

Leaders Retreat: June 10,11

Open House: June 24,25

Senior Week: July 3 - 9

Intermediate Week: July 17 - 23

Fall Frolic: Oct. 30

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Program Mtg/Camper Arrival

The First Few Days

Boys Challenge Departure

Aliens vs. Astronauts vs. Robots vs. ...

Viking Meal

Various Pix



My Half Day in Kenora

Day 11 including Banquet

Final Days of Boys 1


Index of all my Boys Camps at MPC


Cambrian Players Improv performs @ An Evening With the Arts: Feb. 5

"The Lady's Not For Burning": Feb./Mar.

Cambrian Players Improv perform @ LU Study: Mar. 1

Cambrian Players Improv compete @ LU Study: Mar. 3

Guest Facilitator @ Improv: Mar. 13

The Tempest: May 5 -14

The Tempest: Behind the Scenes

Cambrian Improvers at Marina Park: May 29

Cambrian Players at Marina Park: June 5

Cambrian Players at Marina Park: June 12

Cambrian Players at Canada Day Celebrations: July 1

"The Importance of Being Earnest": Nov. 10 - 19
(I hope to be able to link to a gallery of performance pix soon.)


Harbron Hullabaloo: Jan. 3

Poker @ Kuchtas': Jan. 8

Supper @ Suttons' w Letkemans: Feb. 19

My Birthday with Family: Mar. 15

My Birthday with The Usual Suspects: Mar. 29

Kaela's Birthday: April 8

Kevin Pollock's Retirement: Aug. 26

Robin Harbron's birthday: Oct 12

Darren Shroom Foulds' birthday: Nov. 2

Potluck at Meesha's: Dec. 3

Brian Dunn's birthday: Dec. 8

Party at Kat & Geoff's: Dec. 10

Carolling with the Palmquists: Dec. 20

My ongoing project to provide chords for Christmas carols

Christmas Tree 2011

Christmas with Family: Dec. 25 & 26

Harbron Hullabaloo: Dec. 29

New Year's Eve @ Kuchtas'

My 2011 Christmas cards

CBC Radio

Try It You Might Like It-Dancing: Mar. 8 or 9

Try It You Might Like It-Strength Training: Mar. 23

Try It You Might Like It-Yoga: April 6

CBC 75th Anniversary Open House
including my Station ID for Atikokan and CBC Memories

CBC Remote Broadcast from Niva's Restaurant: Sept. 9

Music For Food CD Exchange: Dec. 8


Paul Henderson's Jersey: Mar. 10

Bruce Cockburn: April 6

Valdy: Dec. 2

Dorion Bible Camp

New Old Songs (1983)
(Including Bob Dorion parodies)

65th Anniversary Variety Night: April 29

McGrattens @ Mayors' Breakfast: May 11

Visit to DBC: July 15

"You Know You're Burnt Out When..."
(One of my first cartoon books I which I'd draw most summers at Dorion Bible Camp to amuse the staff.)

Another Early Cartoon Book: Bloopers '86

Below is a video I made out of the book version of the song "What Happens If?"
which grew out of the questions (real or imagined) campers would ask.

What Happens If? (1988): June 14

Friends' Children

Kristian Leif Trick-or-Treating: Oct. 31

Thomas C.: Nov. 12

Tolkien Gatherings

Toast to the Professor @ Ruby Moon: Jan. 3

Annual Meeting: March 25

Movie Marathon: April 2


Closing of Mary JL Black Library: April 19

Skunk in yard: May 23

My games cupboard: June 22

Farewell to Andy & Mary Lou Hoskin: June 27

Canada Day at the Old Fort: July 1

Harley Rally: July 29

Voting: Oct. 6

Thunderwolves Game: Oct. 8

The Urinal Game at "Hillcrest": Nov. 19

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