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Richard Pepper's
August 2009

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Northwood Park Church of Christ

Board Game Night
Aug. 29


Bishop's First Birthday
Aug. 23 (for Aug. 5)

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Renny Party at Kuchtas'
Aug. 25

Manitoba Pioneer Camp
Classic Boys One
Aug. 2 - 14

Index of all my Boys Camps at MPC

Sun. Aug. 2:
Left Thunder Bay after church. Gassed up in Dryden. Arrived at Shoal Lake Landing just in time for supper (lasagna).

I moved into Cabin 4 with Casco and Achilles, and then went for snack.

Bed: 2230h.

Mon. Aug. 3: Day One Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click to see the rest of my zombie costume.

Up at 0715h. Normally this meant going down to the Dining Hall for coffee, then returning to the Fireside Room to await the other program staff.
Staff Mtg 0800h
Breakfast: Oatmeal and cinnamon buns. There was always cereal, too, but I always had oatmeal.

After breakfast, I got my zombie costume ready. Then the zombies practised the "Thriller" dance. I realized I couldn't fake the moves well enough to join in. So I just observed and took *pictures*.

Camp Arrival: If I recall correctly, the Eagle made two trips, followed by the PIII. The zombies danced for all three arrivals. A few Cabin 4 campers arrived on the first Eagle run and so I joined in circle games with them, as we awaited the other arrivals.

Lunch: Sub sandwiches. | *Royal Roll Skit (NOT slamming Archie this time)* |
Rest Hour: Played the "I have a hat." game.

Afternoon: Rotation of orientation activities.

1) Met with Sasquatch the Section Head.
2) Swam our 200's to qualify for swimming in the deep end sans PFD. | My 08 & 09 200s ankle bracelets |
3) Campers chose their "Tracks".
4) Checked our valuables at the office and met with the nurse.

Then Cabin 4 visited the *pigs* who eat our wet garbage.

Supper: Chili, corn bread, potatoes and Moose Poops.

Evening Program ("EP"): Royal Roll.
Snack: Chips and salsa.
Evening Dip: with three campers (supervised by staff).

Bed: 2300h. Each night Casco or Achilles would read from Harry Potter (#1).
I would put my ear plugs in and drift off pretty quickly. The campers were all generally attentive and quiet.

Tue. Aug. 4: Day Two Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Inside the sauna
(Photo by Joel Murphy)

Up at 0630h.
Staff Mtg 0720h-ish
Morning Dip: "Titanic" theme.
Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal and pancakes.
Cabin Clean-up:

Skills 1 Time: Joined in Canoeing class.
Bible Discovery (in Fireside Room): Intro to hymns and parables by Sasquatch.
Skills 2: Canoe Tripping Skills

Lunch: Mac and Cheese and veggie tray.

Rest Hour:
Tracks: Packed for trip.
Free Swim: Trip Brief with Whisper.
Clubs: Hike Around the Island Club. (Arrived late for supper.)

Supper: Chicken & rice, plus pudding.
Cabin 4 was on "Pots".

Sectional Evening: Field Games and Tent Sauna, with Evening Dip and Snack.
Bed: 2300h.

Wed. Aug. 5: Day Three Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click Casco's rain hat to see us sheltering from the storm.

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0720h-ish
Morning Dip: I've forgotten the theme.
Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal and muffin squares.
Cabin Clean-Up: Visited the SoS Team for advice.

Skills 1 Time: Off.
Bible Discovery: Cabin 4 packed our food for trip.
Skills 2: Packed personals.

Lunch: Tomato soup and cheese buns.

Left c. 1530 on our canoe trip. .
Stopped at Blackfeather (in rain) to go cliff-jumping (once the rain stopped).
Arrived at Spike Point.
Supper: Lazy Man Perogies and Moose Poops
Bed: I slept outside with a tarp thrown over me.

Thu. Aug. 6: Day Four Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click to see our collection of bottles found at Spike.

Up at 0730h: My usual routine was get up about this time, since I was awake. I'd pack up my bedroll and hang out by myself for c. an hour until Casco got up. Maybe an hour later the others would get up.

Breakfast: Egg McMuffins.
Left c. 1130h.

Dead Man's Portage
Lunch (at the end of the portage): Bagels, jam and humus.

Swimming in Portage Bay
Cochrane Islane
Snack and Supper: Logan Loaf and Pita Pizzas.

Bed: 2200h in tent sleeping by the door at the feet of three campers.

Fri. Aug. 7: Day Five Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

The "Abandoned" Cabin

Up at 0730h by myself again to pack up. Saw a mother deer and two fauns.
Breakfast: Red River Cereal. Played "Around the World".
Left c. 1215h.

Investigated "Abandoned" Cabin and had "Flappers" there for snack.
Arrived quite early at Picture Rock. Snack: Logan and Hobo Loaf Tried to keep the guys from yelling at the girls on the neighbouring island. Because of their unimpressive behaviour we told them we were from Camp Stevens. However, so were they.

Supper: Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken & Rice.
Played Curtis's stick-counting game. (Hint: Don't count the *sticks*.)
Three campers slept outside. So I shared a tent with only two campers this time.
Bed: c. 2200h.

Sat. Aug. 8: Day Six Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click smiling Achilles to see our supper in the rain.

Up at 0730h for the usual. Sat at the campfire with three campers.
Breakfast: Granola.
Left c. 0900h?

Dead Man's Portage
Lunch: Stoned Wheat Thins on some island.

Snack enroute: Dried fruit. This was a mistake.
Arrived Eagles View and everyone ran as fast as possible into the bush.
Supper: Alpine Spaghetti made under the tarp on the Whisper stove due to rain.

Snack: S'mores over a wet-wood fire.
Crayfish Wars followed by eating the combatants.
Bed: 2300h? under a tarp lean-to.

Sun. Aug. 9: Day Seven Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

(Joel Murphy's photo)

Pix of some of the skits

Up at 0730h as usual:
Breakfast: Granola.
Left c. 0930h. Arrived "just in time" for
Chapel (1100h): Featured "The Council of Elrond" and the story of the Judge Ehud.

Lunch: Texas Taco Chip Soup and sandwiches.

Rest Hour:
Free Swim:
Debrief with Whisper: at the campfire by the flagpole.

Supper: Sloppy Joes.
Flip and Hydro led us in "By the Light of the Silvery Moon".

EP: "Cross Border Shopping.
Snack: Chocolate Wheat Puff Squares.
Then the Senior Section hung out by the new campfire by BMP.
I embarrassed myself by not being able to play Beatles songs for the campers who asked.
Bed: 2245h.

Mon. Aug. 10: Day Eight

Singing hymns while waiting for breakfast
(Photo by Joel Murphy)

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0720h-ish.

Morning Dip as penguins.
Breakfast: Oatmeal/cereal, eggs & hash browns.
Cabin Clean-up: I packed for my Half-Day Off.

Skills 1 Time: Participated in Canoeing.
Bible Discovery: Our group acted out the (possibly apocryphal) story of the woman caught in adultery.
Skills 2: Tripping Skills which ended with listening to Inukshuk sing folk songs.

Lunch: Hamburgers and veggies.

Half Day Off: I spent this at the Baileys' in Kenora. We had supper with their friends at Casey's. Then I won a game of Settlers against Eric and Greg (due to following their advice).

Tue. Aug. 11: Day Nine Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Flip as Koubie
(This may have been a different day.)

Up at 0630h

Breakfast: with Eric and Erica.

Back to camp in time to play the Balrog (aka "the Barlog") in the LOTRFOTR skit.

Cabin Clean-up:

Skills 1 Time: Off.
Bible Discovery: in BMP re. prayer. Led some songs (playing Hydro's guitar).
Skills 2: Starting a wet-wood fire.

Lunch: Tacos and squares.

Rest Hour:
Tracks: Taught archery (once I'd located the equipment).
Free Swim

Supper: Spaghetti (at a table populated almost entirely by staff).

Songs and Stories: Pinky read a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, followed by snack.
Bed: 2300h. (Casco was on his Half Day.)

Wed. Aug. 12: Day Ten Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click Bucko to see him in context.

Up at 0630h for Staff Mtg 0720h-ish Morning Dip: "Karate Kid" theme.
Breakfast: Oatmeal (apple)/cereal & muffins.

Cabin Clean-up: I wrote the following limerick for the inspector:

There once was a doctor named Dewey,
Who saw that the floors were not gooey
Inside Cabin Four
So he gave them a score
That gave them a snack nice and chewy!

Skills 1 Time: Made a camp-related phonecall.
Bible Discovery: In BMP. Led a song and discussion group.
Skills 2: Compasses.

Lunch: Soup and Sandwiches.

Rest Hour: Thad and Sassy visited re. camp programs for graduating Seniors.
Tracks: Played guitar by the beach.
Free Swim
Clubs: pre-empted by Trip Report prep.

Supper: Pizza and veggies.
We sang "Old King Cole". After supper was more Trip Report prep.

Trip Reports: *in BMP*.
Snack: Trail Mix.
Bed: 2230h.

Thu. Aug. 13: Day Eleven Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click my mask to see the rest of my Mardi Gras costume.

Up at 0630h for email, then Staff Mtg 0720h-ish
NO Morning Dip due to lightning.
Breakfast: Oatmeal/cereal, hard-boiled eggs, granola & peaches.

Cabin Clean-up:

Skills 1 Time: Participated in canoeing.
Bible Discovery: In Fireside Room. Hymns and Time Alone With God.
Skills 2:

Lunch: Pizza buns and veggies.

Rest Hour: "Morning" Dip ("Rocky" theme).

Jammed with Pinky and Inukshuk including "Peter Hart" (Pepper), a new song by Inukshuk, "Emily" by Pinky, and "Make You Feel My Love" and "Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again" both by Bob Dylan.
Then prepped costume for Banquet *(Theme: Any Holiday)*.

Banquet Supper: Ham, mashed potatoes & vegetables. Teak led us in "Allouette".

Awards and Songs in BMP:.
Cabin Clean-Up Snack: Cabin 4 was in the lowest category, and so we were awarded dry Shreddies, and they weren't even the new diamond Shreddies!

Candlelight Service: Inside BMP. This was an opportunity for any of us to light one of the tea lights in the middle of the floor and speak about our time at camp.
Bed: 2300h.

Fri. Aug. 14: Day Twelve Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Waiting for camper departure.

Up at 0615h for Staff Mtg 0720h-ish

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Cinnamon Buns.

We spent the morning packing and hanging out. I sat on the dock and "read" a book to a Junior camper.

Lunch: Sandwiches and chips.
Campers left in two shifts. Cleaned the biffies with Bucko and Achilles (and Temp or Pumba, I forget).

Debrief Session with Nachos.

Coffee with Drifter.

Supper: Chicken, rice and salad. Sat with Chris Berghuis, the General Director.

Jam Session with Dewey, Inukshuk and Hydro: This included "Put a Little Love in Your Heart", "Lord, Protect My Child" (Dylan), "I'm Gonna Be" (The Proclaimers), "Peace on Earth" (U2), "I'll Fly Away" (with apologies to NT Wright), "Knocking on Heaven's Door/Helpless" (Dylan/Young), "Mr. Tambourine Man" (Dylan), "Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain" and "All I Want is U2".

Bed: 2330h.

The next morning I arose at 0800h and hauled my stuff to the Dining Hall back door. Then for breakfast (oatmeal, granola and hardboiled eggs), I sat with the two girls from England. After breakfast, I hauled my stuff to the dock, had a chat with Juke re. LIT. Cappy drove me to the landing, and from there I drove to Baileys' again in Kenora.

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