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W.H.O. Interim Statement on Booster Doses for Covid19
(In summary: bringing an end to the Pandemic in 2022 through world-wide vaccine equity
is being challenged by the hoarding of doses for boosters by rich nations.)


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Below is a description of my life much as it had been in 2022:

My paid work this year included Crossing Guard, Standardized Patient at the Northern Ontario Medical School (c. once a month Sept. - May), Sexton (caretaker) for Gathering Table Anglican Church, Music Care at Pioneer Ridge Home each Friday morning. As well, I played guitar for the Pope John Paul II School Choir for some events (Masses). .

I continue to sing as a volunteer at Pinewood Court and Pioneer Ridge, though not as often as before.

I am Past President and a Life Member of Cambrian Players, and my theatre involvement is described below.

Again Camp Gitchigomee did not operate children's camps this summer, though I did attend a couple of weekend family camps, notably the 75th(+2) Anniversary Weekend at which I led archery and campfires. However, Pioneer Camp Manitoba did run a full summer season, and I returned there for two weeks on staff in August after a two year break!!

I also belong to the Square Book Club (aka "Food Club"), whose meetings have been sporadic, but in Sept. we began a serious attempt to meet regularly once more.

However, since March 2020, my activities have shrunk to small social circles, and away from larger institutions: visits with my mother, the five "Vinyl Boys" (Record-Listening friends, c. once a month), the Cheer's Open Mic Gang (jamming together c. once a week when possible), and the P-W Family whom I visit most weekends (including to go swimming, something I haven't done much of in recent years). And I am quite content with this.


Family Gatherings for Geri & Sonny's visit, birthdays, christmas, etc.


I am employed there part-time as Sexton (i.e. caretaker), and we began to meet in-person again this year. I gave the sermon times, and led singing. On Sept. 18 Ann Camber became the Incumbent, signalling a new era of ministry for the parish.

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gathering table


The "Music" link above will take you to various musical events. For my own gigs, click here.

My singing in senior homes has resumed, but still most of my musical endeavours were with the Cheer's Open Mic Gang, usually outside around a campfire. Most weeks I would include a "Lesser Known Bob (Dylan) Song" in my contributions. I also had a couple of special gigs (a wedding, and a Rubber Duck Race). I have also returned to playing guitar for the Pope John Paul II School choir, and occasionally for Gathering Table worship services.

Please subscribe to my music-only YouTube Channel, and SMASH those Like buttons!!!

I have also been updating a page of my gigs here going back to the early days, though I'm not sure why.


The week-long camps for children were again not held this summer, but I did attend a July 1 weekend and the Aug. Long Weekend Anniversary Celebration (75+2 years!). There was also a Family Weekend which I did not attend.

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I spent Aug. 6 - 19 at "Classic Boys Camp" at Pioneer Camp: Manitoba, better known as Manitoba Pioneer Camp.

Click "Peps the Hand San Dispenser" for a blog post of pix and vids from my time thereL

Playlist of all my MPC '22 clips (usually c. 30 sec each) in chrono order. For topical playlists, see the link above.

Index of all my Boys Camps at MPC



In 2022 Cambrian Players staged Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike and Alice in Wonderland, and Vino Veritas.

Cambrian Improv (pictured) continued to meet for most of the year, and put on three shows: April 2, June 4, and Nov. 26

See also acting and rp acting, cambrian, cambrian improv, cambrian improv shows.

Bike Rides

In the Spring I resumed riding my bike almost every day. My goal this year was to ride all the streets in Thunder Bay I had missed in the last two years. However, I found this summer I was a bit busier, and did not ride as often as before -- but I did one day ride all the way out to Hwy 17 and back home, for a total of 45 km. If you follow the link above, you will find a map showing a combination of 2020 (red) 2021 (blue) and 2022 (yellow) (with purple for streets ridden in 20/21 and green for 21/22).


A few more gatherings than last year: still hanging out c. once a month with the "Vinyl Guys", listening to vinyl LPs, birthday parties with the P-W Family, but the biggest party (pictured above) was in June: the Tempelman/Hinsperger Wedding, which included a march down Red River Road to the Reception!!!

CBC Radio

I won a tote bag in Day Six's "Riffed From the Headlines" Contest!!

Also on Dec. 16 CBC Thunder Bay had their first Pop-Up since the Before Times -- and I was the first one to arrive!

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I revised the songbook I put together in 1993 of songs we were singing at Dorion at that time. The previous version was in all-caps, but this version follows normal capitalization.

Click here for it as a PDF.

Many of the songs can be found in this playlist:

Friends' Kids

Most weekends I would visit the P-W Family, sometimes to go swimming or skating, activities I have neglected in recent years. Most visits included Hide 'n' Seek, "Bum-Drop" Practice on the Trampoline, and Cards Against Humanity (Family Edition!!).



I've posted some pix a friend found from my university days, when the "boys" crashed the "girls" sleepover, along with scans of a photo contest we did in the 80's at Dorion Bible Camp.

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dbcoldies (Camp Dorion Oldies)

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nature (especially during bike rides!)
rp crafts
rp homes

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