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Richard Pepper's
July 2005

Thunder Bay Anglican Youth Ministry

Camp Gitchigomee

Family Fun & Fix-It Camp
July 1 - 4

July 1 - 4 was a relaxing but productive weekend out at Camp Gitchigomee. A new dock was built, grass was cut, the archery backstop was erected, cabins were cleaned, the pantry was rearranged, the Schlockey game was fixed, the swimming buoys were put out, Balderdash was played (Hilarity ensued) and several people were initiated as Dutch Blitz players.

Junior Week
July 10 - 16

Nature Study

Canoe Balloon Chase

Dress Up for Christmas

Cool Secret Pal Gifts

YMCA at Staff Party

Junior 2005 Staff

A Few More Junior Camp Pics

Skits at campfire  | Santa a.k.a. Saint Nicholas gives out gifts, (even to the undeserving).  |
Lots of Battling Tops!  | Megan and Rachel |

Senior Week
July 17 - 23

Tupperball Challenge

Annika (Frontline) visits.

Kevin gets his log.


Bless You! Bless You!

A little Catch and "Kill" Richard

Archery Class

On the Point

Robin and John Peace were guest speakers.

On the bus, ready for home.

A Few More Senior Camp Pics

String Supper  | "Sisters"  | Hot dogs at the Point |

Intermediate Week
July 24 - 30


A little Tae Kwon Do

Dave & the Rubber Chicken


Monk Supper

Paul and Jenny

A Few More Intermediate Camp Pics

"I get angry when I'm found in Staff Hunt. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." |
The Coolest Craft Ever  | "Fuzzy Bunny!" |
Misty Morning  | Fill the Leaky Barrel  | 3 Smiles |

I visited Round Lake Bible Camp (just down the road from Camp G) a couple of times during July. If I had not already had committments for that week, they were interested in having me help during their Teen Boys week in August.
| Friendly RLBC dog |

My Logs

Found On Rad Dead

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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