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Richard Pepper's
April 2007

Thunder Bay Anglican Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Facilitator

Pix of all YMF Activities since Sept. '04

Camp Gitchigomee

PROKids Activity Extravanga
April 14
at the CLE Coliseum

This was taken April 10 at the media launch for this event held at the Thunder Bay Museum.

Log Painting
April 20
at St. Luke's

Spring Newsletter

My own Gitchigomee page that ceased in 2010

DYU Coffeehouse
Apr. 25
at St. Thomas'

Click on the staged shot of Robin and me for more pix of this.

Robin and I played a U2 Medley (40/Still Haven't Found/I Want You), Beautiful Scandalous Night (Hindalong, Daugherty) and Hallelujah (Cohen).

Second set (after 3 St. Thomas' kids' performances):
My Sound Check Song, I Know My Redeemer Lives, Bird on a Wire (Cohen) and Tie Me at the Crossroads When I Die (Cockburn).

Review by Rick Smith:
"There is a lot of talent in the room." (General praise)
"I can tell that your bass player has played with you for a long time." (Praise of the guy right next to me).

Yes, THAT Rick Smith.

(And I do like Robin's playing.)

St. Thomas

Pri/Jr. Youth Group
Apr. 1

Click the Speed Stackers for more pix.

Pri/Jr. Youth Group
Apr. 22

Click the Cheese Lady Foosball player for more pix.

Apr. 1

Click on the confirmands for more pix.

Seder Meal
Apr. 5

Click the youngest child for more pix.

Adult/Youth Volleyball Challenge
Apr. 15

Click the Volleyball Linemen for more pix.

Thirty Hour Famine with St. Mark's
Apr. 20/21

Click the Pony Song Dancers for more pix.

Wandering Minstrels
Good Friday at St. John's
Apr. 6

Click the Dramatic Pose for more pix.

Wandering Minstrels
at St. Stephen's
Apr. 22

Click the two good eggs for more pix.

Northwood Park Church of Christ

Apr. 8

Click the Egg Hunters for more pix.

Sandwich Sunday
Apr. 29

Click the classy-looking guy for more pix.


See Coffeehouse above.


Cambrian Players

"Much Ado" Reading
Apr. 15

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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