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Richard Pepper's
Activities (with Pictures)
Youth Ministry Facilitator
September 2004

I began my work as Youth Ministry Facilitator for the Anglican Deanery of Thunder Bay on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2004.

Job Description

Note that some activities/events are not mentioned because I didn't take any pictures of them.

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October 2004

For Oct. '04 pix click here.

Deanery Council
Oct. 1/04

(Note: The event was not boring, even though the picture is.)

Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe Day Camp Reunion
Oct. 30
St. George's
led by
Deb Everest

November 2004

For Nov. '04 pix click here.

Camp Gitchigomee
Staff Appreciation Dinner
Nov. 16/04

December 2004

For Dec. '04 pix click here.

Sinter Klaas Party for St. Nicholas Day
St. George's

Christingle Service
St. George's
Dec. 19/04

Welcome Home Service
St. Michael's
Dec. 29

I led the singing along with Rachel and Eric.

Other related activities included attending a Deanery Youth Unit planning meeting and supper
and "Deeper Water" service at St. Luke's
(Dec. 12), leading songs at a St. Thomas' Youth Sleepover
(Dec. 17) and Christmas Morning Service at St. Luke's followed by a great meal at Suttons!

January 2005

For Jan. '05 pix click here.

St. Thomas' Coffeehouse
Jan. 14

Road Trip to St. John's
Jan. 15-17

Other related activities included attending a Deanery Youth Unit planning meeting and supper
and "Deeper Water" service at St. Luke's, individual meetings and Camp Gitchigomee board meetings.
As well, I began to construct a webpage for upcoming events related to Anglican Youth Ministry. This has been been replaced by the Deanery Youth Unit Space.

February 2005

For Feb. '05 pix click here.

Deanery Youth Unit Overnighter
Feb. 4/5
including Laser Tag

Feb. 8: Shrove Tuesday at St. Luke's   Feb. 12: Visioning Day at St. George's

Camp Gitchigomee Valentine's Fundraiser
Feb. 12
(I sang "'69 - '74".)

On Feb. 26 I attended a Lenten Retreat (consisting mostly of silence). This was attended by Susan LeSauvage, the mother of Mike and Chris, two of my favourite campers at Dorion Bible Camp. Only a short while before that, Chris had found his picture (now gone) at cssm.ca/dorion, contacted the camp and tracked me down in order to get back in touch.

March 2005

For Mar. '05 pix click here.

DYU Sleighride
Mar. 13
Gammondale Farm

Most of my other work-related activities were meetings (including those for Camp Gitchigomee) which didn't lend themselves to photography.

Check out further work on my webpage for upcoming events related to Anglican Youth Ministry, including a page for Camp Gitchigomee, another for the April 15,16th workshop on Everyday Evangelism with Dr. John Bowen and contemporary worship services at which I play: "Deeper Water" and "The Edge".

April 2005

For Apr. '05 pix click here.

Thirty Hour Famine
St. Thomas' Anglican
Apr. 1,2

Youth-Led Worship Service
St. Michael's Anglican
Apr. 3

Evangelism For Everyday People
St. Paul's Anglican
Dr. John Bowen
Apr. 15,16

(Robin Harbron, Jim Sutton & I led music.)

Camp Gitchigomee Reunion/Fun Day
April 9

Camp Gitchigomee Fundraiser
Bridge/Whist Luncheon
April 20

I helped serve tea, coffee and sandwiches.

Brainstorming Potluck Supper
April 30

May 2005

For May '05 pix click here.

Deanery Youth Unit Trip
St. Mary's Anglican, Nipigon
May 1

Deeper Water
St. Luke's Anglican
May 8

Clean-Up Days
Camp Gitchigomee
May 21,22

I cleared brush and took these pictures.

Camp Gitchigomee Promotion
St. Michael's Anglican
May 29

I led the children in singing
"With _____ in my _____ I can _______ at the _______"
and then showed them camp pictures.

Camp Gitchigomee Senior Week Staff Party
May 29

Clergy Session with Bishop Ron Ferris
May 30

Camp Gitchigomee Blog

June 2005

Camp Gitchigomee Promotion
St. Luke's Anglican
June 5

I led the children in singing
"With _____ in my _____ I can _______ at the _______"
and then showed them pictures of kids having fun at camp.

Ordination of Jonathan Hoskin as Deacon
St. Thomas' Anglican
June 5

Camp Gitchigomee 60th Anniversary
June 10-12

2005 is the 61st summer.
The anniversary celebrated the completion of 60 years.

Pictures may be viewed at my Yahoo Photo Album.

Family Fun Day
St. Mary's Anglican
Nipigon Marina
June 18

L-R: Jim on the Guitarjo, Richard Harvey, Richard's daughter, Richard Pepper

I sang "This is My Soundcheck Song", "Nobody Talks (During Coaches Corner)", "Saturday Night/Saturday", "I'm Too Old for the NHL" and Free Stanley.

At the end of the event the group pictured above jammed on "Do Lord"-type songs. I closed by singing Bob Dylan's "I'll Remember You".

After Gitchigomee Staff Training on June 22nd I went to Robin's (Donuts) with Baptist Youth Leader (and former camper of mine!) Kevin Kuchta.

Two For One Pizza

July 2005

Camp Gitchigomee

Family Fun & Fix-It Camp
July 1 - 4

July 1 - 4 was a relaxing but productive weekend out at Camp Gitchigomee. A new dock was built, grass was cut, the archery backstop was erected, cabins were cleaned, the pantry was rearranged, the Schlockey game was fixed, the swimming buoys were put out, Balderdash was played (Hilarity ensued) and several people were initiated as Dutch Blitz players.

Junior Week
July 10 - 16

Nature Study

Canoe Balloon Chase

Dress Up for Christmas

Cool Secret Pal Gifts

YMCA at Staff Party

Junior 2005 Staff

A Few More Junior Camp Pics

Skits at campfire  | Santa a.k.a. Saint Nicholas gives out gifts, (even to the undeserving).  |
Lots of Battling Tops!  | Megan and Rachel |

Senior Week
July 17 - 23

Tupperball Challenge

Annika (Frontline) visits.

Kevin gets his log.


Bless You! Bless You!

A little Catch and "Kill" Richard

Archery Class

On the Point

Robin and John Peace were guest speakers.

On the bus, ready for home.

A Few More Senior Camp Pics

String Supper  | "Sisters"  | Hot dogs at the Point |

Intermediate Week
July 24 - 30


A little Tae Kwon Do

Dave & the Rubber Chicken


Monk Supper

Paul and Jenny

A Few More Intermediate Camp Pics

"I get angry when I'm found in Staff Hunt. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." |
The Coolest Craft Ever  | "Fuzzy Bunny!" |
Misty Morning  | Fill the Leaky Barrel  | 3 Smiles |

I visited Round Lake Bible Camp (just down the road from Camp G) a couple of times during July. If I had not already had committments for that week, they were interested in having me help during their Teen Boys week in August.

| Friendly RLBC dog |

My Logs

Found On Rad Dead

August 2005

St. George's Day Camp
(The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)
Aug. 22 - 26

September 2005

St. Michael's Sunday School
Sept. 25

I led singing (and ate snacks).

October 2005

Parish Council: Schreiber
Oct. 1

Archdeacon Andy's Birthday

On the way home we visited the construction site of the new St. Mary's in Nipigon.
(Photo by Rev. John Sovereign)

Celebration of New Ministry: Rev. Deborah Kraft
Oct. 2
St. Paul's Anglican

Snacks again!

Camp Gitchigomee Spaghetti Dinner
October 16, 2005
St. John's Anglican (Pearl St.)

Buy a shirt!

Cleanup time

Camp Gitchigomee Board Mtg
Goodbye to Chair, Rev. Henk Willems October 25, 2005
St. James' Anglican

Youth Synod Reunion
October 26, 2005
St. Paul's Anglican

"Father Bob" and Rev. Deborah

November 2005

Deanery Youth Unit Overnighter
Nov. 11/12
St. Thomas'

Click the pic for a page of "Steal the Bacon" pix.

Celebration of New Ministry: Rev. Nancy Ringham
Nov. 13
St. James' Anglican

Camp Gitchigomee Staff Appreciation Dinner
Nov. 22
St. Luke's

Camp Gitchigomee Webpage
Camp Gitchigomee Picture Blog

January 2006

"Go Tell It on the Mountain"
Written & Directed by Sue Simonsen
Jan. 6 & 8
St. Michael's and All Angels

I played the voice of Herod the Great.
I'm the one on the left (Stage Right).

Rev. John and Allyson Sovereign's Farewell
Jan. 14/15

Camp G. Inter Staff presentation

Singing while everyone lines up for food

Camp G. display complete with mannequins

February 2006

Deanery Youth Unit Coffeehouse
in support of Nu-Vision Rwanda
Feb. 9
St. Thomas Anglican (Haddon Hall)

Mum visits with the Venerable Arch Deacon.

I sang background music and supplied puzzles and games to distract the guests from the background music.

More pictures may be viewed at dyuthunderbay.blogspot.com.

Camp Gitchigomee
Valentine's Day Fundraising Dinner
Feb. 18

(Yes, not the 14th.)

More pictures may be viewed at thunderbaycamp.mindsay.com.

"Why Choose Camp Gitchigomee For Your Child?"

March 2006

Deanery Youth Unit
Sleigh Non-Ride
Mar. 11
Gammondale Farm

Due to thunder and lightning the sleighride was not held. Instead we played in the barn, rode Digger and threw snowmen across the field with the catapult.

More pictures may be viewed at dyuthunderbay.blogspot.com.

I also attended the lunch hour Ash Wednesday Eucharist at the Mission to Seafarers on March 1, as well as the evening service at St. Thomas. After the latter, I had a meeting at Seattle Coffeehouse with some other adults involved with Anglican youth ministry. There were actually quite a few other people there (often relatively young) with ash crosses on their foreheads.

Camp Gitchigomee
Annual General Meeting
Mar. 28

Click the pic above to see more pix of Joanne Meakin's model of Camp Gitchigomee, unveiled at this meeting.

At this meeting I was acclaimed Chair of Promotions.

April 2006

St. Stephen's
Apr. 23

I led the children in "Jump Shout Sing" and "With Jesus in My Boat"
and then spoke to the adults about Camp Gitchigomee and Psalm 19.

May 2006

St. Michael's
May 14

I led the children (& some adults) in "Hallalalalalalalelujah"
and spoke briefly about Camp Gitchigomee.

St. Mark's
May 28

I led the children in "With Jesus in My Boat"
and then spoke to the adults about Camp Gitchigomee and Psalm 19.

Camp Gitchigomee Spring Fun Day
May 6

Click the pic for more.

Camp Gitchigomee Work Weekend
May 19-21


D.Y.U. Coffeehouse
St. James (Murillo)
May 10

This event, featuring Matt Chapman was a fundraiser for
Matt Reszitnyk and Sadie Krezonoski's July trip to Rwanda with Nu-Vision.

June/July 2006

Camp Gitchigomee

Camp Promotion at St. James Anglican
June 18

Click my visit with Santa for Junior Week pix.
(I was Recreation Director and a Cabin Leader.)

Click the Twin Co-Directors for Senior Week pix.
(I co-directed with Karol MacLean and led games, music and archery.)

Click the Hunted Staff for Intermediate Week pix.
I helped with music and taught archery.

Click here to see pix of my Camp G. logs and Secret Pal gifts. Scroll down to find them.

August 2006

Youth Synod
(at Camp Manitou) Aug. 4 - 9

on the way
Waiting at the landing The boatride
to camp
Trust circle Another trust circle Run the gauntlet
Jake runs
the gauntlet.
Chris hurts Leanne. Chris hurts
Leanne more.
Chris hurts
Chris totally defeats Jake. Doing dishes
Coming back
from Shark's Jaw
Water mattress race My session
(wearing antlers?)
Water balloon
Cooks Garden of Eden
Enter Serpent The Red Sea parts. Group shot
My cabin My bunk (bottom) My cabin on
the last night
The Bishop
in the
"I've got your back, Bishop."
(says RP).
Bishop's POV
(says Harry
Rocks & Trees
(and Water!!)
Rev. Munroe Scott (on right) Proper use of

Note: I was assigned to Cabin 9 with youth delegates, but not as the adult leader, because, when the decision was made, someone had told them that I was Cory Pepper's younger brother. The last night of Youth Synod I moved to Cabin 7 alone, because I would be driving to the Sault and then Thunder Bay the next day (and the next to MPC near Kenora). Rev. Munroe Scott hosted me in the Sault.

September 2006

Camp Gitchigomee

To the Fall 2006 Newsletter

Kevin Kuchta has posted these two videos he compiled of Senior Camp and Intermediate Camp.

Ordination to the Priesthood of the Rev'ds Bonnie Rayner & Joan Cavanaugh-Clark
Celebration of New Ministry
Lake Superior Parish:
The Ven. Hugh Hamilton
The Rev'ds Rayner & Cavanaugh-Clark
Trinity Church, Marathon
Sept. 24

October 2006

Senior Week Reunion/Lakehead Baptist Youth
Oct. 14

Click the Kevin fire for more pix.

Click here for a few more.

Deanery Youth Unit Visits St. Thomas'
Oct. 22

Click the group for a couple of pix

Deanery Youth Unit
"Pre-Hallowe'en Trick or Canned Gooding"
Oct. 28

Click Darth Vader counting the loot for more pix.

Official Thunder Bay DYU Site

November 2006

Camp Gitchigomee

To the Fall 2006 Newsletter

Kevin Kuchta has posted these two videos he compiled of Senior Camp and Intermediate Camp.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Nov. 18

Click on the Butter Inspector for pix of this event.

Deanery Youth Unit All-Nighter
Nov. 17/18

Click the pic above for a gallery of pix.

Official Thunder Bay DYU Site

December 2006

Deanery Youth Unit Visit to St. Michael's
Dec. 10

There are a couple of pix of this at the

Official Thunder Bay DYU Site

January 2007

Camp Gitchigomee

Summer 2007 Dates & Rates

Registration form

Choose "Save Target (or Link) As" from the "Right Click"
menu on the link above for a PDF version of this report.

If you don't already have Adobe Reader for PDF files, click to get it.

On-line Newsletter

Clergy Epiphany Party/
Farewell to McClures
Jan. 12

Deanery Youth Unit Visit to St. John's in Schreiber
Jan. 14

There are several more pix of this at the

Official Thunder Bay DYU Site

February 2007

DYU Retreat
Round Lake Bible Camp
Feb. 2-4

There are several more pix of this at the

Official Thunder Bay DYU Site

"Church Hop" to St. Stephen's
Feb. 25

Richard and the Peppettes provided a sermon of contemporary music.

March 2007

Rev. Ed Swayze's Promotion to Lt. Commander
Mar. 4

Youth Eucharist
St. John's
Mar. 24

Sarah (from St. Thomas') and I led the worship music
and then joined in the taco meal.

April 2007

DYU Coffeehouse
in support of
Camp Gitchigomee,
Cycle to Walk
Con College Chaplaincy
St. Thomas'
Apr 25

I organized and participated in the musical entertainment, provided the table puzzles and games and helped eat the food.

There are some more pictures at the St. Thomas' website
and at the
Official Thunder Bay DYU Site.

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