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Why Choose Camp Gitchigomee?

Camp Gitchigomee is fun.

To see what we mean have a look at for pictures of games, theme meals, campfires with music and skits, swimming, canoeing, crafts and archery.

Camp Gitchigomee is a Christian camp.

Each person is valued as someone made in the image of God. The staff work to ensure that this respect for one another is upheld and to help the whole community work and play together co-operatively.

This does not mean that campers must identify themselves as Christians of any denomination or believers in any spiritual path for that matter. We do exist to encourage children, youth and adults to develop a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, but high pressure methods of coercion are not our style. Example and encouragement are what we aim for. See our Camp Philosophy page for more information.

Camp Gitchigomee is associated with Anglican churches in this area, but again this does not mean that campers must be Anglican (or be baptized first, own a prayer book or Bible). Staff come from various Christian denominations, but our Anglican connection provides what could be called "classic Christianity in a contemporary form". Our history demonstrates that we are not just some fly-by-night sect.

Our inter-denominational staff teams focus on the central themes of the Christian faith.

Camp Gitchigomee emphasizes Community.

The focus of a camper's community is his/her cabin group. There are always at least two staff per cabin group and at least one of them is an adult. Each of the three cabins has sixteen beds.

Thus the size of the whole camp group reduces the likelihood that anyone will feel overwhelmed and lost in the crowd. As well, this way every camper and staff member can be included in each week's Secret Pal program.

The size of Camp Gitchigomee has allowed for the development of the Log program. Every camper and staff member receives a small painted log for every week s/he attends (and some off-season Camp activities as well). After a few years this can result in quite an impressive collection, which tells the owner's Camp Gitchigomee history.

Economic inequalities among the campers are reduced by including the two Tuck items per day in the fee. This way no camper has to go without, while other children overindulge.

Camp Gitchigomee cares about God's Creation.

Nature study is often part of the program, and can include bird watching, stargazing, tree and plant identification and water-creature study.

The Bible teaching times often direct our attention to the beauty surrounding us as well.

Recycling is practised.

Camp Gitchigomee is a safe camp.

Campers are well-supervised day and night and are not allowed to go beyond the camp boundaries (or even onto "The Point") except with staff as part of an organized camp activity.

The legal standard for First Aiders on site is adhered to and in most cases a Registered Nurse spends the week as well.

A qualified Waterfront Director and Lifeguard (in addition to other staff) supervise swimming and canoeing according to Ontario regulations.

All staff go through a screening process, including reference checks and a Police Record check.

An evacuation plan is in place in case of fire or extreme weather.

As with all such camps, the Government Health Inspector visits at least once a summer to ensure that health and safety regulations are followed.

Guardians are asked to communicate dietary or allergic concerns about their children so that these may be honoured. The site is nut-free.

Camp Gitchigomee offers good value.

Sign up now (before June 1) and receive the $15 Early Bird discount (therefore $180 total for all weeks but the Canoe Trip). This includes three meals+snacks+tuck each day, all activities and a bus ride to Thunder Bay on closing day each week (except the Canoe Trip).

Partial bursaries are available. Contact the Camp for more info. Email or phone the voice mail at 622-0020.

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Last Update: Sept. 17, 2008

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