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Richard Pepper's
May 2007

Thunder Bay Anglican Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Facilitator

Pix of all YMF Activities since Sept. '04

Camp Gitchigomee

Spring Camp Fun Day
May 5
at St. Thomas'

At this event we unveiled the $13 Foosball table (just needs legs) which I had bought at Value Village. Click the "big kids" hogging it for a few more pix of the event. (We did let the kids play with it too.)

Due to forest fires our Cleanup Long Weekend was postponed. Fire fighers were renting our facilities!!

Spring Newsletter

My own Gitchigomee page that ceased in 2010

St. Thomas

Pri/Jr. Youth Group
May 6

Click the Mothers Day Crafts for more pix.

Adult/Youth Volleyball Challenge
May 27

Click the Volleyball Innovation for more pix.

Flier Delivery for Outreach BBQ
May 30

Click the deliverers for a larger version.

Northwood Park Church of Christ

Matti's Baptism: May 6/07

There is no minimum age for baptism, but you have to be able to see over the edge of the tank.

May 29 & 30

Click Mr. Photogenic for more pix.


See Theatre



My Mum took this picture of my Big British smile at Tuesday's City Award Ceremony at the Italian Cultural Centre.

I was nominated by Pinewood Court (one of the homes where I sing hymns to the residents). I've been doing so for a few years now and I guess my number came up. I hope that doesn't sound unappreciative. I just mean that I'm not the super volunteer there or anything.

The award was for Exceptional Achievement. As I've said to some, most people in Thunder Bay are nice; I'm an exception.

When this happened, someone at the local CBC station noticed, in part, I suppose, because I phone into their contests frequently and try to be witty. The line about my singing hymns to Seniors caught their attention and so they sent Ron Desmoulins (Dezmoolinz when we were in high school together) to explore this different angle.

The result was aired c. 0745h on "The Great Northwest" on local CBC Radio 1.

Robin kindly uploaded it to his domain:



Derek and Jennifer (Gnomie) Livingston
May 19

Click the happy couple for more pix.



So now that the Murder Mystery for St. Stephen's church is over, I can tell you that I played King Roland, murdered by either my Queen, the Prince from the East, Zita the servant girl, Sir Devlin or my daughter, the Princess Persephone.

Neither of the sisters pictured murdered me, as they remained in the dining room with the guests while it happened. (At least they were supposed to.) Anyway, they were the Eastern Prince's gift to King Roland, and, to his great pleasure (not that of the Queen), performed a little belly dance. I'm told that many of the guests requested an encore.

Originally King Roland had his hands on the girls' shoulders, but suddenly Natasha (on his right) spoke (with a very convincing accent): "In my country touching is not permitted."

After the performance, we went out to the Fast Lane (formerly Bunny's) for some Karaoke. You should hear Jasmine (the other girl) sing. Wow!

I sang "Hallelujah" "in the style of Rufus Wainright" i.e. in the style of a tenor. Ouch.

More pix

Cambrian Players

"Much Ado About Muffins
May 26

This was a fund-raising tea at the Definitely Superior Art Gallery ("Deaf Soup") in support of Cambrian's production of "Much Ado About Nothing" (opening June 14).

I sang "When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy" (from "Twelfth Night"), my parody "Calpurnia Dreaming", "In Heaven There'll Only Bae Bagpipes", "Anglo Saxon" and "Sigh No More, Ladies" (the song I will perform each night in "Much Ado".

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HMCS Halifax
May 14

Click the loose cannon for more pix.

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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