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Richard Pepper's
June 2007

Thunder Bay Anglican Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Facilitator

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Camp Gitchigomee or
Official Site

Staff Training
June 6
at St. Luke's

Click the Cheerleading Pastor for more pix.

Camp Cleanup
June 30 - July 1

Click the cool grass cutter for more pix.

Due to forest fires our Cleanup Long Weekend was postponed. Fire fighters were staying there to fight the nearby fire. Not only did they pay us rent and keep the place safe, but they painted & repaired picnic tables, chopped firewood, pumped out the biffies and left cases and cases of bottled water and canned goods and snacks.

Praise Service
Thu. Evening, June 28
at St. James

St. Thomas

Neighbourhood BBQ
June 3

Click the BBQers for more pix.
(I provided games for the children.)

Parish Picnic
June 17

Click the new Parish Logo for more pix.

Confirmation Class Reunion
June 18

Click the Chicken & Pizza Eaters for more pix.

Wandering Minstrels
at Holy Family Church
June 5

Click the Black Power Salute for more pix.

Wandering Minstrels
at Parish of West Thunder Bay
June 10

Click the cast for more pix.
(Get it?)

Wandering Minstrels
"Glory to God"
at St. Thomas
June 10

For more pix click the Detective finding his "piece".

Northwood Park Church of Christ

Coffeehouse: June 17

Click my strumming attempt at Cockburn for more pix.

Songs Performed (solo on classical guitar): The Blower's Daughter (Damien Rice), When That I Was a Little Tiny Boy (Wm Shakespeare), Helter Skelter (Lennon/McCartney) and Sigh No More, Ladies (Wm Shakespeare).

(With Robin Harbron on Bass): Forever Young/Saving Grace/I Shall Be Released (Dylan), Make You Feel My Love/Threw It All Away (Dylan) and my parody of Cockburn's "Wondering Where the Lions Are" about the Seven Wonders of Canada: I Wonder What We Voted For.

Church Picnic: June 24

Click the snoozing Kristian for more pix.


See Church above.


Doug Sr.'s Birthday
June 23

For more pix click my Mum about to have cake and eat it too.
("Have some cake." we say, meaning "Eat some cake.)

At the Old Fort With Doug Jr.
June 29

Click Doug facing down the enema for more pix.

Paul Morrison gave me some BOGO coupons for the Old Fort. They expired June 29 and so I took my nephew Doug along that day. It was a nice quiet day, as there were very few tourists around. We managed to snag scones three separate times from the kitchen to sustain us and some bannock on the way out from the Ojibwe camp.

I've often felt I would have enjoyed working at the Fort back in my university days (and I knew quite a few who did back then). Imagine how different my life would be now. Maybe Tom and I would still be Facebook Friends.


Cambrian Players

William Shakespeare's
"Much Ado About Nothing"
June 14,15,16,20-23
directed by
Eva and Jane Burkowski

As Balthazar I sang "Sigh No More, Ladies" each night.

Then I was transformed into The Sexton, a sort of minor official, who doesn't always wear too much blush.

There are more pix at my blog

A friend of Clara Ivec (whose name I do not have right now) took some very HQ photos of a performance. I hope he does not object to my uploading these few very LQ versions of a few (featuring me). Prints of the originals would need to be made only with his permission.

Balthazar sings on stage.

Borachio confesses to Leonato.

The Sexton and Antonio rhubarb together.

Curtain Call 1

Curtain Call 2


Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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