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Richard Pepper's
March 2007

Thunder Bay Anglican Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Facilitator

Pix of all YMF Activities since Sept. '04

Camp Gitchigomee

Spring Newsletter

My own Gitchigomee page that ceased in 2010

Deanery Day with Bishop Ron Ferris
Mar. 31

Click on the Bishop with the lineup of usual suspects for more pix of this.
(I assisted with music during the closing Eucharist.)

Rev. Ed Swayze's Promotion to Lt. Commander
H.M.C.S. Griffon
Mar. 4

Ed and I went to L.U. together.

Youth Eucharist
St. John's
Mar. 24

Sarah (from St. Thomas') and I led the worship music
and then joined in the taco meal.

St. Thomas

Pri/Jr. Youth Group
Mar. 4

Click the Mixed Up Fruit for more pix.

Pri/Jr. Youth Group
Mar. 18

Click the Foosballers for more pix.

Supper with Confirmation Class
Mar. 5

Click on the "Orange God" for more pix.

Parish Mission
with Rev. Charlie Masters
Mar. 10-12

Click the Happy Clappers for an album of pix.

Potluck Praise Supper
Mar. 30

Click on the Contented Child for an album of pix.

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

In this interim time between staff-workers I have begun a blog regarding the events are still happening.

New Co-ordinating Board
Mar. 16/07

Northwood Park Church of Christ

Worship Fiesta
Mar. 11

Click the matchmaking attempt for another picture.

Pam (Joyce) & David Harris
Mar. 12

Pam and Dave were in town for the funeral of Bruce Reith with whom Dave, my brother and (to a certain extent) I grew up.

Sandwich Sunday
Mar. 25

Click the smiling pastor for more pix.


Dorion Bible Fellowship
30 Hour Musicathon
Dorion School
Mar. 27

Click on the mysterious object to find out what it has to do with this gig.

This was a fundraiser for the Dorion Bible Fellowship (the E.Free Church, not the camp) for their new building:

U2 Medley (40/Still Haven't Found/I Want You),
The Christian Beaver (Pepper) -- during George's skinning demonstration,
'69 - '74 (Pepper), Don't Be Afraid (Pepper),
Dylan-McCartney-Vera Sad Medley (I Threw It All Away/Yesteday/At This Moment/Oh! Darling),
Dylan Spiritual Medley (Forever Young/Saving Grace/I Shall Be Released),
Drive My Car (Lennon/McCartney), Every Grain of Sand (Dylan),
Watch Out Medley (Further On Up the Road [Medwich Veasy, Robey]/Helter Skelter [McCartney]/This Wheel's on Fire [Dylan/Danko]),
Hallelujah (Cohen), Tie Me at the Crossroads When I Die (Cockburn).

A song I should have sung: The Pillow Fighting Champ of Dorion Bible Camp (Pepper)

Songs that notably I did NOT sing: Nobody Talks (During Coaches Corner) (Pepper), and Free Stanley (Pepper).

Some or all of the Pepper songs may be found in the music players at the top of this page.

Review: Re. the crowd's inattention: "You can't compete with a dead animal." -- Dean Schaaf


Wendy Mesley in the L.U. Agora
Mar. 28

Click the smaller version above to go to my blog where there is a larger version.

Actually, I think I prefer this version.

David Usher at Scuttlebutt's
March 28

My nephew, Douglas, took Tim and me to see one of his favourite singers.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6


Niece Devha's (Robin) Quarter Century Birthday
Mar. 17


Cambrian Players

March 22,23,24, 28,29,30,31

Picture taken March 24th.

This was the first Cambrian play I've paid for to see, since before Mar. '02. I've either been in the cast or crew of every production since Julius Caesar! I was creditted with "Set Construction" this time, which referred to holding a piece of scenery still while Derek screwed it into place and laying out the cables for the sound system. But I figured that wasn't $12's worth.

Kam Valley Murder Mystery
Mar. 3

Click the Father of the Bride (with the Mother of the Corpse) for more pix.

Cast Party
Boston Pizza (Memorial Ave.)
Mar. 17

Tim (the Dad) was a camper of mine at Dorion Bible Camp.

in support of
the Definitely Superior Art Gallery
Mar. 31

Douglas Livingston Sr. played Big Brother as seen through the telescreen.


My Birthday
Mar. 25

For my birthday at church (in addition to cake) I had a nice long visit with Kristian. I was very happy to spend this time with him and he was quite content with me (or possibly with his bottle).

I call this photo "Ageing gracefully with quiet dignity".

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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