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Richard Pepper's
February 2007

Thunder Bay Anglican Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Facilitator

Pix of all YMF Activities since Sept. '04

Camp Gitchigomee

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Summer 2007 Dates & Rates

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Deanery Youth Unit Retreat
Round Lake Bible Camp
Feb. 2 - 4

See also video at YouTube.

Deanery Youth Unit Visit
Feb. 25

Richard and the Peppettes provided a sermon of contemporary music.

St. Thomas

These links are dead.
here and scroll to Feb. 2007.

Pri/Jr. Youth Group
Feb. 18

Click the toothless girls for more pix.

Pancake Supper
Shrove Tuesday, Feb. 20

Klik the odd menu item for an album of pix.

Wandering Minstrels
Katie's Birthday
Feb. 11

Men's Cursillo Weekend
Dorion Bible Conference Centre
Feb. 8 - 11

Jenga Jenga

Physical Changes Observed at Dorion Bible Camp

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

In this interim time between staff-workers I have begun a blog regarding the events are still happening.

ISCF Alumnus Bill Johnson's Feb. 13th visit at St. Thomas'
He works in "show biz" (including voice acting) in Edmonton, but is moving to work in Toronto.

ISCF Gathering
(featuring "Mafia")
Sun. Feb. 18

Click the pic for more info.

Contests on CBC Radio One

This is a CBC Radio Three shirt, featuring a Squirrel Moose.

My entry was

I hears all the clues and I thinks,
"That creature eats rabbits and minks."
So I google the name
From the basketball game
And the answer I find is the Sphinx.

Then I added "I mean, the lynx" because I didn't want to miss out on winning this beautiful prize.

My other choice was a Salmon Beaver.

The price tag says $24.99!!


New Baby Boy for RP
Feb. 16

This baby has no name, except "RealCare". My nephew's girlfriend had to care for it for the weekend for school.
He got cranky pretty quickly (but he was well-behaved for me).


Medieval Mardi Gras Murder Mystery
Feb. 17

Click King Roland for an album of pix.

murdermysteries.blogspot.com is dedicated to chronicling the mysterious and murderous adventures of this loosely organized troupe.

Friends' Babies/Toddlers

No pix this month. :(

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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