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Richard Pepper's
September 2005

Thunder Bay Anglican Youth Ministry

St. Michael's Sunday School
Sept. 25

I led singing (and ate snacks).

St. Thomas'

Jr. Youth Group
Sept. 18

Youth Group
Sept. 21

(Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship High School Ministry)

Leaders Camp
(High School and University)
Manitoba Pioneer Camp
Sept. 2 - 5

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The Muddiest of the Mucketballers

Note that the resolution of my digicam is not great.
Please, email me better versions of these pictures, if you have any.

Random pic of Matt (Ragu) pondering his awesome summer at Manitoba Pioneer.
(It was off the hook!)

Menu of My Pioneer Camp Pictures

Camp Gitchigomee pictures at the Camp Gitchigomee Webpage.

My Dorion Bible Camp pictures (1972 - 2002).
(I have none from 1971.)

"See You at the Pole" Concert
Fri., Sept. 23/05
Hammarskjold High School
(Each morning that week at a different school)

Homeschoolers Campout
Kakabeka Falls
Sept. 9/10

I led some games and helped a bit with campfire singing.
(Robin Harbron did most of the songleading.)

New Car!!
Sept. 14

Click the above pic for larger version.
Good riddance!

But I do miss my bumperstickers!

Friends in Texas, England and Germany: Can you help me out?

Friends' Babies

Kristian Leif Sept. 16

Cordelia Maria Sept. 18


On Sept. 17, along with my niblings, Robin & Greg,
I saw Mum off at the airport for her 3 week trip to England.

plus one of Robin, Mum and Greg

Sylvia's Birthday Party
Sat. Sept. 24
The Sushi Bowl


On Sept. 26 I auditioned at Thunder Bay Television for a TV commercial ( coincidentally for Marostica Motors where I'd bought my Hyundai). I guess I didn't get the gig, but I did get to see the tiny new studio from Lindsay et al broadcast the local news.

On Sept. 30 a few actors from the Capitol Theatre Players and I acted in some sort of tourist video out at Fort William Historical Park. Because there was a wake going on in the Visitors Centre (for A.J. Wing, the father of one of my campers, Greg), we were relegated to the parking lot. After a lot of waiting around during the set-up and then several takes, the director told us that the weather had been too overcast. So I guess I'll be on the cutting room floor (if they even print the shots).

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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