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Richard Pepper's
April 2008

Northwood Park Church of Christ

Rearranging Sunday School Rooms
Apr. 5

Prayer and Praise
Apr. 6

SCUBA Sunday School
Apr. 13

Name on Sign
Apr. 14

SCUBA Sunday School
Apr. 20

Coffee House du Cafe
Apr. 27


"Coffee House du Cafe" at Northwood Park Church
Sunday, April 27/08

The Transparencies did not actually perform together. However, Robin did sing two songs by M. J. Hibbett: "Born With the Century" and "Easily Impressed".

Shroom led the "Oi, Harbron!" part from the crowd, and I joined in. So I suppose The Transparencies did perform together. We were also joined by Mike (formerly not-a-Moron).

I sang three sets solo, though the first was really just a sound check as people gathered:

Bird on a Wire (Cohen)
Before Dawn (Pepper)
It Is Well With My Soul

Let It Rain (Clapton/Bramlett)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Dylan)
Jesus on the Shore (Terry S. Taylor)
These Thousand Hills (Jacob's Trouble)
Be Thou My Vision

[I was also suddenly asked by Jenn Foulds to sing "Acadia Dry".]

Beatles Songs:

She's a Woman [Not a Pheasant]
For No One
Fixing a Hole
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Eleanor Rigby

That was actually a secret message "She's a woman for no one fixing a hole while my guitar gently weeps: Eleanor Rigby."

Review: "I enjoyed your playing." - Wendy the alto angel

"Prayer and Praise" at Northwood Park Church
Sunday, April 6/08

The Transparencies Apr. 6/08

Songs Led:
"My Life in You Lord", "How Great is Your Love", "Good to Me", "Holy and Anointed One", "In the Presence of a Holy God" and "Blessed Be Your Name".

Review (on blackboard): Thanks for the program. - Rianna

Note: I have also been playing guitar regularly for Pope John Paul II (the school, that is) for their choir that sings at masses and Senior Homes. I don't take pictures at these events, since I don't really have permission.

Camp Gitchigomee

A youtube slideshow set to my song "Cutting Edge Praise Song (Woot!)"

Booth at Pro-Kids Extravaganza
Apr. 12

Camp Fun Day
Apr. 19

Dorion Bible Camp

Lunch with Andy James April 11

Andy directed Dorion Bible Camp during the 70's and 80's (approximately). During most of that time I was a camper &/or volunteer staff member.

In '86 - '87 while he was in England on Sabbatical, I filled in for his Religious Ed. classes as a part-time member of CSSM and then joined fulltime in 1987. He directed for five more years before moving with his family to Calgary.

Andy had come to Thunder Bay to speak at the Dorion Fundraising Dinner that night. Since he knew he wouldn't see me there, he invited me to meet him for lunch. It was a snowy blustery day, but a warm visit (for me. I can't speak for Andy).

See also May '05 when he stayed with me a couple of days and Andy's Surprise 60th Birthday Party in Kananaskis.


Medieval Murder Mystery
Kam Valley Community Hall
Apr. 12

I reprised my role from Feb. and May '07 as King Roland the First (actually "the Never") of England. However, in this version the belly dancer became my escort for most of the evening, much to the chagrin of the Queen. The sacrifices I make for my art!

Friends' Babies/Toddlers

Isobel, Apr. 8 (born Apr. 4)

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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