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Richard Pepper's
August 2008


Great Nephew Bishop Dennis
Born Aug. 5

Manitoba Pioneer Camp
Classic Boys One
July 27 - Aug. 8

Skip past long MPC entry (& read it later).

Index of all my Boys Camps at MPC

Sun. July 27:
Left Thunder Bay after church. Gassed up in Dryden. Arrived at Shoal Lake Landing just after supper (local time), which meant it took quite a few tries to get through on the phone.

Eventually, I was taken over to McKinnon Island aboard the Eagle. Assisted by McFly, I moved into my quarters (Cabin #8) and then Klik (my co-Section Head) (who likes orange) and I met with our Intermediate Section cabin leaders.

Then I jammed with Inukshuk, Hydro, Suds and the LITs.

Bed: c. 2345h (which felt like 0045h to me).

Balboa's Pix Walking From the Kuskisew to the Beginning of the Cabin Line

| The Kuskisew | The Bridge | Beside Bill Mason Place | BMP | Section Head! | Fireside Room |
| Path to Cabins | Cabin Two (Balboa's Home) | The Photographer |

Mon. July 28: Day One Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click the fierce Spartan to see my abs.

Up at 0645h. Normally this meant going down to the Dining Hall for coffee, then returning to the Fireside Room to await the other program staff.
Staff Mtg 0715h
Breakfast: Oatmeal &/or cereal, granola & toast.
Servants of Servants (SOS) Mtg in the Kuskisew: Normally this would mean the Directors (Crabbe & Koubie), the Section Directors (Sasquatch [Seniors], Klik & Peps [Intermediates] & Inukshuk [Juniors]), the Director of Program (Thaddeus), the Director of Adventure (Ninja) and the Canoeing Director (Buck-O).

Spent some time preparing my "300" Spartan costume for the Camper Arrival.

Camp Arrival: | *Pix of Spartans!* |

The campers arrived in two boatloads. In between arrivals we played games, including Smurf Tag, Everybody's It, Octopus and Streets & Alleys. I was impressed with how Ninja led these, making rule-explanation quick and fun, and moving on to the next game before we got bored.

Lunch: Sub sandwiches. | *Royal Roll Promo Skit (slamming "Archie" as usual)* |

Afternoon: The cabin groups rotated through various stations such as meeting with the Nurse. Klik and I visited each of the Intermediate Cabins in order to draw up Cabin Contracts with them.

Thus this year again I didn't have time to swim my "200's" in order to qualify for PFD-free-swimming in the deep end (indicated by a 200's bracelet). However, as will be noted later, I hardly went in the water at all this session.

Supper: Pizza.
Singing was moved this session from lunch to supper. Koubie led us in a song about the fireplace damper. Inukshuk led us in "When I First Came to This Land".

Evening Program ("EP"): Royal Roll, followed by Snack (and Evening Dip, I think).
| *Ready to sneak through the bush looking for the Royal Roll* |

Klik and I said good night to each of our cabins (2,3,4,5 & 7) and helped them get their lights out on time.
Bed: c. 2330h.?

Tue. July 29: Day Two Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Sassy preparing the sauna.

Up at 0645h.
Staff Mtg 0715h
Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal & pancakes. Servants of Servants (SOS) Mtg:

Skills 1 Time: Tripped going upstairs into BMP and ripped half a toenail off. So, I spent this period with the Nurse.
The nurse for the first week was Dr. Pam "Spruce" Poulter-Friesen again. We had been friends in 1981 | 1982 | 1983 |.
My injury was nothing compared with Hydro's leg.
Bible Discovery: I led the songs for each of these. Klik led a series that went over very well on what we can learn about the Faith from Comic Books. He started this day with Superman.
Skills 2: Email (trying to make arrangements to visit Baileys in Kenora).

Lunch: Burgers, hot dogs and fries.

Rest Hour: Rested while Klik patrolled the cabins.
Tracks: Fixed my cabin door. Espressos with Ninja, Koubie & Crabbe.
Free Swim: Visited #2 with my guitar.
Clubs: Visited some.

Supper: Chicken and rice. Klik and I performed a skit to advertise our Intermediate Section Cruise.
Juke led us in the Tinkerboxer song.

Cabin Time: Each cabin would do some activity together. I usually managed by walking about and so I won't mention it every day.
Sectional Evening: The Intermediate Section went on a *Cruise in the PIII*. However, due to my bandaged toe, I did not swim.
Snack (rice krispie squares) was eaten on board. When we returned, Sasquatch was still hosting his *Senior Section Tent Sauna*.

Pix of the Cruise Taken by Balboa

| Thad the Driver | Thad's view | Happy Camper | Norris | LaRoute | Armo, Ironhyde, Chance |
| Oo Aah Sky | Sunset 1 | Sunset 2 | Sunset 3 |

Cabin Patrol: Klik and I together.
Bed: 2345h.

Wed. July 30: Day Three Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Click the foot to see my injury, if you dare.

Up at 0645h. for Staff Mtg 0715h

Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal, muffin-squares & pancakes.

I debuted in my role as Dr. Cornelius in the skits based on Prince Caspian. Then a staff member, such as Thad, Koubie or Crabbe, would give a brief Table Talk.

Scenes From the Prince Caspian Skits

The Pevensies

Susan (or Lucy?)

(the Badger,
if you couldn't tell)

Telmarine soldiers
chase Caspian


Patterwig the Squirrel

Glenstorm the Centaur

The Pevensies
& Trumpkin

Peter's challenge
to Miraz

Edmund gets hairier
Pool noodles
make good mouse tails.

Another version of these pix


Skills 1 Time: Prepped songs.
Bible Discovery: The Incredible Hulk
Skills 2: Email (a necessary work-related matter).

Lunch: Sandwiches. *Departing on an Old-Timey Canoe Trip*

Rest Hour: Patrolled.
Tracks: Rested.
Free Swim: Hung out with Scoobs and his guitar by the beach. Went to the Tuck Shop with the Sailing campers and bought my annual t-shirt.
Clubs: Visited one. Played President with Kermit and some campers. | *Karate Club* |

Supper: Spaghetti. Due to lack of spaces, I ended up sitting with Crabbe and the Sailing campers.
Hydro and Flip led "Sons of the Sea".

Cabin Time: Walked a camper to the Staff side of the island to get something from his mother's quarters.
Evening Program: Markers and Bounty Hunters (I prepared for Song and Stories)
Snack: Pretzels
Songs & Stories: I led a few songs. Thaddeus read the story of the Fisherman's greedy wife.

Cabin Patrol: Klik patrolled.
Bed: 2300h.

Thu. July 31: Day Four Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Eugene - NOT the King's Son.

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0715h

Breakfast: Bacon, muffins & eggs. Sat with Spruce and staff kids.


Skills 1 Time: Spruce rebandaged my toe. Prepped songs.
Bible Discovery: Batman
Skills 2: Chats with Tibs and Norris.

*Hat Lunch*: Mac and cheese. Ninja's complete outfit (Photo by Balboa)

Rest Hour: Rested.
Tracks: Met with Pumba. Helped a camper get his hat back.
Free swim: Shaved. Rain.
Clubs: Led "Chill with Peps" club.

Supper: Stew.
Armo and Lavar led "The Other Day I Met a Bear" (approximately).
EP: The King's Sons | *Prince Inukshuk and the most beautiful woman* |
Snack: Fruit
Evening Dip
Cabin Patrol: My turn.
Bed: 2300h

Fri. Aug. 1: Day Five Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Trumpkin doubts ... that his beard is fooling anyone.

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0715h.
Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal, hard-boiled eggs & biscuits.
I led the Table Talk on "Trumpkin's Doubt".

Skills 1 Time: Spruce rebandaged my toe. Prepped songs.
Bible Discovery: Iron Man
Skills 2: Klik and I had "Two on One" with Tibs.

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches & soup.

Rest Hour: Patrolled.
Tracks: Klik and I met with some campers who were having trouble getting along.
Free swim: Patrolled. Visited the fishing campers.
Clubs: Visited some. Email and rested.

Supper: Chicken pot pie & vegetables.
Pumba and Shamu led "Old King Cole".

Cabin Time: Prepped for Song and Stories.
EP: "Knighty Night". I was a wizard who dispensed quests.
Snack followed by Songs and Stories: Led three songs, followed by *Ninja's telling of "Shaddai and the Wall"*.
Cabin Patrol: Klik's turn.
Bed: 2300h.

Sat. Aug. 2: Day Six "International Day" Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

"You touch it; you buy it." at Ninja's Coffee Supply Shop.

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0715h.
French (or German) Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal and French (or German) Toast.

Skills 1: Spruce rebandaged my toe. Prepped songs. Klik and I met with Keebler.
Bible Discovery: Thor.
Skills2: Klik and I met with Ironhyde.

Spanish Lunch: Tacos. | *Visit from "Mondoux Surprise"* |

Rest Hour: Rested.
The Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee: I manned the Giant Jenga station and was one of the five coffee judges.
Free Swim: I think there was one, but I don't remember.

Chinese Supper: Stir fry.
Juke and Norris led "Threw It Out the Window".

Cabin Time: Tried to phone Baileys.
EP: "Quidditch" planned and led by LIT 2008. I was a goal (receiving Quaffles).
Snack and Dip followed by Cabin Patrol (my turn).
Bed: 2245h?

Sun. Aug. 3: Day Seven Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Hemp Club

Up at 0730h: (Sunday is a sleep-in day.)
Staff Mtg: (0800h)
*Sharks visit Morning Dip*

Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal, eggs and hashbrowns.

SOS Mtg:
Chapel (1100h): Led many songs with Koubie. | *Matrix Skit* |

Lunch: Texas Taco Chip Soup.

Rest Hour: Saw off *#2* & #7, as they departed on their canoe trips.
Afternoon Program: Royal Roll *of Darkness*. (I sat this out.)

Then Klik and I met with the disagreeing campers again. Then my bandage was changed by the new "Nurse", Dr. Dewey.

Free Swim: I restocked TP in Biffy B.
Clubs: *Visited some.*

Supper: Perogies, sausages, onions and broccoli.
Temp and Siegfried led "An Austrian Went Yodelling".
After supper, I chatted with Andrew Skelton who used to attend a men's breakfast in Thunder Bay with me more than ten years ago. He was came to MPC to help with maintenance for a week.

EP: "Pagemaster" The campers collect letters from wandering staff and try to form words as groups.
Evening Dip
Snack: Pretzels.
Cabin Patrol: Klik's turn.
Bed: 2200h.

Mon. Aug. 4: Day Eight "Backwards (or Arbitrarily Mixed-Up) Day"

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0715h.

Supper: Sloppy Joes.
Napkins and Siegfried led us in Zumba Za (a song about musical instruments in German and English).

Saw off #5.

Lunch: Macaroni.

Saw off #3 and #4. Met with Klik.

Breakfast: Pancakes, cereal and sausage.
Performed in the "Dark Council" Caspian skit.

EP: Cross Border Shopping. I was one of the objects to be found, but I think I hid on the wrong team's territory. So no one found me.
Snack: Cookies
Songs and Stories: Ninja led hymns from "Hymns II" and someone read the Five Orphans story.
Bed: 2245h.

Tue. Aug. 5: Day Nine Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0715h.

Breakfast: French toast.

Skills1: Visited Dewey. No bandage this time.
All the Intermediate cabins were now on trip and so I spent some time working on my camp photos and then I walked the island trail.

Lunch: Pizza bagels.

Uploaded my pix to Facebook. Read in my cabin. Sat by the lake.
Clubs: Visited GPS's club watching "Ocean Deep".

Supper: Chicken and rice. Sat with Ops staff and other Half-Dayers (Napkins, Siegfried, Zulu and Donair).

Stalked *a deer* for a while. Tidied my cabin. Read. Joined in the *Senior Sauna*.
Evening Dip: I joined in.
Snack: Rice pudding.
Bed: 2245h.

Wed. Aug. 6: Day Ten Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

One of the Many Creative Versions of Morning Dip (Racing Cars)

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0715h.

Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal, scrambled eggs and biscuits.
Performed in "Treachery".

Skills1: Dewey tended to my toe.
Welcomed by #2 and #3. Klik, Koubs, Crabbe and I put the sauna away.

Lunch: Bagels and soup.

Rest Hour: Rested. (#4 & $5 arrived back.)
Patrolled. Talked with Kermit re. #4's trip. Met with Klik about the same.
Trip Report Planning: #7 returned.

Supper: Spaghetti.

More Trip Report Skit Planning: Took Andrew Skelton to see *this year's pigs*.
Trip Report Skits in BMP: | *Pix* |

Snack: followed by Cabin Patrol: (my turn).
Bed: 2315h.

Thu. Aug. 7: Day Eleven Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

Elephants in Narnia like spoon-hanging.

Up at 0645h to photograph *the deer* outside my cabin before Staff Mtg 0715h: Led "Daily Morsel" on Jesus' walking on water in John 6.

Breakfast: Oatmeal/Cereal, eggs and toast.

Skills1: Prepped some songs. Met with Suds.
Bible Discovery: Review, X-Man, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man
Skills2: Met with Keebler.

Lunch: Hot dogs and quesadillas.

Rest Hour: Patrolled.
Clubs then Free Swim: Met with LaRoute and then with Tibs. Then I had coffee with the Berghuises.
Made *elephant costume* for Narnian Woodland Feast.

Supper: Turkey, potatoes etc. | *Pix* |

Awards: (in BMP). I led songs between the various categories.
Talked with McFly about harmonicas.
Snack: (in the Dining Hall). Each cabin received a different snack according to their ranking in Cabin Cleanup. | *LITs holding hands* |
Candlelight Service: Inside BMP. This was an opportunity for any of us to light one of the tea lights in the middle of the floor and speak about our time at camp.
*"The Morning After"* |
Cabin Patrol: With Klik. Then I went down to the dock to see the stars and to the washroom to brush my teeth. While passing the Kuskisew a mysterius vortex sucked into the pop and chips party inside with Ninja, Thad, Crabbe, Koubs, Inukshuk, Sasquatch (and Xavier briefly). Sorry, Klik.
Bed: 0000h, but up to investigate strange giggling noises at the waterfront. (Sound carries so well across the bay that waterfront noise sounds very nearby.) Back to bed about 0100h.

Fri. Aug. 8: Day Twelve Links marked *----* will take you to this page to find them. Other links are direct.

What the Giggling Was About

| *More Pix* |

Up at 0645h for Staff Mtg 0715h

SOS cleaned the Dining Hall. I swept and then began cleaning *the Arts and Crafts Room*.

Camp Photo at 1130h

*A few final photos*

Lunch: Sandwiches.
Campers left in two shifts. Cleaned the biffies with McFly, Rocket and Czech.

Debrief Session with Nachos

Taken to Landing by Jonah with Napkins and his grandparents. Drove to Clearwater Bay to gas up and then to Baileys' just outside Kenora.


Visit with the Baileys at the Baileys'
Aug. 8 - 9


Solo Camping
Sleeping Giant Campground (Remote Site)
Aug. 10 - 11


Harbron Hullabaloo
at Harbrons'
Aug. 17


Zastrozzi: Master of Discipline
Wed. Aug. 20
The Paramount Theatre
The Belegarth Alliance Players

(My niece, Devha, played Matilda the Seductress.)

Some audience members.
Yes, that is Rick Smith at your right.
(His grandson, Carl Dumas, played the title role.)

Camp Gitchigomee

Youth Leadership Weekend: Aug. 22 - 24
I visited Saturday afternoon and evening.

Now go back and at least skim my MPC section (please).

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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