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Richard Pepper's August 2004

Manitoba Pioneer Camp
Classic Boys I
Aug. 2-13

Index of all my Boys Camps at MPC

Mon. Aug. 2:
We welcomed the campers with a country club theme. "Sasquatch" and "M7" were a security guard and vagrant respectively. I was Major Peps, the loopy old retired officer who doesn't know the war is over. (My camp name is "Peps".)

The afternoon involved the cabins rotating through visiting the doctor, swimming our "200s", signing up for tracks (skills), cabin photo and meeting with our section head ("Toga") re. our cabin contract.

Evening Program was "Royal Roll".

Tue. Aug. 3:
Staff mtgs at 7:15 most days. This pic was taken the last morning.
Morning dip every day at 8 (except canoe trip). "Klik"; "Timex"

Morning: Tripping Skills; Bible Discovery (I led the music.); Canoeing.
Afternoon: Rest Hour! Tracks (I visited Archery); Free Swim; "Clubs" (I attended "Crazy Diving" led by "Timex"'s brother, "Suzuki" [black shirt w blue stripe].)
Evening: Intermediate Section Cruise on the PIII to Cash Island for S'mores. Most everyone jumped off the PIII and swam to the island. I helped "crew" the PIII at the back dock.

Wed. Aug. 4:
Morning: Tripping Skills; Bible Discovery (I led the music most days.); Canoeing.
Afternoon: Rest Hour; Tracks (I visited Archery & Canoeing); Free Swim; "Clubs"
Evening: Short "Boats Out"; Evening Program was "Voyageurs" (I was a robber); Snack; "Songs and Stories" led by "Warbler" and "Thaddeus".

Thu. Aug. 5:
Morning: Tripping Skills; Bible Discovery; Canoeing.
Afternoon: Rest Hour; Cabin 14's Trip Planning with "Ophelia"; Trip Prep
Evening: "Boats Out" (talked with "Thaddeus" about MPC's organizational structure contrasted with DBCCC's); Evening Program was "Cross Border Shopping"; Quick Dip: Snack (featuring "Timex"'s ab exercises).

Fri. Aug. 6:
Morning: Tripping Skills (learned to make a bedroll); Bible Discovery; Canoeing.
Afternoon: My "Half-Day" (off) -- walked around the island trail. Snooze.
Evening: Supper at staff table. Read and slept in Cabin 6 (the quarters of the Senior Section Head, "Dazy".

Sat. Aug. 7:
Morning: Was Faramir in the breakfast LOTR skit; Tripping Skills; Bible Discovery (Face-Painting 1, Pic 2; Canoeing.
Afternoon: Olympics
Evening: Evening Program was led by the LiTs (Wizards Treasure Hunt or something like that. I was a goblin.); Snack; Songs and Stories (I think).

Sun. Aug. 8:
Morning: Chapel; packed for canoe trip
Afternoon/Evening: Left on canoe trip. ("M7" accompanied us only part-way for fun.) We were unsure as to our location. I could hear a generator on shore and so we found a cabin and its occupant informed us we were still 1 & 1/2 hours short of our destination. We stayed on a nearby unnamed island. Due to the constant rain, we had to settle for granola for supper under a tarp.

Mon. Aug. 9:
Unable to start a fire or Coleman stove.
Left c. 10 am. Paddled for c. 1 hour until we met up with Cabin #15 (led by "Pinky" and "Parker") at Buoy Island (just as they were putting in). We returned there together for lunch (Alpine Spaghetti) and ended up staying there.
We radioed HQ for extra blankets, dry matches etc. which were boated over.
Supper was Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Tue. Aug. 10:
Took down tents. HQ told us it was too cold to go on the lake. Set up tents again with Cabin #15. Pitas for lunch.
Doubled the size of the fire. Scraping wet bark off tinder.
Fettucini Alfredo for supper. (#15 had curried rice.)
Nice sunset

Wed. Aug. 11:
Morning: Left c. 10 am. Returned to MacKinnon Island and unpacked. (I'm told that this greeting is illegal in Germany.) Shower.
Afternoon: Rest Hour; Trip Debrief with "Ophelia"; Skit planning.
Evening: Boats Out (I think); Trip Reports (skits), "Split" and "Suzuki".

("Timex" and "Rafiki"'s fist-shaking duel which extended over several meals for some reason unknown to me.)

Thu. Aug. 12:
Morning: Skills testing; Bible Discovery.
Afternoon: Rest Hour; Free Swim; "One-on-one" with "Thaddeus"; Banquet Prep (We were "LOTR Nerds" protesting all the changes made by Peter Jackson in his movies.)
Evening: LOTR Banquet, Treebeard, "Doc" the Orc; Awards and Snack: We, Cabin #14 won Clean-Up and so we got the best snack -- Oreos and milk. The worst cabin got dry Shreddies and water.; Candle-Lighting Ceremony.

Fri. Aug. 13:
Morning: No morning dip. Jammed with "Pinky", "Timex" etc., "Sassy", Ex-DBC camper "TJ", "Beej" and Dave; Sang "Nobody Talks During Coach's Corner"; Group photo.
Afternoon: Noah's song for his parcel; Campers left. Snooze. Clean-up. Debrief and nachos. Snooze.
Evening: Chat with "Drifter" re. the bizarreness of the past year. Staff cruise on the PIII; I jumped this time.

To "Ideas Dorion Bible Camp Could Consider From Manitoba Pioneer Camp".

(Don't misunderstand. I would very much prefer to return to Dorion Bible Camp, especially if they are in fact serious about pursuing their advertised "New Direction". I believe that I observed several practices and concepts at MPC which could help them do so and share them for what it's worth on the linked page.)

See below.

Northwood Park Church of Christ Activities

VBS on Lavalava Island
Aug. 16 - 20

Family Camp at Duncan Memorial Camp
Loon Lake
Aug. 27 - 29

Wednesday, Aug. 18

BBQ at Nathan Barnes'
with Youth Leaders
at which
Annika Vastamaki
and "The Quest" videos


Banquet at P.A.G.H.
Saturday, Aug. 20

Dr. Harvey My "date"

Aug. 22 - 26
At the Warehouse

My job was to measure all the pallets destined for Cuba or the Philippines and arrange pairs according to destination, width and total height of < 97". For this purpose I tagged them with signs. Then the forklift operator put the pairs together.

Some MP3s of my (& the Transparencies') music

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