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The links below will take you to various posts marked with that particular "label" (usually with pictures or videos) in my blog. They will appear in reverse chronological order.

This will mean that, as I continue to post in 2020 and beyond, you will have to scroll down to find 2019.

My paid work this year included Crossing Guard, Standardized Patient at the Northern Ontario Medical School (c. once a month Sept. - May), Sexton (caretaker) for Gathering Table Anglican Church, and Music Care at Pioneer Ridge Home (twice a month, and occasionally with an individual in his home). As well, I have accompany the Pope John Paul II School Choir for masses etc.

Other occasional paid gigs include modeling for figure artists, teaching guitar, and backstage work as a Dresser for touring shows at the TB Community Auditorium.

I continue to sing as a volunteer at Pinewood Court and Pioneer Ridge, as well as every second week at St. Thomas Anglican's Community Meal. See the music section below for other gigs, such as open mics.

I am now the Past President and a Life Member of Cambrian Players, and my theatre involvement is described below, including many Cambrian Improv shows. My volunteer camp work is described below as well.

I also belong to the Square Book Club, which meets monthly (approximately), which includes Keri, Tamara, Anne, Natalie, Katrina, Tim, and Bryan. (Sometimes we call it "Food Club".)


Family Gatherings for birthdays, christmas, etc.

Sadly, my former brother-in-law, "Doug Sr." passed away in May. It was not planned this way, but his service in June coincided with visits from family members who were therefore able to participate.


Both St. Luke's and St. John's Anglican parishes closed last year. Members of each (and others) have come together as Gathering Table Anglican meeting in the building of the former St. John's. I am employed there part-time as Sexton (i.e. caretaker). Last Christmas I started singing with New Song for the "contemporary"* songs, and later with the choir for those in the blue book.

* not really. No Hip-Hop.

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gathering table
st. thomas


The link above will take you to various musical events. For my own gigs, click here. Most of these are Open Mic sessions at Cheer's Pub, pictured above.

I have also been updating a page of my gigs here going back to the early days, though I'm not sure why.

Not much recording this year, but I did finally make a lyric vid for this old song of mine, which was regaining popularity at the open mics. And then Don was fired & the segment discontinued.:

And check out this video from 2017:

Please, note that I have started a new Youtube channel for my music only.

Please view, like and share these videos, and Subscribe to this new channel -- even if you've previously done so on my other channel. Thanks.

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cover song
Holiday Train
rp songs


This year I led music during Senior Week, and led music & archery at Intermediate Week.

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Again I spent two weeks of Aug. helping out (mostly with music) for the "August Boys" session of Manitoba Pioneer Camp.

Index of all my Boys Camps at MPC

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Most of the posts are from Cambrian Players Improv shows. I also helped with the three scripted plays this season, including acting in Anastasia, pictured above (I'm on the left [stage right].)

There are pictures from the 10x10 Play Showcase as well, in which I was an actor.

See also acting and rp acting.


Yes, a big round number for me this year.

Mostly birthday parties and board game nights.

CBC Radio

With the cast of Magnus' Shout at the CBC Open House in October.

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From my visit there this year for Christmas-in-July.

NOTE: This year I continued to digitize and uploade many of the old Dorion slides (2002 and before). Click here and scroll down for the appropriate year (and other souvenirs and related items).

Friends' Kids


I do belong to a Tolkien Appreciation group, but I didn't get pictures this year.


Including interview with Leah Morningstar, pictured above.


Most of these are posted in the year of the actual event. So you may have to scroll to find those you've not seen before.

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nature (Lots of sunrises!)
rp crafts

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