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North Shore Kennel Club Aug 11-13

Kieran -  Dalgarnoch Little Dark One &  Austin - Dalgarnoch Man of Mystery
5 out of 5, Reserve Winners Male 
Very proud of these young pointed boys. 
Handled by Marian Szelekovszky and Kathy Bevilacqua

Austin - Dalgarnoch Man of Mystery & Maple - Dalgarnoch Maple Sugar
Best Brace in Breed and Group
Judge: Kim Joy Aramis Handler/Trainer: Kathy Bevilacqua 
We didn’t get Best Brace in Show, but with just being babies, 
and only a month of training, they did fantastic. Congratulations Kathy!

Billy - Weiss Sanjo Hi-Jacking Me 
Best Baby Puppy in Group    Judge: Kim Joy Aramis 
         Welcome to Sandy Johnson for bringing her baby Jack up for our shows, with Bobbi .   Always nice to see her.

Bobbi - Sanjo’s Me and Bobbi McGee
(daughter of GCh. Dalgarnoch Jet Setter)
Best of Winners
          Judge: Marilyn O’Neil   Handler: Sandy Johnson 

Keeva - GCh Dalgarnoch Celtic Lass Von Matris HT RN RI RA
Welcome back Keeva and Faith Cordelia. Great to see you, in Veterans.

Kiltie - Ch. Dalgarnoch River Dance 
(2) Best of Opposite      
judge: Lim Joy Aramis - pictured here - Marilyn O’Neil 
Handler: Jenn Mayo
(3) Select Bitch 
Judge: Led Anne Bateman - Joe Deleo - Jo Anne Pavey

Bobbi - Sanjo’s Me and Bobbi McGee 
(daughter Dalgarnoch Sanjo Treasure Trove)
Winners Female
Judge: Kim Joy Aramis pictured here - Handler:  Sandy Johnson 
Best of Winners  - Judge: Marilyn O’ Neil

  Taylor - Dalgarnoch Taylor Made
 Aug 11, 2023
 (2) Best of Winners 
Judge: Joe Deleo pictured here with Handler: Marian Szelekovszky
Judge:  Lee Anne Bateman

Amy - Ch. Dalgarnoch Miracle Girl 
Best Puppy in Group - Select Female

Amy - Dalgarnoch Miracle Girl 
Aug 11 and Aug 12, 2023
(2) Best of Opposite Sex - over Specials
Best Puppy in Breed 
Judge: Joe Deleo, pictured her with handler, Monique Arpin 
  Judge : Judge Lee Anne Bateman 

Pewter (PT) GCh. Dalgarnoch Kings Ransom
Best of Breed 
Aug 12, 2023
Judge: Joe Deleo Handler/Trainer: Trish McGonigal

Lakehead Kennel Club
Chippewa Park. Thunder Bay, Ont
July 28/29/39, 2013

What a whirlwind weekend our sweet Amy had!

Winning 4 BOW,  2 BOS, and 4 BPIG. 
At just 7 months of age, and in only 4 shows, she is now,
Ch. Dalgarnoch Miracle Girl.
Shown here with judge Elaine Whitney and
owner/ breeder/handler Bettijane Flanagan 

Congratulations to Glen and Ilga St Onge, on finishing their beautiful boy Elliot, this weekend, with 2 WD. Introducing Ch. Dalgarnoch Untouchable! Well done.  Thank you judge Michele Chaloux 

Pictured here, Dalgarnoch Miracle Girl, being awarded her 3 BOW, 3 BPIG (ribbon was on vaca) and 2 BOS.  Thank you esteemed judge, Michele Chaloux, for finding our girl, and Trish McGonigal, for handling Amy so beautifully. 

Marian Szelekovszky, did a wonderful job handling Kieran, Dalgarnoch Little Dark One, to a Winners Male, bringing him closer to his championship.
Thank you judge Robert Whitney

Handled exclusively by Kathy Bevilacqua, Dalgarnoch Man of Mystery, took a WM, 3 RWM, BOW and a BPIG.  Austin is pictured here with judge Robert Whitney.

TBKTC - June 9/10/11, 2023
Chippewa Park
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Show 4

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Chippewa Park
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Show 3

TBKTC - June 9/10/11, 2023
Chippewa Park
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Show 2

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Chippewa Park
Thunder Bay, Ontario
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