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Our Hopefuls

Come see our Lucy/Solo hopefuls: Danny & Crosby

Melanie and Danny

What's New - 2010

What a show season 2010 ....
"Six New Champions".....!!!!!

At the TBKTC shows last weekend we couldn't ask for a better way to end our show season. On Friday, our lovely Diamond, "New" Ch. Dalgarnoch Diamond Jubilee, handled beautifully by Trish McGonigal, took Winners Bitch to finish. Pirate, Dalgarnoch Long John Silver, his first time in the ring with young Taylor Marttunen, picked up Best of Winners, and a Best of Opposite Sex over Specials. Hailey, Ch. Dalgarnoch Strike a Pose, handled as usual by co/owner Maggie Pucci took BOB and went on to a Group 3rd.

On Saturday, Hailey taking BOB, garnished another group placing with a Group 4th, and Cassidy, BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Sundance Kid, was Best Of Opposite Sex. Pirate took RWM and Natasha RWF. On Sunday, our forever "bridesmaid", Tasha from the classes, and over Multiple Specials, was Best of Winners and Best of Breed to make her "New" Ch. Dalgarnoch Natasha, and our 6th champion of 2010. Cassidy was BOS. These Groups Placing for Hailey now makes her #11 Sheltie in Canada.

My sincere thank you to the judges for recognizing the quality of our lovely dogs all year, and a special thanks to my friends Trish, Lori, Melanie,Taylor, Maggie, and Beth for all the great handling. I'm in your debt.

Diamond - Ch.Dalgarnoch Diamond Jubilee
Ch. Fairfax Pharo x BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Fashion Statement
Winners Female - New Champion
TBKTC - Sept 17, 2010
Judge: Lisa Avery Handler: Trish McGonigal

Pirate - Dalgarnoch Long John Silver
Ch. Fairfax Pharo x BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Fashion Statement
TBKTC Sept 17 and Sept 19
Friday - Best of Winners/Best Of Opposite Sex Sunday - Winners Male
Judges: Lisa Avery and Sandra Lex
Handler co/owner: Taylor Marttunen

Tasha - Ch. Dalgarnoch Natasha
Ch. Dalgarnoch Macarena x Ch. Dalgarnoch Amberlyn's Image
TBKTC Sept 19, 2010
Best of Winners Best of Breed New Champion
Judge: Michael Hill Handler: Trish McGonigal

Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Breed
TBKTC Sept 19, 2010
Judge: Michael Hill
Handlers: Melanie Parker - Ch. Dalgarnoch Sundance Kid Trish McGonigal - Ch. Dalgarnoch Natasha

AKC Wins..!!!

We finally have the USA "Show Pictures" and we're so pleased to announce that our "California Girl" Gypsy, PaRay Mandarin Kiss took Winners Bitch, at the Kennel Club of the California Sierra under judge Mr D. Richards in May for 2 points.

Then on July 17th , the beautiful PaRay's Mandarin Kiss was BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES at the Albany Sheltie Specialty under Breeder Judge Lynn Leininger, defeating an outstanding line up of 25 puppies. She also won her class over 9 bitches and was pulled out for WB consideration. Thanks to co owner and breeder Tray Pittman for his wonderful grooming and handling. She is sired by beautiful Ch. PaRay's Cambridge.

Gypsy - Paray Mandarin Kiss
Ch. PaRay's Cambridge x Westar PaRay's Premonition
Winners Female
Kennel Club of the California Sierra, May 31, 20210
Judge: D. Richards - Handler/co-owner/breeder: Tray Pittman

Gypsy - Paray Mandarin Kiss
Best In Sweepstakes
Albany Oregon Sheltie Specialty - July 17, 2010
Judge: Lynn Leinenger - Handler/co-owner/breeder: Tray Pittman

What a Weekend...!!!!

At the LKC shows, July 23, 24, 25 we took 2 Group 2nd with Hailey, Ch. Dalgarnoch Strike a Pose, a Group 3rd with Cassidy, MBPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Sundance Kid, Empy on Saturday, Ch. Dalgarnoch Emperor went BOS to Hailey, (brother and sister), and on Sunday, Hailey went BOS to Cassidy. Melanie, her first time handling Empy and Strykr did a super job of winning Best Brace In Show against some very stiff competition. Our little girl Tasha, Dalgarnoch Natasha was a bridesmaid again with 2 RWF.

Working Morgan, a Springer Spaniel, Jr Handler CSSA member, Melanie Parker, won the Regional Zone 4B Finals and will be competing at the Calgary shows in November for the Canadian Jr Handling National Title for the second time... hopefully she will be 1st this year instead of 2nd and we will all be off to Crufts in London England. The weekend was exhausting from the heat, but it was well worth it. Thanks to everyone for your great handling and expertise, and your help with the set up.

Ch. Dalgarnoch Strike a Pose
Group 2nd LKC July 23, 2010
Judge: Jack Ireland
Handler/co-owner Maggie Redfern Pucci

Ch. Dalgarnoch Strike a Pose
Group 2nd LKC July 24, 2010
Judge: Olga Gagne
Handler/co-owner Maggie Redfern Pucci

MPBIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Sundance Kid
Group 3d
LKC July 25, 2010
Judge: Peter Machen Handler: Melanie Parker

Melanie Parker winning the Zone 4B Jr Handling Finals, handling Maureen Marttunen's Springer Spaniel, MorganMelanie will now be off to the Canadian National Jr Handling Competition in November at the Calgary Shows. Melanie a member of the CSSA and owner/trainer of Cassidy, BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Sundance Kid, started in Jr Handling at the young age of 9 with Empy, Ch. Dalgarnoch Emperor.

We have 2 New Champions......!!!!!

Argus Shows! - June 25 - 27

At the Argus show June 25/26/27, with finishing two of our girls, we now have 4 new champions this year. Opal was entered with no points, and finished in 3 shows. She is Champion #1 for her sire Flynn, BPIS Ch. Dalgarnoch Centre Stage. I want to thank Fred Gordon, Morley Thornton, Carol Graham and Marilyn Foulds for appreciating the quality of these bitches.

On Saturday, judge Fred Gordon awarded Flynn's daughter Opal, Dalgarnoch Opal Essence, Best Of Breed, a wonderful Group 2nd, and was most gracious with his compliments, requesting a photograph of her. Not to be outdone, her kennel mate Sugar, took Winners Female and Best of Opposite Sex under judge Marilyn Foulds, to finish and is now Ch. Dalgarnoch Sugar Plum

Dalgarnoch Opal Essence
Group 2
Argus June 26, 2010
Judge: Fred Gordon Handler: Bettijane Flanagan

"New Champion"CH Dalgarnoch Sugar Plum
Ch. Lynphil Better Talk Now x Ch. Dalgarnoch Fashion Flair
Winners Bitch - Best of Opposite Sex
Argus June 26, 2010
Judge: Marilyn Foulds Handler: Lori Stecky

On Sunday, judge Carol Graham awarded Opal a Best of Breed, and Morley Thornton with giving her a third Best of Breed, completed her Championship, congratulating me on producing such a lovely bitch. She is now Ch. Dalgarnoch Opal Essence and is the 1st champion for her sire BPIS MBPIG Dalgarnoch Centre Stage.

Dalgarnoch Opal Essence
Best of Breed Argus - June 27, 2010
Judge: Carol Graham Handler: Bettijane Flanagan

"New Champion" Dalgarnoch Opal Essence
Best of Breed Argus June 27, 2010
Judge: Morley Thorton Handler: Bettijane Flanagan

June 21: Our newest Hopefuls Oliver and Olivia

June 11 : Litter born
BPIS MBPIG Ch. Fairfax Lucinda x BPIS Ch. Avonlea Just One Look

June 1st: Updated pictures of our Flynn and Dawn Litter!

Best Brace In Show...!!!!

Our newest Brace stepped up to the plate, and let everyone know that they are a team to be reckoned with. On Saturday, following in their kennel mate’s Karo and Kobi's footsteps, Empy and Strykr won their 1st Best Brace In Show. Handled and trained by Lori Stecky, these two made a beautiful picture in the ring, and Strykr although not feeling well being a true Sheltie, showed his little heart out.

Saturday was also the day for Gracie Pella with Dalgarnoch Roust A Bout, taking Winners Male, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex, under judge Michael Shoreman, to finish his title. He is now Ch. Dalgarnoch Roust A Bout. Coby has been exclusively handled by Gracie, an up and coming Jr Handler.

Taking the girls through their paces, Melanie Parker took Winners Female on Friday and Saturday with Dalgarnoch Natasha and Winners Female on Sunday with Dalgarnoch Sugar Plum. Our lovely Ch. Dalgarnoch Strike A Pose, handled beautifully as always by Maggie Pucci again won BOB all three days with 3 Group 4th. This now puts Hailey # 10 in Canada as of May 3. (pictures coming soon)

Dalgarnoch Natasha
Argus Kennel Club - May 1/2, 2010
Judge: Friday - Rosemary Shoreman
Satuday - Michael Shoremen
Handler: Melanie Parker

Dalgarnoch Sugar Plum
Argus Kennel Club - May 3, 2010
Judge:Tom Touzel Handler: Lori Stecky

At the CSSA Nationals, my sweet girl Opal, Dalgarnoch Opal Essence did do me proud receiving lovely comments from Specialty judge, Judy Kelsey about her lovely head planes. She also won Best of Opposite Sex at the Hub City Sweeps and a very nice Reserve Winners Female under judge Fred Gordon.

BPIS Ch. Dalgarnoch Centre Stage x Dalgarnoch Delta Dawne

We have a new hopeful - April 2010

It’s time to introduce the newest member of our family, Gypsy - Para’s Mandarin Kiss, who is now 8 months old and beautiful. She is in California with her breeder Tray Pittman of Paray Shelties, and will be hitting the show ring soon. We can’t thank Tray enough for letting us have this wonderful little girl. There are more pictures on my blog

EXTRA EXTRA Today in California... Gypsy - Paray's Mandarin Kiss took WF and Best of Winners from the 6-9 class. This was her first show and we are so proud. Thanks to Tray for all his hard work, beautiful grooming, and superb handling.

Puppies are here!

DOB April 8, 2010 - 4 females and 2 males!! Come see this beautiful litter

What a marvelous weekend!!!

We have an ROMC...!!!! Tara, BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Tarara of Amberlyn ROMC JHD TT attained the coveted ROMC when her daughter "New" Champion Dalgarnoch Velvet Goldmine acquired her championship at the Argus shows Feb, in Thunder Bay.

On Saturday, Amber, handled beautifully by Beth Redfern Pucci, took Winners Female for 2 points. Then on Sunday, Beth with her magical hands put Amber through the paces again taking Winners Female to finish her. It was so exciting and double sweet as both these girls, Tara and Amber are Veterans!! Tara is the Golden Girl who brought me full circle back to Shelties, and gave me the wonderful foundation that has made my line so solid.

BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Tarara of Amberlyn ROMC JHD TT
Tara living with Maggie Redfern Pucci, is 11 years old and is still going strong,
working with the Jr Handlers.

See her Championship Babies on my blog

Dalgarnoch Velvet Goldmine
Winners Female
Judge: Joan Beech
Handler: Beth Redfern Pucci
Argus Kennel Club - Feb 13, 2010

Ch. Dalgarnoch Velvet Goldmine
"New Champion"
Ch. Dalgarnoch Velvet Goldmine
Winners Female
Judge: Mel Beech
Handler: Beth Redfern Pucci
Argus Kennel Club - Feb 14, 2010

The matriarch of my crew, Amber will now become a couch potato which she loves, living out her golden years curled up with me.

We have another new Title..!!

Tuxedo, "New" Champion Dalgarnoch Gala Event,took the show ring is stride these Argus Shows. Thinking he was finished in July , we didn't enter him in the September shows, and had to wait till Feb to get that last point. As usual, Melanie made it look easy taking Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday.

" New Champion" Ch. Dalgarnoch Gala Event
Best of Winners
Best of Opposite Sex
Judge: Joan Beech
Handler: Melanie Parker
Argus Kennel Club - Feb 14, 2010

On Friday, Sugar, Dalgarnoch Sugar Plum took Best of Winners for 3 more points which now puts her at 7. This was the first time that she was handled by Jr Handler Taylor Marttunen, and they did superbly. Sugar is out of Ch. Dalgarnoch Fashion Flair by the beautiful Bubba, Ch. Lynphil Better Talk Now

Dalgarnoch Sugar Plum
Best of Winners
Judge: Donna Conod
Handler: Taylor Marttunen
Argus Kennel Club - Feb 12, 2010

And, Gracie Pella who has shown Dalgarnoch Roust A Bout since he was a baby, was superb on Saturday taking Best of Winners, putting Coby at that dreaded 9 points... (yup, it is confirmed with CKC). I'm sure we will see this dynamic duo at the summer shows. Coby also picked up a Reserve Winners Male over the weekend. Coby is out of a Tara granddaughter by BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch D'arcy of Amberlyn, Tara's brother

Dalgarnoch Roust A Bout
Best of Winners
Judge: Mel Beech
Handler: Gracie Pella
Argus Kennel Club - Feb 14, 2010

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