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Our Dogs In Action

This is Jazz

Dalgarnoch True Grit, NAC, NJC, NCC, OJC, TN-N, OAC, TG-N, TN-O, OCC, WV-N, O-OCC, O-OJC, TG-O, O-TN-O, O-TG-O, O-OAC, S-TN-O, S-TG-O, S-OAC, S-OJC, WV-O, EAC, EJC, S-OCC.
Jazz has completed 24 agility titles and his Novice and Open Versatility awards in
5 1/2 years. Jazz is handled by his owner/trainer Michelle Schulzki

This is Halo

Hylynn Tarnished Halo Alines, NJC, NAC, O-NJC, TN-N, NCC, O-NAC, TG-N, WV-N.

Halo has completed 8 agility titles and her Novice Versatility award in 2 1/2 years.
Halo is handled by her trainer Karl Schulzki

Dalgarnoch True Grit - Jazz with Michelle

Dalgarnoch True Grit - Jazz  A real winner

Dalgarnoch Mirror Image - Koale - 5 months old

Family and Friends

Cheryl/Keegan/Diva at the Duluth Dog Show July 07

First time meeting each other..

Diva loves Keegan

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