What is it?

I grew up playing with Lego as a kid, and now that my kids are getting old enough to play with it, I have rediscovered the brick.

What do you have in your collection?

I've primarily been collecting the classic Star Wars Lego line (I believe the only two I'm missing are the cool, large, and expensive UCS Yoda and the Rebel Blockade Runner) but have also gotten into SW Episode 1, Bionicle, Soccer, Technic (and the robotic Mindstorms) and any other sets I find on clearance. Also, I still have some of the classic Space sets from when I was a kid - very cool stuff.

What are you doing with it?

Mini 6950 Mini 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport - Added 2003.02.28

CUBE A LUGNet Space Seed project - Added 2003.01.02

Phoenix As a kid, I loved watching "Battle of the Planets" on TV. My friends and I would often build the "Phoenix" ship from the show, and now I've re-created it again.

F-150 An attempt at building a scale model of my Ford F-150 truck.

Alt Lego 7111 Alt Lego 7104 Occasionally I challenge myself to make an alternate model out of a particular set - using *every* brick. I'm pretty pleased with these two.

Lego AT-AT This AT-AT was made with parts from 4 AT-STs - no other parts were used (which might explain some of it's deficiencies.)

Lego AT-AT version 2 Due to some motivating comments on my first AT-AT, I decided to give it a go again, with roughly the same scale, but no limit on what pieces I could use.

Lego Classics This is what I consider classic Lego - the sets I got as a kid and love to this day!

MM Bank My first foray into Castle building.

Lego Bloopers - A collection of mistakes made by Lego and stores that sell Lego. Added 2003.01.01

Custom minifigs - I'll tell you what I know! (not much)


From Bricks to Bothans - An excellent web site covering all the latest official news and fan activity relating to Star Wars Lego.
BrickLink - Buy and sell Lego sets - or even individual bricks! Direct link to their Category Tree.
Lego User's Group Network - Excellent set database, and active discussion groups.
Peeron Inventories - great searchable parts & sets inventory database.
eBay - Going, Going... - New Today
John Hudson's Minifigs - John sent me some awesome Photoshop minifig mock-ups - check them out here!

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