Medieval Marketplace Bank

Inspired by The Medieval Marketplace standard, I got going one evening and built this bank. I'm new to this kind of building, and hope that this bank fits within the spirit of the standard. The building is obviously quite permanent (while perhaps the idea of the MM was for non-permanent structures). However, I have been to a number of modern-day fairs that have at least a few permanent structures - and I think the words "tent" and "secure" don't go together - this is a bank, after all :)

I also worried a bit about whether I was breaking any cultural rules, having a particular type of minifig guarding the place, and another type as a customer, etc. Please let me know if there is a good description of what the different crests, etc. mean.

I also quickly realized how little light grey I had in my collection :)

Some overview shots:

Some close-ups (man, they had queues even back then??):

The banker counting the money...

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