Lego Classics

What is it?

These are the sets I was given from ages 5-13, approximately.

What do you have in your collection?

I've recently re-built some of the sets that I know I owned - who knows what I've forgotten about though!

This plane (Spirit of St. Louis #661) is what I believe to be my first Lego set. I have fairly clear memories of building it at age 4 or 5 on the floor of my sister's bedroom when we lived in Wollongong, Australia in 1977. I seem to be missing the white axel, and have substituted a black one - otherwise, it's complete :)

Presumably I got this set (Rally Car #619) around the same time, though I have no specific memories from back then. The 2x3 blue brick with the "Rallye" decal on it has always stayed in my collection though.

These are certainly two of my favourite sets - they sparked my imagination then and now... Transporter #924 and Space Transport #918

The other two classic space sets I seem to have - I believe there's at least one more, but it's pretty difficult to figure out what one it is - the only thing I know for sure is it involves a red space guy...
Mobile Rocket Transport #6950 Mobile Tracking Station #452

Some more searching and researching (on Nov.9, 2002) leads me to believe I own Tow Truck and Car #642 and Garage #361. I'm quite certain about the garage, but slightly less so about the truck & car - but it seems a good fit given the pieces I have. I'm obviously missing a few, so I'll have to hit Bricklink for those ones.

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