Lego Bloopers

I'm using this page to archive all the Lego Bloopers I find (or that people submit). A Blooper must come from official sources - the Lego company itself, or a prominent store (online or not) that sells Lego.

I've been a long-time nitpicker in other fields, such as Star Trek - but please note that this page exists for a bit of fun - I'm interested in having a bit of laugh, not in carrying on about how stupid someone (or some organization) is. We're here because we are fans of Lego, and I want any submissions to reflect this - I'm not interested in some little typo (unless it's funny) etc. - so I'll look at all submissions, but not necessarily post them all here. Please let me know how you want to be credited (real name, or alias), if you want your email address listed, etc. Links to pictures or text on official websites are sufficient proof, but if you're going to scan from a flyer, for example, please also include the date of the flyer, and your location as additional proof that this isn't just a Photoshop hack.

Thanks to Arkyd at the forums for pointing out one of these bloopers - I had noticed some of these before (not the AT-ST one), but had never thought of collecting them until I saw others were interested in this sort of thing.

Bloopers in Lego Magazine

In the Nov-Dec 2002 issue of LEGO Magazine, p.19 (in the Canadian edition, p.11 in the USA edition) has Marcus DelBianco, age 9 of California holding up his creation titled "LEGO Battleship 2001" - unfortunately, it's undoubtedly Mega Bloks Pro BuilderŪ Battleship (9760). This was pointed out by someone on LUGnet - I'll have to do some digging to find out who it was.

Chris Watkins says: "In many newer mags, the tender or trucks on the My Own Train engines are backwards."

Bloopers at Online Stores

Imperial AT-ST (7127) at pointed out by Arkyd 20030101. Check out the big piece missing in the front!

Jedi Defense II (7204) at submitted by Robin Harbron 20030101. Three things - the blasters are done wrong (seems a common mistake in these Amazon pics), what's the right hand droid doing standing like that?? and finally, one of the bricks to the left of the door is reversed - the lines are running left/right while the other 5 identical bricks are going up/down.

Ewok Attack (7139) at submitted by Robin Harbron 20030101. Same blaster mistake. Also, many of the pics have the minifig hands upside-down (in my opinion, anyway) - looks like the Ewok is holding his bow like that.

Jedi Defense I (7203) at submitted by Robin Harbron 20030101. This is one of my favourites - the Droidekas heads are pointing up, making it look like they have antenna! :)

Final Duel II (7201) at submitted by Robin Harbron 20030101. Blaster mistake again, and what's with Luke's lightsabre?? :)

Twin-Pod Cloud Car (7119) at submitted by Robin Harbron 20030101. Check out Lobot! :)

TIE Fighter (7146) at submitted by Robin Harbron 20030101. Looks like they forgot to finish building the TIE's right hand panel!

Final Duel I (7200) at submitted by Odin Abbott. Amazon appears confused by the inclusion of the extra lightsabre hilt, and have turned the Emperor's staff into a 'darksaber'? Odin wonders: "Would it act like a black hole and absorb the surrounding light, instead of glowing like a normal saber?"

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