Custom Lego Minifigs

What is it?

Customizing Lego, to me, means being willing to do just about anything to your Lego elements - including painting and cutting - to make something that otherwise doesn't (and/or couldn't) exist in Lego.

What am I working on?

I have many ideas, but my first goal is to re-create all the major characters from the 70's cartoon Battle of the Planets (aka Gatchaman, G-Force). I do have the Kubrick set, which really is cool, but it just isn't Lego.

What I've Learned...

- Enamel paints work really well on plastic.
- Fine grit sand paper works fairly well for getting pre-printed Lego elements bare, but does leave the brick looking less shiny than the other parts.

- Don't rush the painting, be willing to wait several hours between coats, or things will look awful (smearing, bleeding, etc.)
- Despite what you might read elsewhere, don't soak your bricks in brake fluid to get the paint off. In a matter of minutes, this poor minifig's torso started breaking up, while the paint was hardly touched.
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Last Update: 2002.03.16
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