Mini 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport

6950 Mobile Rocket Transport has got to be my favourite of all the classic space sets (closely followed by the "trinity" of ships 918, 924 and 928). 6950 is also the only classic space set where I still have the original box - I've tried to imitate the style of the photos featured on the box in the photos here.

Here's the pictures, comments follow at the bottom:

This is my first attempt at building a mini model, and I was struck by how important each and every piece is. It's a constant battle between form and function, which almost always means compromise.

The arm and "hand" went through many redesigns - my priority was to make it as functional as the full size version, and then make it look as good as I could within that constraint. I'm not totally happy with the hand's looks, as it doesn't completely close around the rocket, but it's the best I've come up with so far.

I also toyed with using black 2x2 radar dishes for the wheels, but couldn't decide which I liked better - in the end I ended up using these 2x2 rounded bottom plates because I already had 8 of them :)

The trans-yellow front presented some challenges - if I had some 1x2 trans-yellow plates it would have allowed a slightly better design - the blue plate wouldn't have had to extend under the trans-yellow to hold up the 1x1s I had. The two Bricklink sellers with lots of trans-yellow 1x2s at the time only shipped to the USA :(

A 1x1 version of the 1x2 grille tile would have been great for ladders.

The 1x2 yellow tiles at the rocket's nose are too big, but everything else I experimented with (various yellow plumes, 1x1 levers in all yellow, even minifig hands!) looked even worse.

On a related note, I was also working on a very large "tribute" to 6950 - part of it was making a huge rocket. Not wanting to pay $50 for enough macaroni lego to build a huge version of the rocket, I thought I could save some money with a bunch of 4x4 turntables in black and white. I didn't realize how much give these turntables have, making it look quite impotent when the rocket is held horizontally. So, here's a picture of it before it gets scrapped.

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Last Update: 2003.03.01
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