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Updates! - John Hudson sent me some awesome Gatchaman / Battle of the Planets Photoshop minifig mock-ups - check them out here!

New Improved Phoenix

This took many hours of planning, collecting, and finally building. It isn't 100% yet - the rear engines have not been built (still deciding how to do that) and I'm missing a few pieces that I'll have to get from Bricklink. There's a couple other things that aren't quite perfect, but it sure is a big step forward from my other versions that are further down this page. It measures 70 studs long. Here's the pics:

Phoenix Preview

These were two preview pics I took as I was working on the new Phoenix.

Duplo Phoenix

The biggest (okay, only ;) challenge in making this was just getting the thing to stay together - to not fall apart when you move it. Duplo isn't nearly as tight fitting as Lego. A 4x8 Duplo baseplate ended up being just what I needed to make it work.

Because I had almost all the equivalent parts in regular Lego (just missing one!) I decided to make a miniature version:

First Attempt

This is an attempt at building the Phoenix (aka the God Phoenix) from one of my favourite childhood TV shows, Battle of the Planets (aka Gatchaman, G-Force). In fact, it isn't (yet) an attempt to make an exact model - it's more an attempt to re-create the Phoenix models I used to build as a kid. In the future, I hope to try and make one that is more faithful to the TV show.

I was searching for other Lego Phoenix on the web, and was surprised to find none at all, and just a few people mentioning that they had built them as kids. Surely it was a perfect fit, Lego and the Phoenix - the most common sloped pieces were red, and the most common bricks and flats (at least in my collection of Lego) were blue! So, c'mon folks, let's see other renditions! :)

In this shot you can see the side-mounted bricks, an attempt to make the nose of the Phoenix look more pointed. As a kid, I just used 3 4 wide slopes for each half of the nose.

Here you can see the back of Mark's ship. I remember thinking this was so cool as a kid, that it fit so snug, and would slide out easily on the tiles.

Here you can see how the nose opens to let Jason's car out, and there's a look at Mark's ship too. I've attempted to make Mark's ship fairly accurate (given the limitations of the small scale) but I really haven't done anything with the car. I'll try and improve that in the future. By the way, there's plenty of room for Princess and Keyop's vehicles up and under the wings :)

Let me know what you think!

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