1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia engine conversion from 2.1 litre Wasserboxer to 2.0 litre Audi I4 with Digifant II injection.



*How not to buy a conversion. (vendor rant)

*Audi 3A/Jetta Engine Rebuild and performance mods (modifications).

*GM alternator and AC mounting details.

*Intake.Custom air box, snorkel, AFM adapter, K&N filter.Stainless coolant overflow tank.

*Exhaust.†† Pics, theory, muffler tests, noise, ceramic coating.

*  Throttle cable

*Oil, Oil temp, Volt Gauges.Inexpensive Air/Fuel Meter, senders.

*Oil Pressure Problems.

*Accusump Pre-oiler Installation

*  Automatic Transmission Shift Point Modification

*Before and after:Performance testing data, video.

*Air/Fuel tuning.


Hot Tip:If you are planning a Vanagonto I4 conversion, here are two smart things to do: