1990 VW Westfalia 2.0 litre I4 Conversion Gauges




(Gauges not included)


* The gauge cluster I used is as above from http://www.egauges.com/, a WRX part. I had to trim the front and back edges with a belt sander slightly to fit the vanagon dash. Looks good though. The wires are just fed up through the ash tray hole. As you might guess, this is a non-smoking van.


IMGA0103.JPG (78137 bytes) IMGA0113.JPG (97336 bytes)


* The gauges are from an 85 Audi Coupe. The oil temp sender was ordered from our local VW dealer to match the year of the donor car as the oil temp sender I ordered from egauges.com was too long to fit properly. The oil pressure sender was ordered from egauges.com to match a 0 to 5 bar VDO gauge. All threads on the VWs are 10mm. You could just use the senders from a donor vehicle but as they are inexpensive, I preferred to buy new ones.


IMGA0102.JPG (69374 bytes) IMGA0106.JPG (69170 bytes)


* The very inexpensive ($28 CAN, $20 US) air fuel meter gauge is really a voltmeter (EMA-1710) designed to measure 0 to 1 Volt DC from Lascar Electronics. I ordered it stateside from www.Newark.com part number 36C2800. It is mounted inside an unused rocker switch receptacle. I found that with a little dremel trim, the meter fits quite nicely. A small piece of lexan is placed in front of the meter to protect and light it. A yellow LED is mounted in a hole drilled slightly into the lexan shield, from the top, which provides illumination at night. The end result looks stock. A quick glance at this tells you:

         Your O2 sensor is working properly (or not)

         Your ECU is regulating the mixture for proper cat function (rapidly oscillating around 14.7:1). This alternates the catalytic converter between an oxidative, then reducing state for maximum emission reduction.

         A good idea of whether you are rich, lean or at 14.7:1

         Whether your idle switch on the throttle is working OK (fuel shuts off while decelerating, O2 sensor voltage drops to 0)

         Whether you are in closed loop or open loop operation.

* Autospeed.com has two excellent articles on this:

AutoSpeed - AutoSpeed Needle Mixture Meter - Part 1

AutoSpeed - AutoSpeed Needle Mixture Meter - Part 2