Collage Scholarship Program --- annual competition for IAW members and for children of members.
Provides college scholarships of $2000 a year for members, $1000 a year for children. Money is
contributed by IAM locals and districts and by union members.

This scholarship competition is open each year to members of the IAM and their children throughout the United States and Canada under procedures and rules of eligibility explained in this Announcement.

Eligibility for Competition

Any applicant must be either an IAM member, or the son, daughter, stepchild or legally adopted child of an IAM member.

A member applicant must have two years of continuous goodstanding membership up to and including the closing date of the compitition in the year of application. (February 25th of the year that applies)

The IAM member must maintain continuous goodstanding membership throughout the life of the award.

The member applicant must be working in a company under contract with the IAM.

For any further details please feel free to contact us.

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