I'm switching hosts for psw.ca which is where my blog's commenting system lives, so the comments may act strange for a while. But once everything's settled, it should work much better, and get rid of that stalling problem that happens sometimes with my current you-get-what-you-pay-for-and-can't-complain host.

Both my real job and my top-secret-cool-job have been pretty busy lately, leaving little time and/or energy for the kind of blogging I like to do. But Carla's been picking up my blogging slack - she's the Disenfranchised Housewife linked to the right. I think I've been linked to the Right too.

Finally, it was uber-cool listening to my good friend Richard Pepper's "Free Stanley" song being played on As It Happens, a nationally broadcast radio show here in Canada. Rianna did a very interesting interpretive dance while the song played, and then the Harbrons cheered right along with the hosts of the show. "Well done, Mr. Pepper!"

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