7 years ago today

It's been 7 years, almost to the minute, since Darren, Doug and I finished mixing down "New Material Only", North and the Sea's only "studio" album. It's easy to remember, since we stayed up really late, and Carla and I were booked to go into the hospital early the next morning to have our first baby. So, it's Rianna's 7th birthday today!

Shortly after Rianna's birth, Darren and Doug went off to Bible college together. I didn't know it then, but Doug never moved back to Thunder Bay, so that was pretty much it for the band. Darren did come back for a few years, and we still got to play music together from time to time. I've gotta say that Darren may not be the best drummer I've ever played with, but he's my favourite - not just because he's a good friend, but because he really knows how and when to hit those shiny round drums, and I know (to my ear) how to fit right into that groove on the bass.

But still, I miss the musical chemistry we had together as a band. Doug would write more artsy kind of songs - both musically and lyrically. Darren would bring fairly simple songs (musically, anyway) that were just ripe with potential for us to collectively shape. I brought my Harley-Davidson/Taz shirt and my sound system. I contributed little in the way of writing my own songs, but I was given plenty of leeway in making my own bass lines - and I'm still plenty happy with some of them.

I'd really like to re-record that album someday. I think that once Tim Lappala becomes rich, and we open our records/books/classic video games store with his money, he'd also be happy to fly Doug and Darren back to town, and pay them handsomely for their time in the studio.

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