My wife and I went out tonight for a belated Valentine's Day date. We went for dinner, and ended up ordering way too much food, so we brought some of it home - some nachos, and a fair number of french fries combined from our meals. I opened up the containers just now, and the nachos are there, but instead of the fries in the second container, I found a big steak and some rice! Now, if I was a gambling man, I'd consider this a good deal, but the gross-out factor leads me to toss the steak, even though it doesn't appear to have been eaten :) Kind of weird, but I guess things get mixed up often in a busy restaraunt kitchen.

In computer/gaming developments here, I received my Gameboy Advance "Multi Boot Version II" and "Dreamcast Coder's Cable" in the mail two days ago. I'm really into tools like this that open up otherwise closed platforms. I don't even own a GBA yet, but will soon, I'm sure. Both tools appear similar - they hook up to the parallel or serial ports respectively of a PC, and allow you to transfer programs into the ram of the systems, so they're appropriate for smaller projects.

Lik-Sang messed up a bit - they wrongly included what I paid for shipping in the value on the customs slip, so I had to pay a bit more for taxes there - then Customs Canada messed up on the exchange rate, apparently hitting me as if the value printed was in Euros when it was clearly marked "USD", which is another 30% or so. I should be able to get some of that back.

I got my first issue of Commodore MaiLink since returning to membership today - it's the same sort of stuff as when I left a couple years ago. Lots of random ramblings by one guy in particular - pretty strange, not very informative, but I guess you gotta appreciate that he's trying, and I guess few others are.

Been trying to get cc65 up and running on the various PCs I use throughout the day. MagerValp is wanting to get a neat little TCP/IP game up and running using the RR-Net, and I'd like to help out.

And one of the next few days I gotta finish up the little movement routine for the game that Mermaid and I are working on. The graphics she's drawn are great so far!

Reach me at macbeth@tbaytel.net - later!


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