Commodore 64 DTV for sale now!

I stayed up late last night to watch QVC - a US-based shopping channel :) Normally I don't do such things, but in this case they were selling the joystick that I spent about 9 weeks this summer/early fall working on. Some friends and I were responsible for the software inside the "TV Game". Pretty cool watching the guys on TV demonstrate it - the host (who obviously wasn't as knowledgeable as the guest) kept stressing how it was "computer-driven!" and how it replaces the "bulky hard drive" and "keyboard" of the C64. These things can only be funny or annoying to a geek like me.

Anyway, the "E22494-Commodore 64 30-in-1 Classic Plug & Play Video Game" is "Today's Special Value" for $27 USD + shipping, or buy the 2 pack for $47+same shipping as one joystick. An individual stick will probably go back to $33 each after this. So if you do want one, it's probably best to grab it today. Just search for "Commodore" on the QVC website, if there isn't an obvious link to it on the main page. I'm going to get another 2 - there's some kind of neat things you can do with it if you take it apart and get busy with a soldering iron.


World of Commodore

TPUG (Toronto PET User's Group) is the oldest Commodore computer user's group in Canada, and second oldest in the world, from what I hear. Though they started with the PET (you can see 3 of my PETs in this picture) they moved with Commodore through the VIC-20, Commodore 64, 128, Amiga, and some of the other lesser machines in between.

They're holding the World of Commodore on December 4th - and it's looking pretty certain that I'll be able to fly down and participate and hang out with fellow geeks.

Jeri and I will probably be showing off the C64 DTV (see "I'm Famous!" to watch the TV commercial for it), and I'll also try to do a demonstration of Steve Judd's Slang language - it's super-cool.

It'll also be cool to see my long-time buddies Ron, Darren, and hopefully Dustin - 7 years we've been in PSW together, and I've never met him!


I'm Famous!

Well, sort of, though you wouldn't know it.

Check out the video here on the QVC website. It's called "Commodore: Old School" and you've gotta click on the yellow button down below.

So, where do I appear in that ad? I was the race car driver, the space fighter pilot, the karate guy, the surfer, the ski-jumper, the little green guy. Well, vicariously, anyway.


My Geek Room

It was done in a bit of a hurry in response to a friend's similar pictures, but here's a sort of virtual tour of my big geek room in the basement. I'll do a better job of it when time and motivation strike, and my camera batteries are fully charged. Robin's Geek Room!

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