Okay, this is the last entry at this old location, http://my.tbaytel.net/macbeth/blogger.html - please update your links etc. to http://www.psw.ca/blogger.php - I already have on my main page.

I paid extra when I moved to godaddy.com hosting so I could continue to have cgi support which my comments system requires. It turns out that Godaddy has really lousy cgi support - it's extremely restrictive, and after too much fiddling, I've given up trying to get my old blog system working.

I've still got all the old comments in a file, but the new php-based system I'm using has a different file format, and it means the old comments have to be changed over. I treasure your comments, every one of them, but it might just be too much trouble to convert them all. If I had time, I'd probably try to learn perl well enough to do it somewhat automatically. Anyone want to volunteer? :)

This new system is called "Poster Child", and it seems I couldn't get it running at tbaytel due to it's php-ness. So if you're reading this on tbaytel, please go over to psw.ca so you can leave a comment, and let me know it's working for you. That's where all the action will be from now on!

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