Creative Inspiration

I spend a lot of time thinking about being creative. I think about articles and blog entries I want to write, I think about video games I want to program, I think about books I want to write, songs I want to write and record, even an idea I have for a movie (a fictional documentary) I want to make. A lot of these ideas are pretty concrete too - I can read or play or read or listen or watch (respectively) these things in my mind, at least partially.

Unfortunately, this happens almost exclusively when I'm too busy to actually do any of it. And then, when I have time, that creative spark leaves, pulling all the motivation away. I guess I'm a part-time escapist.

I'm glad I actually have completed some projects, so I'm not only a dreamer - I've had many of my articles published in newsletters and pseudo-magazines (even been paid for several of them), I've recorded some of my songs and put together a couple homegrown CDs, I've freely released several computer programs (and even been paid for a few others). And sometimes I blog. This isn't meant to be a brag list, I'm just trying to reassure myself that I'm somewhat credible, because for every project that I complete, there's several that I didn't. And for every project that I didn't complete, there's another dozen "great ideas" that I never even started on.

And I still want to see many of these ideas come to life. There's a few that I think of daily - I'd almost say that I'm haunted by them, but the thoughts aren't unpleasant enough to describe them that way. But it's such a long path from conception to final creation with these bigger ideas - so I'll just keep on blogging along until inspiration and free time intersect.

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