The Harbrons

The Harbrons are, in order of appearance (click our names for more information and/or pictures):
Robin Francis - Husband & Father
Carla Joy - Wife & Mother
Rianna Lillian - Daughter #1, born August 19, 1997.
Heidi Inga - Daughter #2, born July 14, 1999.
Peter Edward Judson - Son #1, born April 1, 2001.
Benjamin Wesley Darren - Son #2, born November 1, 2002.

Annie - Cat
Cinnamon - Other Cat, missing in action since summer 2002, mother of 5 kittens.

See the linked names above for picture(s) of those individuals, see below for group pictures.

"Birthday Week" has ended! First Peter turned 3 on April 1st, then Great-Grandma Bea (Meme) turned 88 on the 3rd, and finally Carla (mom) turned 28 on the 5th. We took some photos on Carla's birthday - check the links above for individual pics of Rianna, Heidi, Peter and Benjamin.

Here's Rianna and Heidi giving their mom the cake they helped Oma bake, and the three oldest kids watching Carla open a gift:

On August 8th, 2003 we had a family gathering at the Harbron household which saw all 7 great-grandchildren in one place with great-grandmother Beatrice Harbron. This was the best photo I could manage with 7 active kids aged 5 and under. They are, from left to right: Rianna, Emma James, Heidi, Emily and Melody Hutton, Benjamin, Great-Grandma Bea and Peter.

Heidi, Rianna and Peter enjoying (hopefully) the last snow fall of the season, on April 18th, 2003:

Robin's sister Erin, holding her nephew Peter and daughter Emma:

Erin's husband David, trying to control Rianna, Peter, Emma and Heidi:


Ben was wearing the clothes I had taken pictures of young Peter in, and I thought I'd try to recreate these same scenes, sort of. The original Peter picture is first, and Benjamin is the second in each pair.

Peter and Heidi "helping" Rianna play her computer game.

Rianna and Heidi posing with their new brother Ben on Nov. 3, 2002:

Picture of the three kids, taken on Nov. 8, 2001:

Family pictures, taken at the same time:

We had a pretty big snowstorm in Thunder Bay on April 15th, 2001, just after all the winter's snow had melted. This picture was taken 3 days later, and there was still enough snow to make this snowman! Kind of weird looking picture - it was a very bright day, and I think my cheap camera couldn't handle it.

Carla and Robin in 2000:

Here's the two sisters together in 1999:

And two pictures of the whole family in 1999(without the cats):

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