Carla's Corner

Take a look around at... The Harbron family - Includes picures of Rianna, Heidi, Peter and Benjamin! Also we have a separate page with kids activities enjoyed by the Harbron Kids.

The following are websites that I've found many interesting insights in. I've found that other peoples' perspectives are valuable in forging my thoughts and opinions about child rearing, parenting and my own spiritual development, but I've also been constantly relearning that if I only read what others say about the Bible and don't read it myself it is kind of like always eating food that someone else chewed. I'm enjoying sinking my teeth into the "meat" of God's word. So, as always, test everything that you read against the Bible!

May my cry come before you, O Lord; give me understanding according to your word. Psalm 119:169

Focus on the Family I really love their ministry! Go and take a look at all of the different things that they do for the family.

This article, "Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?" has given me a lot of reason to think. I recommend reading it.

Lamplighter Publishing is another really interesting sight. Mark Hamby's message on the Strong Willed Parent had me re-examining myself and my thoughts on child discipline.

The Woodshed has some interested articles written by a homeschooling mother of 10. Do I agree with everything? No. The fact remains that she has some good points, and if nothing else, she's challenged me in my thinking. You may want to take a peek for yourself.

Robin and I are homeschooling Rianna and Heidi. Here are a number of sites that I have looked at:

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents This is not a Christian resource, but it is excellent for people thinking of homeschooling in Ontario

Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection

The Home Works This is one of my favorite places to order! It is a Canadian company and the Canadian history resources are particularly excellent!

The Learning House is another great Canadian homeschooling company.

Canadian Home Education Resources This company has many neat Charlotte Mason resources.

We're not currently using the Sonlight curriculum, but I still find their catalog, website and booklists to be a great resource.


The Elijah Company

Doorposts There is some great character building literature (for parent and child) here. I bought "For Instructions in Righteousness" to help me teach the kids character building lessons and it has provoked Bible study for MY life more than anything else!!

Managers of their Homes I've really found the Maxwells' suggestions for having a routine in place quite useful. At this stage of our life, I especially find some of the ideas for younger children, chores and ordering my own day helpful. Like all sites, there are also things I disagree with, and I don't endorse all of their practices/beliefs. Overall, though, there are some very helpful ideas on their site.

Like many children, I grew up reading the Little House on the Prarie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This site gives more insight into her life. Just a warning, a child I idolized Mrs. Wilder, but since re-reading the books, there are a number of things I would clarify to our children about how we live differently than the Ingalls family; the examples in our lives mainly revolved around the Ingalls' nominal Christianity. As we've read the books to our girls, we've made it a point to discuss some of the attitudes that come out about the church, Sundays, and how at times Christianity seems to either be a Sunday thing or something to be resented. We would hope to convey, in our home, that it is an honor to serve Christ in all our life. That being said, I still find her series of books to be quality literature, especially in the ages 8-12 "girls" category that seems to have more than it's share of twaddle.

Whole Hearted Ministries publishes 2 of my favorite books, Educating the Whole Hearted Child and Seasons of a Mother's Heart. I have several more of their books on my wishlist!

Here are some other sites that I like to visit:

MOMYS This stands for Mothers of Many Young Siblings. It is an education to read some of the suggestions these wise moms have.

Dorion Bible Camp Robin and I met here!!! It is also a wonderful place of ministry...I have camped and worked at DBC and it has changed my life for the better (and not just the meeting Robin part!!!)

I first saw Steve Green in concert in Duluth, MN, USA, when I was a teenager. I find his music very uplifting, and it isn't uncommon for the kids and I to sing a long to his various praise songs. Seeing his children's ministry with the Hide 'Em in Your Heart videos and CDs and the Prayer Bear videos (both mentioned on the website) has heightened my admiration of his ministry.

Our first introduction to Michael Card was a Sleep Sound in Jesus book and CD that we got when Rianna was born. I later read the book he and his wife wrote on homeschooling, The Homeschooling Journey. Since that point my Michael Card music collection has been added to on special occasions by my very generous husband and mother.

I really enjoy the music of Steve Bell . His songs are thought-provoking and well written. I've seen him in concert a few times and it has always been very enjoyable.

We are big Toronto Maple Leaf fans at our house. We've indoctrinated the kids well, and to Peter (2.5 years old) the Maple Leafs are hockey!