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Thunder Bay Benchrest Club (TBBC)

   in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Thunder Bay Benchrest Club uses shooting ranges located in the City of Thunder Bay at the Thunder Bay District Fish & Game Association for benchrest indoor and outdoor shooting. Rifle shooting activities are available year round.

Benchrest shooting implies a quest for maximum practical accuracy from both rifle and shooter. But for most of us, winning occasionally in events is nice but the most important things are to have fun safely and truly enjoy our times at the range.

A discussion about suitable rifles and sights and ammunition will be found on our Equipment page (link above).

Purpose of the TBBC Website

Our website is primarily designed to provide news to members about club events and activities, and also record some of the human interest stories when friends shoot together.

Contact with the TBBC's Executive Members or Webmaster can be done through information on the About Us webpage -- click the About Us link at top of this page.

Please remember to always act safely and responsibly,
Banacek -- TBBC Webmaster


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For Benchrest Shooters: "Good equipment is always important, but the development of shooting skills is vital for improved scores or groups."