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For the Wedding of Ellie Swanson and Steve Zavitz
May 11, 1996

Performed by Malcolm McMillan, Brian and Sylvia Griffiths-Williams and Richard Pepper

(To the "tune" of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air")

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.
I'd like to take a minute; just sit right back
I'll tell you how I became a student of Outdoor Rec..

In West Beamsville--born and raised. On a bicycle's where I spent most of my days,
Bikin' and hikin' and workin' up a sweat, shootin' some pucks into the other guys' net,
When a coupla goons, lookin' like the missin' link, started makin' trouble in the hockey rink.
I got in twelve little fights and my Mom had to say,
"You're movin' up with Brian and Charisse in Thunder Bay."

I whistled at the girls and one came near. She rode up on her bicycle and whispered in my ear.
She asked me for a date and it sounded like fun.
So I took a deep breath and said, "You might be the one."
I pulled up on my bike about a quarter to four.
Ellie was the one who answered the door.
She looked so good that I had to say, "I'm glad that I had to come and live in Thunder Bay!"

(To the tune of "The Ballad of Gilligan's Island")

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful day,
That happened there at Lakehead U., way up in Thunder Bay.

Steve was a mighty outdoorsperson and Ellie was also one.
So they signed up for Outdoor Rec.. They thought it might be fun.
They thought it might be fun.

And so they sat in a room one day to try to change some classes.
Steve was dressed in his cycling duds with his cool sunglasses,
His really cool sunglasses.

Now Steve was thinking, "What a babe; she's just what I have sought."
And Ellie wondered, "Who's this jock? He probably thinks he's hot.
He probably thinks he's hot."

And so they both had different thoughts. It wasn't at first sight.
But they got to know each other and found they both were right!

(To the tune of "Greenacres")

Lakehead is the place for me! Go canoeing and learn to ski!
Grab a kayak and call it "class".
Paddle around and you'll be sure to pass.

No, the workload isn't all that light.
There's lots of papers that we have to write,
Like "What to Take When You Go on a Hike"
And "How to Fix Tires on Your Mountain Bike".

Let's go!
The snow!
Think twice!
The ice!

Now we have chosen the Land of the Frozen.
Lakehead, we are there!!

(To the tune of "The Addams Family")

They let Steve have a new key.
They're silly and they're kooky,
Especially little Pooky.
The Whitfield Family.

The house is never buggy.
The kids are very huggy,
Especially little Suggy.
The Whitfield Family.

Brian's far from stocky,
But, when he's playing hockey,
He gets a little cocky!
The Whitfield Family.

She's really not that me-an,
But keep the carpets cle-an
Or Charisse will have your ski-in!
The Whitfield Family.

(To the tune of "The Brady Bunch")

Here's the story of some lovely ladies, who were living in a house on Bendell Street.
They were four girls with just one bathroom and that is quite a feat.

Here's the story of a girl named Ellie, who pays the rent but is hardly ever seen.
She shows up, if she's not busy at three fourteen McBean.

Now the problem is this house is kinda dangerous.
The beds are flimsy and will fall apart.
And the whole thing is atop a cliff.
That is not very smart!

Now Miss Ellie cleans the house from top to bottom,
Whenever Steve is coming there for lunch.
Do you think she'll keep up this habit,
When she marries and she leaves the Bendell Bunch?

The Bendell Bunch. The Bendell Bunch.
They're the girls who became the Bendell Bunch!

Now that Steve and Ellie have made their vows before us and God, they have chosen to embark on an adventure together. I'm sure that you, like us, wish them much joy in the many activities they share together and a life that is full of many, many...happy days.

(To the tune of "Happy Days")

Sunday, Monday...Hockey Days!
Tuesday, Wednesday...Hockey Days!!
Thursday, Friday...Hockey Days!!!
The weekend's here. Let's grab our gear.
Ready to skate with you!

These days are ours. Happy and free. Oh Hockey Days!
These days are ours. Share them with me. Oh baby!

Goodbye red line. Hello blue.
No one will call it if I hold you.
"Watch your man!" the crowd will shout,
But you don't mind if I take you out!

These days are ours. Make a pass at me. Oh Hockey Days!
These days are ours. No referee! Oh baby!!!

These Hockey Days are yours and mine.
These Hockey Days are yours and my Hockey Days!

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