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For the Wedding of Carla Judson and Robin Harbron
Sat. Aug. 24, 1996

To the tune of "A Place to Stand" by Richard Morris & Dolores Claman,
copyright 1967 by Gordon V. Thompson Ltd.
"The Camp Song" Parody by Lamont Parks & Mae Mouland

Verse One            Verse Two
Give us a place to camp            Give us a place to camp
and a place for fun            and a place for fun
And call this place            And call this place
Camp Dorion:            Camp Dorion:
A place to swim            A place with grass
and guard the shore            and flowers and trees
And talk with Carla            And boys and girls
a little bit more.            and birds and bees.
Give us some wiener sticks            Give us a place to sing
and the weather's great            and play the bass.
To go with Carla            And try to look
on a cookout date.            at Carla's face.
A place to camp            A place to camp
and meet someone            and meet someone
At Dori-ori-orion.            At Dori-ori-orion.

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