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On Wednesday, January 26, 2000 ("Dukes of Hazzard Day") I performed live on "The Live Drive with Kent and Darren" on CJOA 95.1 FM. I sang "Peter Hart" (which describes "the angst of the alienation of our current paradigm") and "Integrity/Lamb of God".
The Transparencies

Transparencies Collage

For a collage of the Transparencies click on the picture above -- taken at Lakehead University Christian Fellowship's
Church in the Pub, Sunday, March 12, 2000.

Youtube Video of "Jesus Reigns Forever" from this event.

Listen to The Transparencies!
--especially if you like Hockey Night in Canada!

See Richard's gigs page for descriptions of performances by Richard and Robin 2003 and since.

Sat., Aug. 21/21: The Transparencies Perform at DBC 75th Reunion

The Transparencies (Darren "Shroom" Foulds on drums, Robin Harbron on bass, & yours truly) performed at Dorion Bible Camp, as part of their 7th Anniversary outdoor celebration. We did the same set twice (songs written by me unless otherwise noted):

The Pillow-Fighting Champ of Dorion Bible Camp, The Christian Beaver, Mayfly Mush, THE Day in the Life of a Mayfly, Your Clothes, They Need A-Changin', I Will Put My Faith in You, Medley of Monty Songs in D (various), and The Camp Song (Parks, Mouland, Claman).

Review: "I like your self-deprecating humour." - Charles Snell. (I was actually trying to deprecate Shroom!)

"New" Old Vids Uploaded

Complete Concert in Redwood Church Basement: Dec. 9/95

Christmas Medley at Dorion Bible Camp Staff Party: Dec. 27/97

FW Baptist Program at the John Howard Society
May 14, 2011

Robin, Darren and I performed A Certain Love (Lost Dogs), Don't Take Your Guns to Town, Rusty Cage (Soundgarden/Cash), If I Had a Hammer (Seeger/Hays), 40 (U2), How Great is Your Love (Altrogge).

FW Baptist Program at the John Howard Society
Mar. 12, 2011


Robin, Darren and I sang A Certain Love (Lost Dogs), Heart of Gold (Young), Built For Glory (Lost Dogs), Blessing in Disguise (Lost Dogs), 40 (U2), Reasonable Service (Lost Dogs) and How Great Is Your Love (Mark Altrogge).

"Coffeehouse" at Northwood Park Church
Sunday, Nov. 16/08

Richard sucks while Darren Foulds.

In an attempt to honour the 60th birthday of Neil Young (who wrote songs about being old while he was still young) the Transparencies performed:

Old Man Video
Heart of Gold Video
The Needle and the Damage Done Video
Rocking in the Free World Video
Helpless Video

Robin also sang solo "We Only Ever Meet in Church" by M. J. Hibbett. Video

The Transparencies closed the evening with Pete Seeger's "If I Had a Hammer (I'd Steal His Pants)". Video

Review: "Not as good as the recent Lenny Kravitz concert, but better than Bob Dylan's" - A dark-haired woman who looked a lot like Erin (nee Harbron) James.

Transparencies' Rejoinder: "That's our sound man!"

"Coffee House du Cafe" at Northwood Park Church
Sunday, April 27/08

The Transparencies did not actually perform together. However, Robin did sing two songs by M. J. Hibbett: "Born With the Century" and "Easily Impressed".

Shroom led the "Oi, Harbron!" part from the crowd, and I joined in. So I suppose The Transparencies did perform together. We were also joined by Mike (who is not a Moron).

Richard sang three sets solo, though the first was really just a sound check as people gathered:

Bird on a Wire (Cohen)
Before Dawn (Pepper)
It Is Well With My Soul

Let It Rain (Clapton/Bramlett)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Dylan)
Jesus on the Shore (Terry S. Taylor)
These Thousand Hills (Jacob's Trouble)
Be Thou My Vision

[He was also suddenly asked by Jenn Foulds to sing "Acadia Dry".]

Beatles Songs:

She's a Woman [Not a Pheasant]
For No One
Fixing a Hole
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Eleanor Rigby

That was actually a secret message "She's a woman for no one fixing a hole while my guitar gently weeps: Eleanor Rigby."

Review: "I enjoyed your playing." - Wendy the alto angel

"Prayer and Praise" at Northwood Park Church
Sunday, April 6/08

The Transparencies Apr. 6/08

Songs Led:
"My Life in You Lord", "How Great is Your Love", "Good to Me", "Holy and Anointed One", "In the Presence of a Holy God" and "Blessed Be Your Name".

Review (on blackboard): Thanks for the program. - Rianna

The Transparencies Sing
About the Homeless to the Homeless
as part of "Saturday Night Live"!!*
Mar. 8/08

The Transparencies Mar. 10/08

* approximately

As part of the "Saturday Night Life" program run several times a month in First Baptist's basement, the Transparencies sang three songs by The Lost Dogs and "Amazing Grace". Darren was drafted last minute to be the before-you-get-to-eat Preacher and praught about hard times. Through listening to his sermon, it is certain that many learned much about suffering.

Songs performed:
"A Certain Love", "Built for Glory; Made to Last", "Blessing in Disguise" and "Amazing Grace".

The Transparencies Pack the Northwood Park Church Basement
(with tables, chairs, music equipment and dancing girls)
Tribute Concert to
The Lost Dogs
Nov. 25/07

The Lost Transparent Eagle Dogs

See Richard's Blog for more info

"I could understand your words better than that Stephen Bell last week. Winston Sheil (Shroom's father-in-law).

Performing "Blessing in Disguise"

See below for another Transparencies vid from 1996.

The Transparencies Perform at Northwood Park Church's "Stained" Coffee House.
Sunday, March 5/06

Songs Performed: Stompin' Tom's "The Hockey Song", Spinal Tap's "Gimme Some Money", Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" and Bruce Cockburn's "Tie Me at the Crossroads When I Die".

Richard and Gord Ellis Jr. performed Dylan's "I Shall Be Released", "Love in Vain" and "Forever Young".

Richard also accompanied Sylvia Griffiths on U2's "One Step Closer" and the Cowboy Junkies' "Misguided Angel".

Transparencies Reunion at Saturday Nite Life
(First Baptist Church)
Dec. 10

Due to Shroom's inconsiderately leaving Thunder Bay to go to school, get married and work, the Transparencies ceased performing until he decided (considerately) to stop studying, stay married, but return to Thunder Bay to work and play the drums.

The Transparencies Rock the Slovak
at The
Dorion Bible Camp Info. Dinner
Thursday, March 21, 2002

The Eagle Camper Transparencies

The Transparencies entertained c. 50 people at the Dorion Bible Camp and Conference Centre Informational Dinner held at the Slovak Legion. (About 175 people were present).

It was at this event that The Transparencies realized that all the members of the current lineup are Dorion Bible Camp Eagle Campers. In fact, Tom is the first Eagle Camper. And so it was decided that he could, in fact, be considered a real Transparency, despite his lack of a hockey jersey.

Songs performed:
"I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan" and " Laughter Heard Through the Wall/Agnus Dei".
Song not performed:
"Nobody Talks (During Coach's Corner)".

"You're too loud."--Some anon. person, probably old and probably not an Eagle Camper

Thank you:
Diane Wolframe and The Sunday Night Choir for use of your sound system.

The Transparencies (Approximately) Clear the Stands
at The Shoppers Walk For the Cure
Sunday, June 3, 2001

Doug, Rich & Shroom Feeling Lonely

The Transparencies (excluding Robin & Tom and with Doug Anderson sitting in -- okay, Richard and Shroom plus Doug) provided music for the recessional at The Shoppers Drug Mart Walk For the Cure "in support of" Juvenile Diabetes. The post-Walk BBQ was just about over when they took the stage and so I suppose the tired walkers were eager to get home for their Sunday afternoon naps. Yeah, that must be it. However, four people did remain until the end (the sound man, Julie the MC, the guy who took the picture and his baby in a stroller). Oh well, it doesn't matter, as long as lots of money was raised for Juvenile Diabetes.

Songs performed: "Nobody Talks (During Coach's Corner)" (by RP), "I'm Too Old for the NHL" (also by RP), "Wayne Gretzky Rocks" (by the Pursuit of Happiness), "The Hockey Monkey" (by the Zambonis) and "The Hockey Song" (Martian lyrics) by Stompin' Tom Connors. Fortunately, Mr. Connors is coming to town soon to sing the correct lyrics.

Thank you, Doug, for helping out on bass.

"Those were some good hockey songs."--Some guy

The Transparencies (Including Tom) Lead Worship
Friday, March 9, 2001

To another pic of
the evening

The Transparencies (including Tom) led the music as part of a Worship Evening for youth held in the basement of the Northwood Park Church of Christ. The youth group of Thunder Bay Free Methodist church attended along with their leaders and the guest speaker was Keith Adams of Westmount Gospel Chapel (and "Manager of Operations" of Dorion Bible Camp and Conference Centre.

Richard relied upon his Dorion Bible Camp repetoire for the songs and Tom, Shroom and Robin followed along admirably, even when Richard was attempting to do the actions and play guitar at the same time.

The highlight of the evening for Tom, Shroom and Robin was their tour of the "dirt room". Oooo! Scarey!

"Aww! We didn't do the Hippo Song!"--Chelsea Parkinson

Wednesday, February 28, 2001:
"The Hockey Band" Members Harmonize
at the LU Outpost's Open Mike Night

LU Open Mike Night Again

Tom was wearing a German Football shirt, but Richard, Shroom and Robin all showed up at the February LU Outpost Open Mike Night wearing hockey jerseys. For lack of a better name (although "The Crosscheckers" had been suggested) they were introduced as "The Hockey Band". Another possibility had been "The Buttenders". Somehow a theme managed subtly to emerge through all of this.

Songs performed: "Hockey Tonight" (by ?), "Nobody Talks (During Coach's Corner)" (by RP), "I'm Too Old for the NHL" (also by RP), "Wayne Gretzky Rocks" (by the Pursuit of Happiness), "I Wanna Drive the Zamboni" (by the Gear Daddys), "The Hockey Monkey" (by the Zambonis) and "The Hockey Song" by Stompin' Tom Connors.

Did you spot the theme? (Hint: it involves a monkey.)

"Nice set. Those were classic songs. I liked it."--Unidentified male fan.
"Yoo hoo! Darren!!"--Unidentified female fan.

Thanks go to Troy for being our entire media corps, fan and roadie.

Saturday, February 24, 2001:
Shroom and Richard Busk at the Northern Lights Winter Carnival

Shroom and Rich Busking

Songs performed: "Nobody Talks", "I'm Too Old for the NHL", "Oxen and Wheelbarrows", "Laughter Heard Through the Wall", "Wayne Gretzky Rocks" (by The Pursuit of Happiness), "'69-'74", "You're in Love with the Telephone", "I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan", "Peter Hart", "In Heaven There'll Only be Bagpipes", "Wayfaring Stranger", "Don't Be Afraid", "Underneath This Tree", "Integrity/Agnus Dei", (Stompin' Tom's)"The Hockey Song", "I Want to Drive the Zamboni" (by the Gear Daddys), "The Hockey Monkey" (by the Zambonies).

Review: "That was nice." -- Some guy.

Total Profit:
$7.35 -- Richard
$7.36 -- Shroom (1 cent gas money; he drove.)

Saturday, February 10, 2001:
Tom and the Transparencies Perform at LUCF's CAWffee House
at the Great Northwest Coffee Co.

Singing at the Great Northwest

As part of Lakehead University Christian Fellowship's Christ Awareness Week (CAW), the Transparencies (and Tom Dreyer) performed before a "crowd" of pregnant women and engaged couples at the Great Northwest Coffee Co. (Ltd).

Songs performed: (The order may be slightly inaccurate.) "I Shall Be Released" (conversational version) by Bob Dylan", "Wayfaring Stranger" by Anon. (performed in a wide variety of keys), "Wings to Fly" by Plankeye, "Laughter Heard Through the Wall", "Love Makes Me Barf" (dedicated to Mike Shaw and Ellie Tornblom--bleahh!), "Hockey Tonight", "Cajun Moon" by J.J. Cale, "Salome" and "Mayfly Mush" with guest refrain by sometime Transparency, Chris Minor.

Second Even More Spontaneous Set (with Tom on keys): "The True and Terrible Ballad of Evil Ed Gooch" (deadicated to Erin and all the other Jameses), "Pride (in the Name of Duff)", "Knocking on Heaven's Door", "Micah 6:8" and "Peter Hart" (older brother of Melissa Joan).

(Following "Ed Gooch"), "I've thrown others out of here for less." Coffee Shop owner.

So, is Tom a Transparency or not? I suppose that, if he is, I'll have to add him to the collage above.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001:
The Transparencies Do Not Perform at the Lakehead University Outpost Open Mike Night

For those of you who are keeping score: yes, Robin, Shroom and Richard ("the Ridge") did play at this event, with Tom Dreyer sitting in on acoustic guitar, but not really as the Transparencies. Until the last minute they were "King Jimmy and the 1611's" but they were creatively announced as Darren, Robin, Richard and Tom.

Songs performed: "Wings to Fly" by Plankeye, "I Shall Be Released" (laid-back, chatty version) by Bob Dylan, "Cajun Moon" by J.J. Cale, "Wayfaring Stranger" by Trad. and "Pride (in the Name of Doug)" approximately by U2.

Backstage Insight: During the last run-through just before heading to the gig, Richard asked Shroom to take a deep breath just before starting "Pride" in order to help him set a relaxed playable tempo. This was mainly due to the Ridge's anxiety over having to mimic the Edge's repeated lick in the instrumental break. In the performance Shroom did indeed take a deep breath before starting -- which gave him the energy necessary to play it faster than ever!!

"Aaaaaaaargh!" The Ridge
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" The Edge
"Robin was my camp counsellor." Derek the video guy in a long conversation with Heather while standing near the camera's mike.

Thursday, December 28, 2000:
The Transparencies Perform at the
Dorion Bible Camp Staff Party

Robin, Shroom and Richard were whelmed with polite applause at Westmount Gospel Chapel after performing their original Christmas medley: "Me and My Drum". Because there were no requests to the contrary, a Nirvana-influenced version of "Bears" followed. Becky Wright was featured as "bringer of snacks".

Review:"I like the part where Richard was eating -- 'cause he stopped playing guitar." -- Ann Onymus

Note: The photo was actually taken at the gig listed next. I just wanted to experiment with my new photo software.

Friday, November 10, 2000: The Transparencies Perform at
"Tunes for Toonies" Coffee House.
Bongo Fans Rush the Stage!

Okay, they didn't exactly rush the stage, but the three or four children who seemed fascinated by Shroom's bongo playing did come and lie on the floor in front of the stage in rapt attention. And yes they were awake.

As part of the (pre-scheduled) Open Mike section of 2000/2001's first "Tunes for Toonies" coffeehouse (entitled "Music in Motion"), The Transparencies (Darren, Richard and Robin) performed "Salome", "Underneath This Tree" and "Peter Hart".

The turnout for this event was quite good, possibly as a result of the "Centre Stage" segment on the local news that evening in which footage of the evening's featured performers, Nathan Caswell, "Jim 'n' I" and Blue Grass Fever, was shown, along with a brief clip of Richard singing "You're In Love With the Telephone".

Review (from "Centre Stage"): "Richard interesting lyric." -- Sherry Caswell of "Jim 'n' I"

Sunday, May 21, 2000: The Transparencies Perform at Lakehead Baptist Coffee House.
Fans Come From Calgary to Listen!

Lineup: Robin Harbron (bass), Darren Foulds (bongos), Lance Schibler (electric guitar), Richard Pepper (acoustic guitar), Erin James (nacho chips).

Songs performed: Micah 6:8, Underneath This Tree, Integrity, The Seven Answers of Sunday School.
RP alone: Pillowfighting Champ of Dorion Bible Camp, The True and Terrible Ballad of Evil Ed Gooch, (Mass exodus of most of audience), '69 - '74.
Transparencies rejoin RP: Laughter Heard Through the Wall, (Nacho break), Peter Hart.

Review: "Mmm, nachos!" -- Pastor Dave Kimball

Sunday, March 12, 2000: LUCF's Church in the Pub

Lineup: Robin Harbron (bass), Darren Foulds (drums), Lance Schibler (guitar), Richard Pepper (guitar).

Songs performed:

Matthew Sweet's "Sick of Myself" and Richard's "Underneath This Tree", "Laughter Heard Through the Wall" and "Jesus Reigns Forever".

Youtube Video of "Jesus Reigns Forever"

Review: "Fabulous"--"The Mike Formerly Associated with Morons"

April 2, 1999: The Transparencies Perform at Victorious Nations Church's "Youth Explosion". TO DO


Sun., Nov. 22, 1998: LUCF Church in the Pub TO DO

Lineup: Robin Harbron (bass), Lance Schibler (drums), Richard Pepper (guitar).

Songs performed:

Sat., Dec. 27, 1997: Dorion Bible Camp Staff Party in the old Redwood Alliance Church basement

Performed: Medley of Commercial Cheesey Christmas Songs

Shawn Minor - Guitar & vocals
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar & vocals
Mike Hurlbert - Accordion & vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass & vocals
Darren Foulds - Drums & vocals
Thomas Armstrong - Barely audible sax during "Silver Bells"
Erin Harbron - Snack Girl

2013 Version with Shawn Minor

Oct., 1996: Dorion Bible Camp Thanksgiving Camp Variety Night

Performed: "Ska Bears"

Darren Foulds - Snare & lead vocals
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar & vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass & vocals

Performing the Dorion Bible Camp Song (Alternative Version) for their 50th Anniversary, Aug. 1996

Junior Week 1996: Dorion Bible Camp Variety Night

Performed: "Seated & Acoustic Bears"

Line-up ("The Pseudo-Transparencies"):
Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Richard Pepper - Guitar & vocals
Renny Maki - Bass
Mike Hurlbert - Accordion
David Ciccarelli - Drums

Teens Camp 1996: Dorion Bible Camp Variety Night

Performed: "REALLY BAD Bears"

Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar
Chris? Minor - Snare Erin Harbron - Snacks

Sat. Mar. 9, 1996: The Transparencies Performed at First Baptist's Talent Show.

Oxen and Wheelbarrows, Gospel Garbage and I Believe.

December 28, 1995: Dorion Bible Camp Staff Party @ Central E. Free

Performed: "I Can't Sing (Worth Beans)" and "Awesome Bears"

Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar
Shawn Minor - Snare

Review: "That was awesome." - Paula the Videographer

Dec. 9, 1995: The Transparencies Performed at Redwood Park Alliance Young Adult's Coffee House.Church.

Guitar Trek,
Helping God (Out),
Oxen and Wheelbarrows,
Gospel Garbage,
A (Relatively) True Story,
Fast Forward,
This Song,
The Gossip Song,
In Heaven There'll Only Bae Bagpipes,
Love Makes Me Barf,
Bears in the Woods (Foulds),
I Can't Sing (Worth Beans),


The Bridal School Blues,
The Boring Testimony Blues (RP solo),
God Hates (RP solo),
The Christian Beaver (RP solo),
Little One (RP solo),
Integrity (RP solo),
'69 - '74 (RP solo),
Psalm 92,
I Believe,
Praise Medley (I Believe in Jesus, Lord You Are More Precious, He Is Lord, O Come All Ye Faithful, Silent Night), and

Thanksgiving Camp 1995: Dorion Bible Camp Variety Night

Performed: "Comprehensible Bears"

Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar
Shawn Minor - Snare

Hi-Teens Camp 1995: Dorion Bible Camp Variety Night

Performed: "Slayer Bears"

Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar
Shawn Minor - Snare

Intermediate 2 Camp 1995: Dorion Bible Camp Variety Night

Performed: "Don't Care Bears"

Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar
Shawn Minor - Snare

Intermediate 1 Camp 1995: Dorion Bible Camp Variety Night

Performed: "Elvis Bears"

Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass
Richard Pepper - Electric guitar
Shawn Minor - Snare

Thanksgiving Camp 1994: Dorion Bible Camp Variety Night

Performed: "Original (or Incomprehensible) Bears"

Darren Foulds - Guitar & lead vocals
Robin Harbron - Bass
Mike Hurlbert - Accordion
Richard Pepper - Video Camera

A True History of the Transparencies
(If by "true" you mean "spurious" and by "history" you mean "something you might read on the Net")

In the summer of 1995 Darren "Shroom" Foulds snuck a snare drum into the chapel of Dorion Bible Camp. He started hitting it approximately in time to the guitar Richard Pepper was strumming approximately in tune with the worship songs the campers were trying to sing. Robin Harbron also brought along his flashy new five string bass. The campers were very impressed: "It's green!" Shawn Minor provided additional guitar to fill in the gaps when Richard forgot the chords. Eventually Shroom added more pieces to his kit, including some of "those shiny round drums". Completing the team as "overhead girl" and camera operator (usually focusing on the bass player) was Carla (eventually Harbron) Judson.

Soon performance pieces were added, such as "The 90's Camp Song", "Attakattanoova" (featuring Chris Minor), "Little Cabin in the Woods" and numerous versions of a song about bears (also in the woods). In order to raise the artistic level of the band, Mike Hurlbert of "Mike and the Moronz" was added on keyboards and those red-and-blue Tupperware ball-toys. However, Mike said Richard wasn't a Moron and so, by way of thanks, Richard released Mike from The Transparencies.

The next stage was the underground Christian music scene (i.e. playing in church basement coffeehouses). Venues include Redwood Alliance, First Baptist, Lakehead Baptist and Victorious Nations Centre. While Shroom was away at school, Lance Schibler replaced him on drums. Richard's songs made up the bulk of The Transparencies' set lists until Shroom returned (moving Lance to guitar) and began to teach the guys various cover songs about hockey (and monkeys playing hockey).

More recent gigs (at Lakehead University Open Mike Nights, "Tunes for Toonies" Coffeehouses, The Great Northwest Coffee Co., Thunder Bay's Winter Carnival and Dorion Bible Camp events) have seen the addition of Tom Dreyer -- only recently and grudgingly acknowledged as a member (because he doesn't own a hockey jersey).

In hopes of being discovered by Ron MacLean and Don Cherry, The Transparencies play Richard's song "Nobody Talks (During Coach's Corner)" as often (and as loudly) as possible. No word has arrived yet from Ron or Don (or their lawyers). [Actually Don sent this postcard.]

Contact The Transparencies.

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