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Pages of interest on this site:

My family -Family pictures, and more.
Computers and Video Games - Commodore, Atari, and more!
LEGO - Yes, I'm back into it after a 15 year "Dark Age".
My other interests and activities - including the Mercury Monarch (my first car) page.
My collection of video/computer games - Work in progress - last updated 2007.11.25
Video Game for sale/trade list - updated 2007.11.11
My Blog - updated sometimes!

Other sites I'm involved with:

The Official PSW site! - This site has information and downloads for both Pseudo-Soft Works (including PSW, the Commodore 64 demo group) and Pseudo-Sound Works (record label for North & The Sea and Reliable Toasters).
My Brickshelf Gallery - Pictures of some of my Lego projects.
Sceneworld - A C-64 disk magazine that I coded for.
The Transparencies - I play bass in this band!
Loadstar - The longest running disk magazine for any computer - 232+ monthly issues have been produced. I'm an occasional contributer, and have been helping beta test it since the new editor took over at issue 200.
The Live Drive - their web site is back, even if the radio show isn't!
Thunder Bay Christian Homeschoolers website - I maintain the website. - Where this site used to be.

My online stores:

My eBay Store - See what I have for sale and auction - classic computer stuff (Commodore, Apple, Atari), Lego (especially Star Wars Lego), and whatever else I find in my basement!
My BrickLink Store - This is where I sell Lego pieces individually, especially Bionicle Krana and Kanohi.

Other links:

Friends that are on the web.

positronic combinatorics

Last updated: 2007.11.25 (first update in 32 months)
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