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Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship/Nurses Christian Fellowship
Thunder Bay History
Rough Notes by Donna MacMaster

Richard Pepper's Music

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Lakehead University came into being. IVCF started around 1969.
Dr. Ed Bauman, Dr. Harold Cumming, Dr. Dan Klassen (at Faculty of Ed.) and Dr. John Whitfield (general support).
Later Con College started with Ray Baker as sponsor.

1969-72: Nurses Christian Fellowship existed sponsored by Fran Muir and Lenore Hawkins.
They may have met previously in the hospital schools.

For many years Bessie Plunkett and Rose Wilson assisted the Chinese Christian Fellowship (basically until Rose died and Bessie got too ill). Rose was the grandmother of Jan (nee Carlson) Westerback involved in ISCF and LUCF in the 70's and great-grandmother of Julie Carlson involved with Hamm ISCF in the 90's.

Early significant IVCF student leaders: Reg Jones, Peggy Parker, Gord Walford.

Staff: Grant Loewen

1977?: Grant Loewen came from Manitoba (moved afterwards to Quebec).

President--Tim Krause
Position unknown--Karen Grunow
Position unknown--Paula Kivi
Staff--Grant Loewen

National Student Leaders Conference (NSLC) '78 Scarboro Foreign Missions Society:
Richard Pepper attended. Perry Luyt came to visit.

President--Carol Graham
Vice-President--Richard Pepper
Prayer Co-ordinator--Ian Granger
Social Convenor--Diane Witzell
Treasurer--Gordon Daniher
Bible Study Co-ordinator--Sandra Drisner
Secretary--Karen Tilson
Staff--Grant Loewen
Assoc. Staff--Ann Droppo

LUCF Retreat Duncan Memorial Camp Loon Lake Oct. '79:
Gord Stewart (speaker, IV Midwest staff), Anne Thompson (now Isaac), Wayne Isaac, Karen Tilson (now Rody), Cheryl Sinclair, Mike Dempsey, Cathy Demchuk, Carol-Anne Janick, Tom Cunningham, Joan Donaldson, Jimmy ?, Carol Graham (now Bazinet), Guy Bazinet, Obadiah Ho, Sandra Drisner, Mike Rendulic, Diane Witzell, Ian Granger, Stacie Carpenter, Elizabeth Eckert, Peter Kurtz, Susan Howe, Richard Pepper and Tim Krause. Who took the picture? Maybe Gord Daniher -- found in another photo.

Urbana '79:
Found in reppepper's pics: Randie Regnault, Richard Harvey, Bonnie Howe, Karen Tilson, Gord Daniher, Ian Granger, Anne Loewen (Grant's wife), Sandra Drisner.
Some of us (Gord, Richard Pepper, Susan Howe & others?), due to a flat tire, were put up for the night in Duluth by strangers found at a gas station because of their bumper sticker. We spent the evening at the home of the parents of one of them and had a sauna.

LUCF Retreat Camp Duncan Loon Lake Jan. '80:
Sandra Drisner, Obadiah Ho, Anne Thompson, Dick Horner (speaker), Beth Parker, Stacie Carpenter, Grant Loewen, Elizabeth Eckert, Randie Regnault, Jeanine Bazinet, Ian Granger, Doreen Gagnon, Elizabeth Browne, Gerry Godzella, Jeff Beale, Wayne Isaac, Mike Dempsey, Carol Graham, Carol Ann Janick, Dave Minchau, Tim Krause, Richard Pepper. Some students buried Grant's car in snow.

Other '79 - '80 LUCF pictures: Andy Gray, Karen Grunow, Stewart Peterson.

LUCF Banquet Mar. 29 '80 St. Paul's United:
Curtis Brooker, Richard Pepper, Heidi Strobl, Dianne Witzell, Mikes Rendulic & Dempsey, Stacie Carpenter, Andy Gray, Doreen Gagnon, Carol Ann Janick, Cathy Demchuk, Tim Krause, Diane Duffus, Jennie Phillips (sponsor), Fred Wadja (chaplain).

Pic taken in LU Council Chambers April 3 '80:
Richard Pepper, Gord Daniher, Andy Gray, Dianne Duffus, Mike Rendulic, Grant Loewen, Brian Spare, Sandra Drisner, Carol Graham, Elizabeth Browne, Obadiah Ho, Guy Bazinet, Dianne Witzell, Mike Dempsey, Jeff Beale, Wayne Isaac, Karen Tilson, Ian Granger and Diane Gagnon.

Grant (& Anne?) Loewen and Richard Pepper attended the University Retreat at MPC Jun 13 -15 '80. Grant drove. This was the first time Richard ever listened to the White Album (in Grant's car).

President--Richard Pepper
Vice-President--Carol Graham
Treasurer--Wayne Isaac
Position unknown--Cathy Demchuk?
Position unknown--Michael Dempsey?
Position unknown--Sandra Drisner?
Position unknown--Ian Granger?
Position unknown--Mary Iacoboni?
Position unknown--Karen Tilson?
Position unknown--Diane Witzell?
Staff--Grant Loewen
Assc. Staff--Ann Droppo

Leaders Training at MPC Labour Day Weekend '80:
Wayne Isaac and Richard Pepper. Were there others?

LUCF Retreat Camp Duncan Loon Lake Oct. '80:
Mark Obermeyer, Ian Granger, Andy ?, Anne Thompson, Carol Graham, Dianne Witzell, Richard Pepper, Obadiah Ho, jan Carlson, Guy Bazinet, Laurie ?, Lena Pecchia (now Pringle), Neilo Ritokoski, Joanne Potts (cook), Wayne Isaac, Tim Krause and Brian Spare.

NSLC '80 Scarboro Foreign Missions Society:
Richard Pepper attended. Also in pics Vern Vickruck (IV staff), Jim Berney (Pres.), Barrett Horne (IV staff), Dr. John White (speaker), Dave Haney (IV staff), Thena Ayres (IV staff). Richard learned to waltz on New Year's Eve.

LUCF Retreat Camp Duncan Loon Lake Jan. 30 - Feb. 1 '81:
Carol Ann Janick, Ian Granger, Wayne Isaac, Brian Spare, jan Carlson, Tim Krause, Anne Thompson, Grant Loewen, Carol Graham and Richard Pepper.

LUCF Banquet Doodles Restaurant April 7 '81:
Victor Clark, Dianne Witzell, Anne Loewen, Gordon Stewart (speaker), jan Carlson, Fran Dittrick (now Oudshoorn), Andy Gray, Karen Tilson, Dave Donovan, Robyn Wells, Milton Jarrell, Carol Graham and Richard Pepper.

LUCF Exec mtg at Grant's (57 Crown St.) April 7? '81:
Grant Loewen, jan Carlson (in Boston Bruins sweater!), Brian Spare, Fran Dittrick, Carol Graham, Robyn Wells and Judy Schnupp.

Staff: John MacFarlane

President--Carol Graham
Secretary--Judy Schnupp
Communications--Richard Pepper
Social Convenor--jan carlson
Treasurer--Brian Spare
Publicity--Robyn Wells
Music--Fran Dittrick
Staff--John MacFarlane
Assoc. Staff--Ann Droppo

IV Leaders Camp at MPC Labour Day Weekend '81:
Richard Pepper, Carol Graham, jan Carlson, Pam Poulter, Clark Gietz (then of Winnipeg), John McFarlane, Jim Berney (I.V. Canada Pres.)

LUCF Retreat Camp Duncan Loon Lake Oct. '81:
Carol Graham, Ilona Love, Richard Pepper, Dave Donevan, Blair Mason, Brian Spare, John McFarlane, Judy Schnupp, Hilary-Anne Hamilton, jan Carlson, Olive Lesheid, Janet Kircher, Miriam Sellick, Heidi Mathewson, Barb Petersen, Anne Louise Eccles, Laverne Olsen, Fran Dittrick, Mike Tinney, Barry Earngey, [name withheld]. Photo taken by Tim Krause.

IFES Speaker Peter Lowman at Baumans' Nov. 2 '81:
Sister Madeline Tokar (chaplain), Beth Parker, Heidi Mathewson, Richard Pepper, Carol Graham, jan Carlson, John MacFarlane, Mike Tinney, Dave Donevan, Victor Clark, Sharon Schnupp, Dave Westlake, Olive Lesheid.

LUCF Retreat Camp Duncan Loon Lake Feb. 26 - 28, '82:
Dorothy Hibbard, Rob ?, Lee Donevan, Mike Tinney, Harley ?, Barry Earngey, Andrea Johnson, Hilary Anne Hamilton, Anne Louise Eccles, Carol Graham, Laverne Olsen, Dave Jakelski (Waterloo student on coop), jan Carlson, Cheryl ?, Blair Mason, Olive Lesheid, Cathy Roy, Dianne Duffus, Heidi Mathewson, Brian Spare, Dave ?, Lance LeClair.

6 women and 1 man (Brian Spare--book table?)
Missions and Outreach--Leigh Donevan (2nd semester)

jan Carlson
Barb Petersen
Sharon Schnupp

'84-'85 (I believe that the version below is more likely to be correct.)
President--jan carlson
Secretary--Donna Gordon

'85-'86 (I believe that the version below is more likely to be correct.)
President--Charles Naismith
Publicity--Paul LeBlanc

President--Ron Fairbanks
Vice President--Rainer Halonen
Position unknown--Phil Riegle
Position unknown--Heidi Mathewson
Position unknown--Hedi Kogel
Position unknown--Someone else?

President--Rainer Halonen
Vice-President--Ron Fairbanks
Position unknown--Someone else?

President--Rainer Halonen (See correction below.)
Vice-President--Ron Fairbanks (See correction below.)
Position unknown--Someone else?

Corrections by Rainer Halonen

President--Charles Naismith

President--Ron Fairbanks
Publicity--Paul LeBlanc
Special Events--Rainer Halonen
Prayer Co-ordinator--Kerri Sherriff (now Halonen)

I also remember Heidi Mathewson, Hedi Kogel, Anne Bamford, Val Fisk, Donna Gordon and others (can't remember all of the names) being involved in the leadership from 84 to 88.

'88-'89 (the year after both Ron and I left...)
President--?? (not me!)
Vice-President--?? (not Ron)
I do remember Dave Smid being voted in for one of the positions - maybe President?

President?--Jari Sallasvaara?
Position unknown--Someone else?

President--Todd Collins
Position unknown--David ?
Position unknown--peter nemeth
Position unknown--Someone else?

President--Leigh-Ann Johnson
Position unknown--Todd Collins

President--Leigh-Ann Johnson
Large Group--Rob Krech
Outreach--Tara Duguid
Small Groups--Shari Milanese
Treasurer--Chris Godby

Nina was on medical leave Feb. 1 to Sept. 1 '93 initially. However, she never returned to work and passed away on January 17, 1997

Staff: Tim Lappala

President--Rob Krech
Large Group--Tara Duguid
Small Groups--Sharla Boreham
Outreach--Heidi Gerber
Finances--Tim Goerzen
Staff--Tim Lappala

President--Heidi Gerber
Outreach--Mark Bickmore
Int'l Students--Tim Goerzen
Large Group--Scott Buck
Small Groups--Rob Krech
Staff--Tim Lappala

President--Tim Goerzen
Large Group--Mark Bickmore
Small Groups--Carla Judson
Int'l Students--Katherine Cumming
Outreach--Alan Vanderwater
Staff--Tim Lappala

President--Meredith Bebbington
Prayer--Christine Cumming
Large Group--Doug Anderson
Cross Cultural--Anita Rosetto
Small Groups--Julie Puumula
Outreach--Paul Abell
DARE Week--Heather Pressley
Staff--Tim Lappala

'97-'98 ("Co-ordinators")
Overall--Stephen Wiebe
Prayer--Mary Walters
Large Group--Carrie McGown
Cross Cultural--Paul Sutherland
Small Groups--Craig Peters
Outreach--Rona Welsh
Staff: Mary Ellen Cain

'98-'99 ("Co-ordinators")
Overall-Stephen Wiebe
Prayer--Patti Oldaker
Large Group--Sarah Newell
Cross Cultural--Ariss Clarke
Small Groups--Kendra Faiers
Outreach--Jeff Spence
Staff--Mary Ellen Cain

'99 -'00 ("Co-ordinating Board")
Overall--Sarah Newell
Group Building--Shawn Seargeant
Finances & Communications--Leanne Coker (Con College Liaison)
Outreach--Valerie Wilson
Large Group--Jeff Spence
Worship--Melissa Seibel
Staff--Mary Ellen Cain

Staff: Paul Morrison

'00 - '01
Overall Coordinator--Shawn Seargeant
Finances and Communications Coordinator--Christy Cechetto
Large Groups Coordinator--Bob Mayo
Small Groups Coordinator--Jason Angulo
Worship Coordinator--Kent Hall
Outreach Coordinator--Poppy Oughton
Staff--Paul Morrison (as of October 00')

'01-'02 ("LUCF Co-ordinators")
Overall Coordinator--Laura Barkley
Finances and Communications Coordinator--Nathan Kring
Large Group Coordinator--Sandra Morris
Group Building Coordinator--Catherine Pyzer
Worship Coordinator--Anita Dunn
Outreach Coordinator--Janet Crawford
Staff--Paul Morrison

Overall Coordinator--Janet Crawford
Finance and Communications Coordinator--Sarah Vanderleest
Large Group Coordinator--Scott Wiebe
Worship Coordinator--Rachelle Lamour
Group Building Coordinator--Jason Dunbar
Outreach Coordinator--Chrissy Frohlich
Staff--Paul Morrison

Overall Coordinator--Beth Egginton
Finance and Communications Coordinator--Shauna Curran
Large Group Coordinator--Diane Draost
Worship Coordinator--Ray Okonowski
Small Groups Coordinator--Jasmine MacFarlane
Outreach Coordinator--Matt Davidson
Staff--Paul Morrison

Overall Coordinator--Jasmine MacFarlane
Finance and Communications Coordinator--Luke Ucziekwyk
Large Group Coordinator--Kevin Reid
Worship Coordinator--Erin Neabel*
Small Groups Coordinator--Adam Young
Outreach Coordinator--Ray Okonowski
Staff--Paul Morrison

Overall Coordinator --Kara Levenick*
Finance and Communications Coordinator--Rache Pawluk*
Large Group Coordinator--Amy Dixon
Worship Coordinator--Matt Mills*
Small Groups Coordinator--Adam Young
Outreach Coordinator--Josh Roy
Staff--Paul Morrison
(* = Served on staff at Manitoba Pioneer Camp Summer '05)

Staff: None

Overall Coordinator --Matt Mills
Finance and Communications Coordinator--Jenny Schutte
Large Group Coordinator--Adam Young
Worship Coordinator--Heather Gilmour
Small Groups Coordinator--Erin Neabel
Outreach Coordinator--Kevin Shorthouse

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