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Inter-School Christian Fellowship Thunder Bay History
Rough Notes by Donna MacMaster

Richard Pepper's Music

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1945 or so

Real historians began with Hamilton Plunkett, teacher at Hillcrest, & wife Bessie. He died in a science explosion, I think, & she carried on supporting & encouraging students, especially foreign students & missionaries. She was a grade school teacher at Pine St. School.

Note from Karen Wood (nee Barr): I think Hamilton Plunkett died of Undulant (sp?) fever. My mother maintains contact with Mrs. Plunkett's Daughter. Mrs. Plunkett died in Feb. 2000 just after her 100th Birthday.

Other founders:
Eleanor Moyer, CSSM camp director ( Dorion Bible Camp), then she started the Christian Supply House (now Hull's Family Bookstore). She sponsored FWCI & Selkirk (often met at the Beers' house). Donna (the compiler of this info -- now Donna MacMaster) was a newborn at the time.
Mae Mouland
Don Merrit (PACI)
Burt Sellick & Jack Buckley(Hillcrest)
Charles Grandfield (FWCI)


Westgate, Lakeview, Hammarskjold, Gron Morgan. Then Northwood was started and finally Churchill in 1966.

Henry Derynk (Westgate) with some support from Alan Wilson and Bruce Petersen
Dale Willoughby (Selkirk)
Principal Ross Babion and art teacher (Lakeview). Lenore Hawkins also helped and knows a lot about this.
Len Schutte supported students at Northwood.

1966: Dan Whatley at Westgate later at Hammarskjold (or Hillcrest?)
1968: Joe Hall at Westgate and Larry Peterson, but his help was mainly later on.
1970: David Knight (PACI)
c. 1965 to 70's: Dr. Jerome & Maureen Harvey helped Nip-Rock and hosted many ISCF retreats.

From Judy Thiessen:
Westgate in the mid 60's would have included my sister Bev Marmounier (now Johnston). In the mid 70's Westgate's club was active under the direction of Bruce Petersen, Joe Hall and then in 1974 Larry Peterson arrived from Calgary. Steve Sakiyama, Ben Wagar, John Mayo [father of Beth involved at FWCI in the 90's], Jerry Mayo, Jim Bodnarchuk, Judy Arneson, Terri Fontaine, David Moore, Betty Gibbons, Lorna Smith, Vita Matis, Ken Brown, Doug Baillie, David Nancekivell, Kevin Pollock, Betty Wagar(now Kroeker), Judy Marmounier (now Thiessen), Nona McLean (now Browne), Conne Clegg, Mark Lindberg, Cathy (Bodnarchuk) and her sister Francine (Woitovitz) Procup.

By '76 many of these had graduated and we added Sharon Hogarth (now Thibault), Barbie Petersen (now Matousek), Diane Goodwin, Debbie Kaus(now Pettypiece), Susan Young, Maureen Kusik, Nancy Pickard, Mary Hall (now Goodwin), Caren Clegg (now Stephenson), Donna Vranch, Lori Paradis(now Niskanen), Walter Hogarth, Trudy McKinnon, Charmaine Walker, Linda Seargeant (now Barabash), Maryann Unger, Heather McLean, Jane Niskanen and Yves Fricot.

First ISCF staff: Jerry "Dusty" Coffman -- came from Minneapolis 1966 - 74
Shirley Levacy came as ISCF intern from Missouri 1972 - 74. Moved to Winnipeg.
1975: Teachers worked to rule. Donna Beer was already helping sponsor Churchill & added Selkirk and FWCI, city-wide executive and training.

1977?: Grant Loewen came from Manitoba (moved afterwards to Quebec).

Dr. Arnot Hawkins was Chair of the ISCF board (Area Committee) for c. the first 20 years and hosted many events/meetings and LUCF firesides regularly on Sundays. Lenore helped counsel and cook at many events also.

There is a picture from an ISCF grad banquet where Eleanor Moyer is holding up Donna Beer's baby picture in her history of ISCF presentation, showing how she appeared first at some meetings. She also ran ISCF May 24 weekend retreats at Dorion Bible Camp for many years. These were exciting.

Some 60's earlier students:
Donna & Fred Martin, Sharon Wilson, Bruce Henshal, Jean Merkley, Wayne Merrick, Austin Stouffer, Eleanor Pierce, Jim Ferguson, Robert & Pat Harbron, Marilyn & Evelyn Iwachewski.
(PACI & Hillcrest)
Willie (nee Nelson) Wood, Barb ?, Gail Wolframe, Guy Wolframe, Brook and Jane Lawrence, George Saunders, Bev Nordlund.

Westgate: Reg Jones, Diane Jones, Donna Beer, Faith Surcess, Judy Kemp, Cindy Sakiyama, Cathy Cole, Marvin Nelson
PACI: Linda Gunderson (now Seargeant), Carol Iwachewski, Dennis Seargeant
Hamm: Helen ?, Irene (now Terri Vieira) & Barb Szewello, Fred & Peter Heerema, Craig Wolframe, the father of David Wolframe, later involved at PACI
Hillcrest: Elise Burtleson (Sorry I couldn't read Donna's writing here.)
Lakeview: Bruce Salmonson, Lily Nelson
Selkirk: Barb Hancock, Barry Woodbeck, Dave Stevens

Westgate: 1971, Kevin Pollock, Gary Lindberg.
FWCI: George Jones, Liz Kellough (now Jones), Norma Jean Jones (now Kamerman), Shawn & Liz Browne (now Liz Straiton), Laureen Eagles (now Funk)
Hillcrest: Linda Bauman
1974 & on @ Selkirk: Joyce Hancock, Howard Hancock, Larry ?, Joe Gandier, Randie Regnault, Les Virr
1970 & on @ Westgate: Gary & Terry Lindberg, Brian Polhill, Della & Shelley Cole, Kevin Pollock, Steve & Gord Sakiyama, Ben & Betty Wagar (now Betty Kroeker), Reg & Ray Jones.

1974 & on @ Churchill:
Perry & Suzette Luyt (now Suzette Viss), Richard Pepper, Geri Pepper, Susan Marshall (now Moline), Cathy Coleman, Cindy & Phillip Ward, Nancy Postans, Linda, Jamie & Doug Trendiak (now Linda Clark), Janet & Kirsten Baarschers, Clark Gietz, Beth Parker (now Minchau), Richard & Marina Konrad (their father Henry was teacher sponsor), Kathryn Barden, Violet Himeshazi, Pam & Judith Johnson, Cathy Derynk, Tammy Schutte, Dale Klassen.

Reppepper's sometimes redundant additions re. Churchill:
Pictured in '73-'74 yearbook: Henry Konrad (sponsor), Wayne Walsh, Nancy Postans, Pam Johnston, Dale Allison, Darlene Desmoulins, Shirley Levacy (staff worker), Judith Johnson, Cathy Derynk, Kathryn Barden, Linda Trendiak (now Clark), Dawn Topple, Adrian & Richard Pepper, Janet Baarschers (now Scott).

1976-77 Yearbook: Kathryn Barden, Linda Trendiak, Rick Konrad, Suzette Luyt (now Viss), Janet Baarschers, Mr. Konrad, Cathy Coleman, Karen Hagerman, Susan Marshall (now Moline), Violet Himeshazi, Beth Parker (now Minchau), Barb Morrison (now Philp). Missing: Perry Luyt, Cindy Ward, Bernadette Lacell, Jamie & Doug Trendiak, Geri Pepper, Clark Gietz, Kirsten Baarschers.

1977-78 Yearbook: Louise Thompson, Geri Pepper, Susan Moline, Cathy Coleman, Carrie McKinnon, Violet Himeshazi, Marina Konrad, Mr. Konrad, Richard Pepper, Bill Johnson, John Winslow, Ed Luretig, Kirsten Baarshers, Linda Trendiak, Barb Morrison.

1979-80 Yearbook: Mr. Konrad, Ed Stanton, Scott Tilbury, Greg Meier, Paul Capon, Pam Wark (now Collendanchise), Lisa Burnside, Steve Yaciuk, Tammy Schutte. Missing: Jim Laforet, Allan Drinkwalter (now a Campus Crusade missionary in Germany), Marina Konrad, Carol Johnson & John Barro.

1981-82 Yearbook: Ed Stanton, Allan Drinkwalter, Phil Quinton, Paul Capon, Barry Smith, Pam Wark, Tammy Schutte & Greg Meier.

1982-83? Yearbook: Jim Laforet, Allan Drinkwalter, Pam Wark, Paul Capon, Tammy Schutte, Laura Goodman (now Murphy).

1987-88 Yearbook: Tim Wilson, Keith Adams (now Manager of "Operations" at Dorion Bible Camp), Pam Wilson (then Churchill President), Heather Butuk, Tammy Walls (now Koop), Tara Tayler (now Fulton), Rhonda Smith, Mike Burns & sponsor Richard Pepper. Missing: Maureen Bell, Heidi Jugandi, Arlene Walker, Dean Barker, Joanne Jutila, Tiina Kimber.

1988-89 Members: Rhonda Smith, Tammy Walls, Maureen Bell, Dean Barker, Tara Tayler, Arlene Walker, Steve Maw, Heather Butuk, Pam Wilson. Sponsor: Richard Pepper. We sold doughnuts in the foyer in support of Leanne Walberg, YWAM missionary in Australia (& Churchill alumna).

I have an undated photocopy of a yearbook picture of sponsor Richard Pepper, D'Arcy Hill, Amy Tornblom and Tammy Walls. This was pretty much the club that year (1990 - 91?).

1972 & on @ Hamm:
Tim and Tom Milley, Valerie & Vickie Milley, (Kim), Gary Wolframe (father of Jennifer Wolframe involved with FWCI ISCF in the 90's & 00's), Jim Wolframe, John Pedersen, Sheryl Hall (now Pedersen), Peter Polkki, Brad Greaves, Phil Weaver, Randy Stanton, Rob Moline, Charlene Paxton, Bonnie & Susan Howe (now Bonnie Lindberg & Susan Sutherland)
jan Carlson (now Westerback), Liisa Mikkola (now Leskowski), Leah Lahtinen, Tiimo & Tarja Miettinen (now Tarja Kleemola), Ari Lahdekorpi?.
Karen Dost (now Greaves), Patti Hawkins (now Clark), Clare Hawkins, Karen Barr (now Wood), Christy Miller (now Arnold), Kim Foulds, Murray Kohler (1975 for Gr. 13)
Tim Krause, Dave Funk, Richard Eras (1971 - 74), Murray Kohler (1971 - 74)
Walter and Sharon Hogarth (now Sharon Thibault)

From "Inter Varsity in Action Spring 1977:
Article by Richard Pepper describes "Youth Week" (March 21 - 27) as having taken place for the last eight years. 1977's theme was "Handle with Care". The planning committee (which met weekly starting Jan. 4 at the Red River Rd home of Joyce & Herman Dost) is pictured: Grant Loewen (staff), Donna Beer (sponsor), Richard Pepper, Perry Luyt, Liisa Mikkola, jan Carlson, Karen Dost (chair), Clare Hawkins, Linda Bauman and Kelly Burns.

ISCF Leadership Training Labour Day Weekend at Manitoba Pioneer Camp '77:
Students found in reppepper's photos: Rick Konrad, Susan Howe, Gord Sakiyama, Clare Hawkins (MPC staff), Liisa Mikkola, jan Carlson, Barb Petersen, Ruth Buckley, Perry Luyt, Beth Parker, Paul Gooding, Heather McLean, Cathy Coleman and Shawn Willoughby?.

Photos taken by Clare Hawkins Spring '78?:
Janet Baarschers & jan Carlson, Liisa Mikkola, Barb Petersen, Ann Martin, Leah Lahtinen, Patti Hawkins, Clark Gietz, Mary Smith, and Linda Bauman.

ISCF Snowday, Centennial Park January '79:
Barb Morrison, Chris Harvey, Cathy Coleman, Gord Ellis Jr., Barb Petersen, Dennis McNaughton, Ruth Buckley, Richard Pepper (LU student).

ISCF Carwash Sat. June 9 '79:
Geoff Coleman, Paul Gooding, Walter Hogarth, Richard Pepper (LU student).

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