OTHER ANIMALS THAT WE HAVE RESCUEDangels.gif (6110 bytes)Resize Wizard ellis &marty crow.jpg (9690 bytes)

This is Ellis Osborne! He is holding our crow called Marty! This crow had fallen out of its nest and was found on the road. He has been nursed now since he was a couple weeks old. We are hoping to release him in the wild..bird2.gif (3900 bytes)

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This is Thumper. He has a cataract in his right eye. He loves to go to nursing homes and sit on peoples laps. He is a permanent resident of Hoofer"s Haven.

mouse.gif (2507 bytes)Resize Wizard pepper.jpg (14424 bytes)This is Pepper. He is a 2 year old male chinchilla. He was nasty and biting his owners and they gave him up to the sanctuary. He will be a permanent resident to the sanctuary.



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