Sega Genesis

What is it?

A 16-bit video game console with a 68000 processor which was sort of the Intellivision of the early 90's - the sports games for it were fantastic.

I was first introduced to this system by my friend Victor - he (and a number of friends) bought and played each of the EA NHL series of hockey games. I've joined in as well over the years, and have even won the coveted Mushroom Cup, as well as a couple of other annual tournaments - yes, we still play, occasionally!

What do you have in your collection?

One Sega Genesis, around a dozen controllers including one of those big foot-wide platforms with a joystick. I also have around 20 different games for it, including most of the series of EA NHL games, NHLPA Hockey '93, NHL '94 to NHL '98, the final game in the series (and one of the last ones ever for the Sega Genesis).

What are you doing with it?

Playing games, particularly NHL '98 with my friends, on occasion. I've also invested some time in looking through the ROM for NHL '98 and have mostly decoded the way each player is stored. I have hopes of one day being able to edit the teams contained in the cartridge, and either having a new cartridge made, or being able to play it on an emulator. Basically, keep producing NHL 2002, 2003, etc. for the Genesis. Email me if you want to help or otherwise get involved!


NHL 98 tips and info book - From John O'Neal - 05 Jan 2002 at 22:30:46:
I am desperately seeking a book that was printed about NHL 98 for the Sega Genesis. I am not talking about the instruction manual that comes with the game. I believe there is a book (don't know the title) that gave some background information on each of the teams in NHL 98 as well as strategies, general and specific. Does anyone know the name of this book or have this book? If so, please contact me at once as I have looked high and low for it ever since talking to someone at Sega over 12 months ago. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


Mushroom Cup Site - Victor Wong's world famous Sega Genesis hockey tournament now has a home online, run by VSW himself! The Planter's Invitational and Challenge For Gold tourneys are also described here.

TBI Site - The Tim Burton Invitational is the second most prestigious Sega Genesis NHL '98 hockey tournament around (The Mushroom Cup, of course, being the #1 tourney). Tim has created a very large, wordy, and generally funny website - well worth a look!

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