The History Behind SARICA...

... and then some


My love for the breed must have been inherited from my dad. He couldn't have a dog when he was growing up, but as soon as he and my mom married, they acquired a black Cocker Spaniel. He was my PROTECTOR when I was a baby. This was followed by another red Cocker when I was in Grade 4. Although not purebreds, we thought they were gorgeous! After this dog passed away, my dad wanted NOTHING but the BEST blond Cocker he could find. It HAD to be purebred, and registered. At this time, I had just begun my teaching career, and was very involved in sailing and Race Committee work. I was not really "into" dogs, I just liked having them around.

"Casey" arrived the summer of 1973 from Mrs. Murray of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, and stole the hearts of everyone in the family! By Ch. Artru Bronze Buccaneer, at 1.5 years, my dad decided that he needed some obedience training. So off to school they went! All the locals told my dad that Casey was such a good-looking Cocker, and that he should be in dog shows. Not knowing anything about showing, my parents attended several shows to see what they were all about. Before long, Casey became "Ch. Artru Bronze Buccaneer of Thunder Bay, C.D." By now, my interest in dogs was growing and I purchased another very red male from Mrs. Murray who became "Ch. Touch of Bronze Buccaneer, C.D." or "Riley" (by the same sire as Casey, ex Ch. Keljeager's Touch of Gold.) He was a beautifully moving Cocker who did win several breeds, and of course, after this, my interest in the breed was overwhelming my interest in sailing. I was now looking for a good foundation bitch.

In the fall of 1978, I purchased a lovely black female from Gladys Von Horn, by Ch. Butch's Kountry Boy ex Ch. Carcyn's Temptress to Gladyan. "Samantha" became "Ch. Gladyan Voodoo Dahl C.D."

From these first three purebred Cockers, came the registered kennel name that I shared with my father, SARICA. (SAmantha-RIley-CAsey)

I researched and researched to find a male to breed Samantha to. I had pedigrees back multi generations wallpapering the spare bedroom of my home. With many tears in my eyes, (this was the first time I sent a dog off on a plane,) I sent Samantha off from the Minneapolis airport to Linda Wallasea, to be bred to Ch. Heyday Henchman. From this litter came the first two of twenty-five Canadian champions I have bred to date. One female from this litter, Ch. Sarica Moonlight Sail, was the dam of seven champions bred by my "Teddy," Am. & Multi BIS Can. Ch. Gladyan's Kountry Stuff.

Of course I could fill up web pages about my best friend - given to me by Gladys (she had four beautiful boys, Ramon and Enrique had one litter brother) by Ch. Butch's Kountry Boy ex Ch. Cobb's Moonglo - to see him and his handler, Mark Dakin in the Group and Best In Show Ring was something else. Teddy was Canada's top Cocker in 1983, 1984, 9th and then 4th overall in very competitive Sporting Groups with a Total of 10 Best In Shows, his last in Calgary, defeating 900 dogs, which is a BIG show for Canada.

Teddy was the first of several of my dogs to finish easily in the United States. He and his son, Am. BPIS Can. Ch. Sarica's Autumn Trailblazer (my "Simon,) as well as Am./Can. Ch. Kaitlind Sarica Kountry Style were handled by Bob and Delores Burkholder. We were really proud when Simon won a Group 3rd from the classes defeating close to 400 dogs and made it to the final cut at the 1987 ASC show with Delores!

Carey Wagner handled my black Simon son, Am./Can. Ch. Sarica Bears The Trail, to his American Championship and also a blond Simon Grandson, Am./Can. Ch. Sarica Justa Kaptain's Klaim to 14 points of his American Championship. Kaptain's famous win was, when handled by Melinda Hart, he went BOS over Kahlua!

I also want to give thanks to Lois Wilson, from whom I purchased Ch. Glenmuray's Very Berry (by Ch. Razzmatazz Ringleader ex Ch. Glenmurray's Blueberry) at the 1991 ASC Show. Again, realizing I needed an outcross in my breeding program, and after much research, I made the trip to New York to get my "Kerry" from Lois. (The impact of my "Teddy," Kathy Lingman's Ch. Arow's Asset, and now "Kerry" has led to some very outstanding Cockers in this area of Canada.)

Thirteen years ago, my parents built a new home in the country for themselves and for me with all the dogs. We have a small kennel in the attached garage with three large indoor/outdoor runs, surrounded by a crushed rock compound, which is then surrounded by a very large fenced in grassed area. This was to have been my dad's retirement hobby - however he passed away in November 1991. Without the help of my mother and of all my family, and support of my "doggy" friends in giving all the dogs all the TLC they require, I wouldn't be able to continue. My family is FANTASTIC - all the four footed and two footed ones. I love them all!

Judy L. Prouty, SARICA (perm. reg.)