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Tell Me Where Animals and Babies


Who doesn't love babies and animals? Help your little one learn spatial concepts like above and below with the endearing and humorous collection of pictures. Also included are ten tips to extend your toddler's learning.


Joe Yang rated it 4 STARS
This is a fun book that introduces basic spatial concepts to very young children. Images of babies are juxtaposed with various photos of animals, and simple words describe the location of the baby in relation to the animal. 

...this is would be fun and educational book that encourages interaction between parents and young kids. As an added touch, the author also includes a variety of strategies designed to help parents and children apply the learning concepts beyond the book.

Gayle Cappelluti rated it 5 stars
I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and feel very fortunate to have done so. The premise is ingenious; the illustrations are clear, instructive, adorable and glorious. The value in this little book is immeasurable. Perhaps I am overstating my case, but I don't think I can praise this book highly enough!

Tell Me Where: Babies and Animals teaches spatial concepts to children using photo shopped pics of the most adorable little toddler overlapping animals, so that concepts like between and beside are clearly demonstrated. In addition, Ms. Ferrante, a mother and grandmother and former educator and librarian includes ten helpful and usable tips for further exploring spatial relations with your little ones. This book is already on its way to being one of the top favorites for me and my, now, 13-month old grandson. I cannot wait to check out some of her other Tell Me Where books.

Kirsten Jany rated it 4 STARS
Okay, this is a tough one to review, seeing there isn't much text, just single words exploring spatial concepts. But I think the author has capitalized well on the fact that babies enjoy seeing other babies, and I'm certain it would appeal to that age group. It is also a tougher concept to tackle than simply teaching young children colors or shapes (and you, therefore, will find many more books on those). While I realize that some adult readers might be put off by the photoshop quality, I think the criticism would miss the point here. Yes, the babies don't blend in with the rest of the background, but I think that actually helps in this case, as it brings out the spatial relationships more.


Sample Pictures from Tell Me Where: Animals and Babies